Asking “How do you write this?” — Dialogue 3

ពិសិដ្ឋវាសនា បោះពុម្ព សរសេរម៉េចទៅ? ក្រោមអក្សរ ជើង ឬក៏ ជើង ?
វាសនាជើង មិនមែនជើង អេ៎

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ពិសិដ្ឋ piʔsət male Cambodian name
វាសនា viehsnaa, viesaʔnaa male Cambodian name
បោះពុម្ព bɑh pum 1. to publish, to print
2. to be published
សរសេរ sɑɑ see to write
ម៉េច məc what (following a verb of saying), why, in what way/manner, how {ម៉េចហើយ?/ម៉េចអី? = What's up?} {[…] ម៉េចទៅ? = In what way […]?} {ថាម៉េចចៅ? = What are you saying, grand-daughter?} {បងចង់បានម៉ូតម៉េច? = What kind of design/fashion do you like?}
ទៅ tɨv 1. to go (away from the speaker in space or time), to go to/towards, go on, continue, advance, go away
2. towards
3. from now on, from then on (often used as a particle indicating that the action began at some point in the past or present and continued on into the future or that the action is directed away from the speaker)
4. imperative particle, go ahead and ...! {ញ៉ាំទៅ = Go ahead and eat/drink!}
ក្រោម kraom 1. below, beneath, under
2. to be located below, under
3. to be located to the south/downstream
អក្សរ ʔaksɑɑ 1. letter (of the alphabet)
2. script, alphabet
3. written language
4. writing
mɔɔ 25th consonant of the Khmer alphabet
ជើង cəəŋ 1. foot, leg
2. base, bottom
3. edge
4. subscript form of a Cambodian consonant
5. immediate vicinity
6. north {ខាងជើង = north}
7. way, path, trip
8. clf. for trips or occurrences
9. to be an expert/veteran/skilled at + verb
pʰɔɔ 24th consonant of the Khmer alphabet
ឬក៏ rɨɨ kɑɑ or (on the other hand)
pɔɔ 23th consonant of the Khmer alphabet
មិនមែន mɨn mɛɛn no, not, is not
អេ៎ ʔee 1. spoken form of the question particles ... អត់? or ... ទេ?
2. spoken form of the negation particle ទេ
3. hey!
Notes: colloquial