Native Speakers

The table below contains some basic information on the native speakers who have contributed to the various projects. I am grateful to all of them. Some of them offer tutoring or teaching services, so please check out their websites!

Name Sex ~Age Language Link / Description (at the time of recording)
Joy F 30 Thai [2011] Joy is based in Bangkok and teaches Thai to foreigners: Thai with Joy
Gun M 20 Thai [2012] Gun is a student in Chiang Mai
Mia F n/a Thai [2012] Mia kindly donated several topics; she has a language school in Chiang Mai and online: Learn 2 speak Thai
Pari F 35 Thai [2015] Pari is from Bangkok; she teaches Thai via Skype and can be reached by email; I've been working with Khun Pari for several years and can highly recommend her as a tutor
Sakanan M 25 Khmer [2015] Sakanan is a Khmer tutor and translator in Phonm Penh
Vanna F 25 Khmer [2015] Vanna is from Phnom Penh and teaches Khmer online: Learn Khmer Now
Vuthy M 20 Khmer [2015] Vuthy is a student in Siem Reap
Sithy F 30 Khmer [2015] Sithy, originally from Kompong Cham province, studied in Phnom Penh and is now a Khmer-English translator in Australia; she also has an online shop selling fair-trade handmade products from Cambodia to support marginalised women: Kroma Khmer
Ton M 20 Isaan [2016] Ton is from Khon Kaen province (Nong Ruea district) and studies in Bangkok

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