Going To Bed (Sakanan) — 00 Introduction

សួស្ដី នៅក្នុងរូបភាពនេះគឺយើងនឹងនិយាយអំពីការចូលគេងអញ្ចឹងជាទូទៅមនុស្សយើង ក្រោយពីពេលដែលធ្វើការ ឬក៏ក្រោយពីពេលដែលយើងមកពីខាងក្រៅនឿយហត់ អញ្ចឹងជាទូទៅយើងតែងតែចូលគេងនៅពេលយប់ជាធម្មតាគឺយើងចូលគេងនៅពេលយប់ ហើយក្រោកនៅពេលព្រឹក ដើម្បីទៅធ្វើការ ឬក៏បំពេញការងារ ឬក៏ទៅរៀន ឬក៏ទៅធ្វើការសិក្សានានា

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សួស្ដី suǝsdǝy greeting equivalent to 'hi!' 'hello!' 'good day!'
Notes: ជើង ដ
នៅ nɨv 1. in, at
2. to be located at, to live in or at, to reside, to stay, to be in
3. still, yet (pre-verbal marker of a durative or continuative aspect, as a final particle in the tag question ហើយឬនៅ it means 'yet' and as a reply to a question of this kind, it means 'not yet') {ញ៉ាំអីហើយនៅ? = Have you eaten already?}
ក្នុង knoŋ 1. in, inside
2. during + (time word)
រូបភាព ruup pʰiep 1. image, picture, drawing, photo
2. appearance, form, shape
នេះ nih 1. this, these
2. often serves simply to emphasize something already referred to or something nearby in time or space
គឺ kɨɨ 1. to be (equal to)
2. as follows, namely
យើង yəəŋ 1. we
2. I (familiar)
3. in final position used to refer to 'our Cambodian ...' {ទុរេនកំពតយើងមែន? = Kampot durian (from our country, Cambodia), right?}
នឹង nɨŋ future tense marker: will, about to
និយាយ niʔyiey to speak, say, talk, relate, tell, to narrate, to talk over, discuss
អំពី ʔɑmpii 1. about, concerning, relative to
2. from, out of {អំពីថ្ងៃនេះទៅ = from this day on}
ការ kaa 1. commonly occurs as a nominalizing particle deriving abstract nouns or noun phrases from verbs or verb phrases
2. work, occupation
3. business, affair, matter
4. to protect, defend, prevent
5. to marry
6. marriage
7. wedding
8. interest (e.g., on a loan)
9. profit
10. usury
11. to wind (into a skein/bobbin/reel)
12. to spin (silk)
ចូលគេង coul keeŋ to go to bed, to go to sleep
អញ្ចឹង ʔɑɲcəŋ 1. in that case, so, then, therefore
2. like this/that
3. this/that much
ជាទូទៅ cie tuu təv in general, as a whole, generally
មនុស្ស mɔnuh, meaʔnuh human being, person
ក្រោយ kraoy 1. to be next, behind, after
2. back
3. later, next
4. in the future
ពី pii from, since, of, about, at
ពេល peel 1. time
2. moment, instant, period of time
ដែល dael 1. who, whom, which, where, when
2. of/to/in/at which/whom
3. the fact/reason that
4. ever, happened to, having done at least once, having been to, already, always, had occasion to, have ever {អត់ដែលដឹងសោះ = I’ve never known this!}
ធ្វើការ tvəə kaa to work
ឬក៏ rɨɨ kɑɑ or (on the other hand)
មក mɔɔk 1. to come (toward the speaker in space or time)
2. to come to/towards (often used as a final particle indicating that the action began at some point in the past and continued up to the present)
3. (from then) on, (from that time) forth
4. to, toward
ខាងក្រៅ kʰaaŋ krav 1. outside, outside of
2. on/from the outside
នឿយ nɨəy to be tired, weary, exhausted, burdened
ហត់ hɑt 1. to be tired, weary
2. to be breathless, out of breath, to be panting, puffing
តែងតែ taeŋ tae usually, regularly, constantly, always, continually
ពេលយប់ peel yup night, at night
ជាធម្មតា cie tʰoam meaʔ taa normally, usually
ហើយ haǝy 1. to be finished, ended, completed
2. enough!
3. final particle indicating completed action, already, by now
4. in a future context indicates action that will be completed at some future time
5. and, afterwards, next, then, after that
ក្រោក kraok to get up/arise (from sitting or lying position), stand up
ពេលព្រឹក peel prɨk morning, in the morning
ដើម្បី daəmbəy in order to, for, to, toward, reserved for
ទៅ tɨv 1. to go (away from the speaker in space or time), to go to/towards, go on, continue, advance, go away
2. towards
3. from now on, from then on (often used as a particle indicating that the action began at some point in the past or present and continued on into the future or that the action is directed away from the speaker)
4. imperative particle, go ahead and ...! {ញ៉ាំទៅ = Go ahead and eat/drink!}
បំពេញ bɑmpɨɲ 1. to complete, fill (up), fulfill
2. to accomplish
3. to satisfy
ការងារ kaaŋie job, work, profession, duty, task
រៀន riən to study, to learn, to practice
ធ្វើ tvəə 1. to do, to make, to work, to prepare
2. to cultivate (a field) {ធ្វើស្រែ = to work in a rice field, be a farmer, grow rice}
ការសិក្សា kaa sǝksaa studies, training, education
នានា nienie 1. various
2. different, diverse, all, of all sorts (also occurs as a prenominal particle)