Making suggestions in which the speaker is included — Dialogue 2

វិចិត្រពេលដល់ហ្គារ៉ាស់សាំងមុខហ្នឹង ខ្ញុំសុំចូលចាក់សាំងតិចសិនណា
ផារីមានអីស្តុបខាងមុខ ហ្នឹងមែន?

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ជិះ cih to ride (in or on a car, horse, boat, plane, train)
រថយន្ត rʊət yʊən motor vehicle, automobile, truck
Notes: ជើង ត
តាម taam 1. to follow, to agree, to go along {ដើរតាមភ្ញៀវគ្រប់ជំហាន = to follow the customer’s every step}
2. according to, in accordance with, following, along, by, through {តាមអាយុ = according to age} {តាមសម្រួល = take it easy/take your time}
3. on, in, along {ជិះម៉ូតូតាមផ្លូវ = to ride a motorbike on the street} {ជិះតាមផ្លូវតូចៗ = to drive on small roads} {នៅតាមខេត្ត = in/throughout the province} {លក់នៅតាមផ្សារ = to sell in the market}
ផ្លូវ pləv 1. road, street, route
2. way, style, cause, matter
វិចិត្រ viʔcət male Cambodian name
ពេល peel 1. time
2. moment, instant, period of time
ដល់ dɑl 1. to reach, to attain, to arrive at
2. to, toward, up to, as far as, at, until
ហ្គារ៉ាស់ gaarah garage
Notes: BCF; irregular pronunciation
សាំង saŋ 1. gas(oline)
2. of animals: tame, tamed, domesticated, docile
មុខ muk 1. face, front
2. in front of
3. type, kind, variety
4. dish, kind of food
5. head, chief, chairman, president
6. mouth or opening of a stream
7. (sharp) edge (of a knife blade)
ហ្នឹង nɨŋ this, that, right here, right now (colloquial form of នេះ = this, that)
ខ្ញុំ kɲom I
សុំ som to ask (for), to beg, to demand (may be used in a polite way by older persons to younger ones)
ចូល coul 1. to enter, go in, penetrate
2. to approach
3. to reach
4. to begin, set in
5. may indicate the adverbial meaning of ‘inwardly’ or ‘forwardly’ directed movement
6. to enter into, subscribe to, contribute to
7. to take in (as revenue)
8. to mate (of animals)
9. to go into a trance (of a medium)
10. to possess (as a spirit possesses a medium)
11. to agree with
ចាក់ cak 1. to stab, pierce (with a pointed instrument)
2. to pour (a liquid)
3. to play (a record or tape)
តិច təc 1. to be few (in number), small (in size or extent), less
2. a little bit, somewhat
3. phrase-final: makes a request more polite {ចង់ពឹងឲ្យជួយលើកអីវ៉ាន់តិច = Can you please help me carrying these things?} {ខ្ញុំសុំលអាវនេះតិចបានអេ៎? = Can I try on this shirt here, please?}
4. phrase-initial: expressing concern {តិចមានបញ្ហាអីទៅ បង? = Will this be a problem?}
សិន sən 1. [phrase-final] for now, for the time being, for a moment
2. [phrase-final] first
Notes: polite final hortatory particle
ណា naa final particle to soften a statement or request
ផារី pʰaarii female Cambodian name
មានអី mien ʔəy 1. what things, why not, of course, O.K., all right, yeah, well...
2. you're welcome
3. but, however (contrasts one statement with another)
4. no problem
Notes: colloquial
ស្តុប stop traffic light
Notes: ជើង ត
ខាងមុខ kʰaaŋ muk 1. front, in front (of), ahead
2. forward, facing forward
3. in the future, coming
ហ្នឹងមែន nɨŋ mɛɛn Is that true? {ហ្នឹងមែន? ហ្នឹងហើយ។ = Is that true? Yes, that's true!}
Notes: colloquial
ហ្នឹងហើយ nɨŋ haǝy 1. yeah, yes, right, correct, that's correct
2. ok, all right
Notes: colloquial
តា taa 1. grandfather
2. respectful term for addressing an old man
3. ancestor (often used in the names of spirits)
4. spoken form of តែ {តាម៉ាភ្លែតអេ = តែមួយភ្លែតទេ = [it's] just a few minutes!}
ម៉ា maa one
Notes: spoken form of មួយ (contraction)
ភ្លែត plɛɛt clf. for moments, instants {ចាំមួយភ្លែត = just a moment!/wait a moment!}
អេ៎ ʔee 1. spoken form of the question particles ... អត់? or ... ទេ?
2. spoken form of the negation particle ទេ
3. hey!
Notes: colloquial