Greetings and leave takings 1 — Additional dialogue

ចរិយាខ្ញុំធ្វើការនៅធនាគារតែឆ្លៀតរៀនអង់គ្លេសពេលយប់ ពេលចេញពីធ្វើការចុះវុទ្ធី?
ចរិយាអូ ឡូយអា! នៅម្ដុំណាដែរ?

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វុទ្ធី vutʰii male Cambodian name
ចរិយា caʔreʔyaa female Cambodian name
ឥឡូវ ʔləv, ʔiʔləv, ʔəyləv now, at the present time, at this time
Notes: also written ឥលូវ
ធ្វើការ tvəə kaa to work
អី ʔəy 1. what? {អីហ្នឹង?/អីគេ?/អីគេហ្នឹង? = what is this?/what?} {កាន់អីនៅនឹងដៃហ្នឹង? = What are [you] holding in [your] hand?}
2. something, anything {មានអីអត់ = Are you all right?/Is everything ok?/Did anything happen?} {ខ្ញុំទៅក្រៅញ៉ាំអី = I’m going out to eat something}
Notes: variant of អ្វី
ដែរ dae 1. also, too, likewise, in the same way
2. indeed, quite, rather
3. marks a polite, gentler, less abrupt statement: all the same, even so, nevertheless
ខ្ញុំ kɲom I
នៅ nɨv 1. in, at
2. to be located at, to live in or at, to reside, to stay, to be in
3. still, yet (pre-verbal marker of a durative or continuative aspect, as a final particle in the tag question ហើយឬនៅ it means 'yet' and as a reply to a question of this kind, it means 'not yet') {ញ៉ាំអីហើយនៅ? = Have you eaten already?}
ធនាគារ tʰeaʔniekie 1. bank
2. treasury
តែ tae 1. but, however
2. only, just
3. tea
ឆ្លៀត cliət 1. to seize an opportunity, take advantage (of an opportunity), to make the most of
2. to make good use of time, take the time to do something
រៀន riən to study, to learn, to practice
អង់គ្លេស ʔɑŋkleeh English
ពេលយប់ peel yup night, at night
ពេល peel 1. time
2. moment, instant, period of time
ចេញ cəɲ 1. to go out, leave, emerge, exit
2. to issue, bring out, come out (of a publication)
3. to emit, utter
4. out, off, away (also figuratively) {ខ្ញុំគិតអត់ចេញ = I can't figure it out}
5. to pay out, pay for, lay out (money), spend
6. to gain, earn, save
7. to play (a card)
ពី pii from, since, of, about, at
ចុះ coh 1. phrase-initial particle: And how about ...?
2. phrase-initial particle: As for ...
បើក baək 1. to open {បើកប្រអប់ = to open a box} {បើកហាង = to open a shop}
2. to turn on (e.g., a light, faucet, radio) {បើកទឹកម៉ាស៊ីន = to turn on the water/faucet}
3. of the sun: to shine
4. to drive (an automobile), generally to operate a vehicle which is powered by an engine
ហាង haaŋ store, shop
លក់ lʊək 1. to sell
2. asleep {ដេកលក់ = to be sound asleep, to sleep deeply} {ដេកមិនលក់ = to not be able to fall asleep, to have insomnia}
កុំព្យូទ័រ kompyuutoa computer
តូច touc, tuuc 1. small, little, tiny
2. minor
មួយ muəy 1. one {មួយៗ = one by one}
2. one person/myself {សុំចេញមួយ = Please let me [go] out!} {សុំទៅមួយ = Please give way [for me one person]!} {សុំចុះមួយ = Please let me [one person] get off [the bus]!}
អូ ʔou oh, aha (exclamation expressing sudden realization, or loss of doubt)
ឡូយ looy 1. cool
2. arrogant, proud
អា ʔaa 1. final particle used for emphasis
2. phrase-final or as an interjection: oh! ah!
Notes: see also អា៎
ម្ដុំ mdom 1. region, area
2. one piece, one chunk (contraction of មួយដុំ)
Notes: ជើង ដ
ណា naa 1. which, any
2. where, somewhere, anywhere
តាម taam 1. to follow, to agree, to go along {ដើរតាមភ្ញៀវគ្រប់ជំហាន = to follow the customer’s every step}
2. according to, in accordance with, following, along, by, through {តាមអាយុ = according to age} {តាមសម្រួល = take it easy/take your time}
3. on, in, along {ជិះម៉ូតូតាមផ្លូវ = to ride a motorbike on the street} {ជិះតាមផ្លូវតូចៗ = to drive on small roads} {នៅតាមខេត្ត = in/throughout the province} {លក់នៅតាមផ្សារ = to sell in the market}
ផ្លូវ pləv 1. road, street, route
2. way, style, cause, matter
កម្ពុជាក្រោម kampuʔcie kraom Lower Cambodia (southern portion of Vietnam that was formerly Cambodian territory)