Getting someone’s attention — Additional dialogue

សោភាសុំចេញមួយ! / សុំទៅមួយ! / សុំចុះមួយ!
បញ្ញាបងស្រី! ភ្លេចទូរស័ព្ទនៅកៅអីហើយបង
សោភាអូ! អរគុណច្រើន

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នៅ nɨv 1. in, at
2. to be located at, to live in or at, to reside, to stay, to be in
3. still, yet (pre-verbal marker of a durative or continuative aspect, as a final particle in the tag question ហើយឬនៅ it means 'yet' and as a reply to a question of this kind, it means 'not yet') {ញ៉ាំអីហើយនៅ? = Have you eaten already?}
ក្នុង knoŋ 1. in, inside
2. during + (time word)
ឡានក្រុង laan kroŋ bus, city bus
rɨɨ 1. or
2. phrase-final interrogative particle {មិនមែនឬ = Isn't it true?}
រទេះភ្លើង rɔteh pləəŋ train
ដល់ dɑl 1. to reach, to attain, to arrive at
2. to, toward, up to, as far as, at, until
ចំណត cɑmnɑɑt stopping place, parking/mooring place, station, terminal
ត្រូវ trəv 1. must, have to
2. to be correct, right, proper, exact, accurate
3. to concern, have to do with, to agree/jibe with, coincide with
4. to be affected with/by, to suffer, undergo (ត្រូវ + CLAUSE marks a passive-like construction in which the subject of the clause introduced by ត្រូវ is translated as the agent in the passive construction)
ចុះ coh 1. to move downwards, descend, go down, get down, dismount
2. get off/out of
3. to go downstream
4. (of rain) to fall
5. (of fog/mist) to appear
6. to flow, run
7. to decrease, diminish
8. to lower a price, to give a discount
9. to submit, give up, comply
10. down (adverbial denoting movement downwards physically, in status or class, or in price)
11. downstream
12. to register, sign
13. to make an entry, record
14. to formalize
15. to conduct, carry out (e.g., an investigation)
16. to relax
17. to release
18. to be dated (with a calendrical date)
19. to work something out
20. to have diarrhea
សោភា saopʰie female Cambodian name
សុំ som to ask (for), to beg, to demand (may be used in a polite way by older persons to younger ones)
ចេញ cəɲ 1. to go out, leave, emerge, exit
2. to issue, bring out, come out (of a publication)
3. to emit, utter
4. out, off, away (also figuratively) {ខ្ញុំគិតអត់ចេញ = I can't figure it out}
5. to pay out, pay for, lay out (money), spend
6. to gain, earn, save
7. to play (a card)
មួយ muəy 1. one {មួយៗ = one by one}
2. one person/myself {សុំចេញមួយ = Please let me [go] out!} {សុំទៅមួយ = Please give way [for me one person]!} {សុំចុះមួយ = Please let me [one person] get off [the bus]!}
ទៅ tɨv 1. to go (away from the speaker in space or time), to go to/towards, go on, continue, advance, go away
2. towards
3. from now on, from then on (often used as a particle indicating that the action began at some point in the past or present and continued on into the future or that the action is directed away from the speaker)
4. imperative particle, go ahead and ...! {ញ៉ាំទៅ = Go ahead and eat/drink!}
បញ្ញា paɲɲaa male or female Cambodian name
បងស្រី bɑɑŋ srǝy elder sister
ភ្លេច plɨc to forget
ទូរស័ព្ទ tuureaʔsap 1. telephone
2. to call (by phone)
Notes: also written ទូរសព្ទ
កៅអី kav ʔəy chair, seat
ហើយ haǝy 1. to be finished, ended, completed
2. enough!
3. final particle indicating completed action, already, by now
4. in a future context indicates action that will be completed at some future time
5. and, afterwards, next, then, after that
បង bɑɑŋ 1. elder sibling
2. you (addressing an acquaintance, friend, elder sibling, or husband), or I (if elder than the addressee)
3. you (politely addressing a stranger who's not too much younger than oneself)
អូ ʔou oh, aha (exclamation expressing sudden realization, or loss of doubt)
អរគុណ ʔɑɑ kun 1. thank you
2. to thank, to be grateful
ច្រើន craən 1. much, many, numerous, very much
2. mostly, often