Expressing joy — Additional dialogue

នារីកញ្ញា ជុំគ្នាង៉ៃអាទិត្យហ្នឹង កញ្ញាទៅអត់?
កញ្ញាទៅ! រឿងអីមិនទៅ? ចាំយូរហើយចុះនារីទៅអត់?
នារីទៅតាស តែដូចមិនសូវចង់ទៅណាស់ណាផងរាល់ដងសប្បាយអ៎ កញ្ញា?
កញ្ញាអឹម សប្បាយ! មិនងាយបានជុំគ្នាឯណាផ្លាស់ប្ដូរបរិយាកាសខ្លះទៅណា

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នារី nierii female Cambodian name
កញ្ញា kaɲɲaa female Cambodian name
ជុំគ្នា cum knie 1. to unite, reunite, assemble
2. together
ង៉ៃអាទិត្យ ŋay ʔaatɨt colloquial pronunciation of ថ្ងៃអាទិត្យ = Sunday
ហ្នឹង nɨŋ this, that, right here, right now (colloquial form of នេះ = this, that)
ទៅ tɨv 1. to go (away from the speaker in space or time), to go to/towards, go on, continue, advance, go away
2. towards
3. from now on, from then on (often used as a particle indicating that the action began at some point in the past or present and continued on into the future or that the action is directed away from the speaker)
4. imperative particle, go ahead and ...! {ញ៉ាំទៅ = Go ahead and eat/drink!}
អត់ ʔɑt 1. no, not
2. to be without, lacking
3. to restrain oneself, abstain from
4. particle to form yes/no questions
រឿង rɨəŋ 1. story, novel
2. cause, case, event, conflict
អី ʔəy 1. what? {អីហ្នឹង?/អីគេ?/អីគេហ្នឹង? = what is this?/what?} {កាន់អីនៅនឹងដៃហ្នឹង? = What are [you] holding in [your] hand?}
2. something, anything {មានអីអត់ = Are you all right?/Is everything ok?/Did anything happen?} {ខ្ញុំទៅក្រៅញ៉ាំអី = I’m going out to eat something}
Notes: variant of អ្វី
មិន mɨn negative particle not, non- (usually requires the final particle ទេ)
ចាំ cam 1. to wait (for)
2. to remember, to memorize, to know by heart
3. phrase-initial: I will [do ... for you very soon/now] {ចាំខ្ញុំយកឲ្យវិញបង = I’ll get it back for you} {ចាំខ្ញុំពន្យល់ពីរបៀបប្រើ = I’ll explain you how it works} {ចាំមើលណា = Let me see...}
យូរ yuu 1. slow
2. (of time) long
3. late
ហើយ haǝy 1. to be finished, ended, completed
2. enough!
3. final particle indicating completed action, already, by now
4. in a future context indicates action that will be completed at some future time
5. and, afterwards, next, then, after that
ចុះ coh 1. phrase-initial particle: And how about ...?
2. phrase-initial particle: As for ...
តាស taah 1. particle in final position when giving a positive answer to a yes/no question {កន្លែងនេះអង្គុយបានអេ៎? ចា៎ស បានតាស។ = Can I sit here? Sure!}
2. particle in final position used to affirm the preceding {ល្អតាស! = Sounds good!}
3. particle in final position after a negative response: expresses that the preceding is a correction of what the other person has said {ធារីមែន? អត់ទេ ខ្ញុំកញ្ញាតាស។ = You’re ធារី, right? No, I’m កញ្ញា!} {ឯងទៅសាលាមែន? អត់ទេ ខ្ញុំទៅផ្សារតាស។ = You’re going to school, right? No, I’m going to the market!}
Notes: colloquial; spoken form of ទេតើ
តែ tae 1. but, however
2. only, just
3. tea
ដូច douc alike, similar, like, as
មិនសូវ mɨn səv 1. not so much
2. rather not
ចង់ cɑŋ 1. to want/wish/desire (to do something)
2. to flirt with, court, woo (a girl)
3. to approach, draw near
4. about to (do something), on the point of
5. even if
ណាស់ nah very, very much
ណា naa final particle to soften a statement or request
ផង pʰɑɑŋ 1. also, too, as well
2. marker indicating entreaty or a polite request: please ..., would you ...
រាល់ roal every, each, all
ដង dɑɑŋ time, occurrence, occasion
សប្បាយ sapbaay 1. happy, pleasant, fun
2. kind, beneficial, healthy
អ៎ ʔɑɑ 1. particle used to form a yes/no question, similar to ឬ
2. exclamation indicating satisfaction or surprise
3. indicating something like surprise on part of the speaker that the listener might not be aware of some fact or past event {ម៉ាស៊ីនត្រជាក់ខូចតាំងពីម្សិលមិញអ៎។ = [Didn’t you know that] the A/C has been broken since yesterday!}
Notes: colloquial
អឹម ʔəm 1. filler word (umm...)
2. yes
Notes: colloquial
ងាយ ŋiey easy
បាន baan 1. to have completed/done something
2. to intend to complete something
3. marker of completed action
4. to get, obtain, acquire, to achieve, have been able to, to get/have the opportunity to do something
5. to get someone or something to do something (often translated by the English passive in this sense)
6. to be able to
7. not ... until, then and only then
8. to pass to someone through inheritance
9. to be OK, fine, all right
10. [spoken language] however, though, in contrast {ម្សិលមិញបានក្ដៅខ្លាំង = yesterday, however, it was very hot}
11. {បានហើយ = I'm done, I give up, I'm finished (depending on the context)}
ឯណា ʔaenaa 1. where, somewhere, anywhere
2. how, in what way
3. what
4. which, any, some
5. however {ឯណា ... ឯណា ... = on the one hand … on the other hand …}
6. {មានបាន … ឯណា = didn't …}
ផ្លាស់ plah 1. to replace, to change (e.g., clothes), to exchange
2. to transfer
3. to be transferred, changed, replaced
ប្ដូរ pdou 1. to exchange, change, replace
2. to swap, barter, trade
Notes: ជើង ដ; root: ដូរ
បរិយាកាស paʔreʔyaakaah 1. air
2. atmosphere (of a situation or event), environment
ខ្លះ klah some (serves as a plural marker with ណា​​ and អ្វី)