Expressing anger — Dialogue 4

តារាដូរលុយព្រឹកមិញប៉ះចំលុយក្លែងក្លាយដល់ពេលខ្ញុំយកទៅដូរវិញ គេថាលុយយកទៅបាត់ម្ដងហើយអត់ទទួលខុសត្រូវដូចឆ្កួតអីចឹងឈប់ទៅដូរកន្លែងហ្នឹង ហើយដើរប្រាប់គេកុំឲ្យទៅកន្លែងហ្នឹងម៉ង

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តារា taaraa male Cambodian name
ដូរ dou 1. to change, exchange, trade, barter
2. to give change
លុយ luy 1. money
2. small change, coin
ព្រឹកមិញ prɨk mɨɲ this morning (which has already passed)
ប៉ះចំ pah cɑm 1. to fall/occur (on a certain date)
2. to be given
ក្លែងក្លាយ klaeŋ klaay 1. to counterfeit, forge, falsify
2. adulterate
3. something false/phony
ដល់ dɑl 1. to reach, to attain, to arrive at
2. to, toward, up to, as far as, at, until
ពេល peel 1. time
2. moment, instant, period of time
ខ្ញុំ kɲom I
យក yɔɔk 1. to take (in one's hand or with oneself), hold
2. when ordering: I’ll take, I’ll have {យកបបរគ្រឿងសាច់ជ្រូកម៉ាចាន = I’ll have a bowl of pork porridge}
3. to take (away)
4. to steal
5. to bring
6. to borrow
7. to get, obtain, achieve
ទៅ tɨv 1. to go (away from the speaker in space or time), to go to/towards, go on, continue, advance, go away
2. towards
3. from now on, from then on (often used as a particle indicating that the action began at some point in the past or present and continued on into the future or that the action is directed away from the speaker)
4. imperative particle, go ahead and ...! {ញ៉ាំទៅ = Go ahead and eat/drink!}
វិញ vɨɲ again, back, instead
គេ kee 1. he, she
2. one, someone
3. other(s)
ថា tʰaa 1. to say, tell, pronounce
2. that (introduces a question or indirect discourse)
3. I've [just] said, [...]
បាត់ bat 1. to lose, to disappear
2. to stop, to be finished
3. already
4. sentence-final: expressing disappointment or that something is unfortunate
ម្ដង mdɑɑŋ 1. one time, once
2. for a change
Notes: ជើង ដ; contraction of មួយដង
ហើយ haǝy 1. to be finished, ended, completed
2. enough!
3. final particle indicating completed action, already, by now
4. in a future context indicates action that will be completed at some future time
5. and, afterwards, next, then, after that
អត់ ʔɑt 1. no, not
2. to be without, lacking
3. to restrain oneself, abstain from
4. particle to form yes/no questions
ទទួល tɔtuəl 1. to receive, to take
2. to accept, to agree
3. to meet (e.g., at an airport or station)
ខុសត្រូវ kʰoh trəv responsibility
ដូច douc alike, similar, like, as
ឆ្កួត ckuət 1. to be crazy, insane
2. drunk, intoxicated
3. foolish
4. rabid
5. in a frenzy
6. to have a passion for, be crazy about
7. insanity, mental illness
8. rabies
អីចឹង ʔəycəŋ 1. like this, like that, in that way, then {គិតម៉េចទៅអីចឹង? = What are you going to do next?} {ធ្វើមុខអីអីចឹង? = Why are you making such a face?}
2. really?
Notes: variant: អ៊ីចឹង
ឈប់ cʰup 1. to stop, halt, cease {ឈប់ធ្វើការ = to quit one's job} {ឈប់ពីការងារ = to quit one's job} {ឡានពេទ្យបានឈប់ខាងមុខខ្លោងទ្វារមន្ទីរពេទ្យ = the ambulance stops in front of the hospital}
2. to stop, wait, hold on {ឈប់សិន = wait a moment!}
កន្លែង kɑnlaeŋ 1. place, location, region
2. clf. for locations
ហ្នឹង nɨŋ this, that, right here, right now (colloquial form of នេះ = this, that)
ដើរ daə 1. to walk, to go, to move
2. (of machines) to run
ប្រាប់ prap 1. to tell, say, state, inform, report
2. to explain
3. to point out
កុំឲ្យ kom ʔaoy 1. in order that not ..., so as not to ...
2. don't let ...
ម៉ង mɑɑŋ 1. immediately, at once, right away
2. all of a sudden
3. generally, in general
4. totally
Notes: spoken form of តែម្ដង