Expressing anger — Dialogue 2

កូនម៉ាក់ឯងមើល ខ្ញុំទុកនំនៅកន្លែងនោះតែមួយភ្លែត កណ្ដោរលួចស៊ីអស់រលីងចង្រៃមែនទែន

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កូន koun 1. child (of someone, as opposed to ក្មេង = child in general)
2. animal baby, young
3. small member of a class or set, small object {កូនថង់ = small bag}
ម៉ាក់ mak mom, mommy
Notes: colloquial
ឯង ʔaeŋ 1. you
2. self, oneself, by oneself
3. used after personal pronouns or names to make the address more polite
4. surely, obviously
មើល məəl 1. to look at, to watch, to watch for, to observe
2. to read (to oneself), to review (a lesson)
3. to examine, survey, inspect
4. to observe
5. to treat (medically)
6. to care for, take care of
7. to consider, regard
8. particle: come on, give it a try
9. let me see!
10. phrase-final: softens a command or request {ជួយបង្ហាញតិចមើល = Please show me!}
ខ្ញុំ kɲom I
ទុក tuk 1. to put, set, place, arrange
2. to set aside, keep, retain, save, preserve, maintain, conserve, hold (in reserve) {ទុកញ៉ាំ = to keep for eating later}
នំ num cake, cooky, pastry, sweet, generic term for sweet pastries
នៅ nɨv 1. in, at
2. to be located at, to live in or at, to reside, to stay, to be in
3. still, yet (pre-verbal marker of a durative or continuative aspect, as a final particle in the tag question ហើយឬនៅ it means 'yet' and as a reply to a question of this kind, it means 'not yet') {ញ៉ាំអីហើយនៅ? = Have you eaten already?}
កន្លែង kɑnlaeŋ 1. place, location, region
2. clf. for locations
នោះ nuh 1. that, those (often serves simply to emphasize something already referred to or something distant in time or space)
2. then
តែ tae 1. but, however
2. only, just
3. tea
មួយ muəy 1. one {មួយៗ = one by one}
2. one person/myself {សុំចេញមួយ = Please let me [go] out!} {សុំទៅមួយ = Please give way [for me one person]!} {សុំចុះមួយ = Please let me [one person] get off [the bus]!}
ភ្លែត plɛɛt clf. for moments, instants {ចាំមួយភ្លែត = just a moment!/wait a moment!}
កណ្ដោរ kɑndao spoken form of កណ្ដុរ = mouse, rat
Notes: ជើង ដ
លួច luəc to steal
ស៊ី sii 1. to eat (with humans it is intimate in urban centers but may be used more generally in rural areas)
2. to consume (food, fuel)
3. ស៊ីប្រេន = to sell at a high price just because it’s a brand name
អស់រលីង ʔɑh rɔliiŋ 1. to be completely gone, no more
2. all, completely
ចង្រៃ cɑŋray 1. bad luck, misfortune, danger
2. to cause bad luck
3. to be unlucky, evil, damned
4. harmful
5. annoying, bothersome
មែនទែន mɛɛn tɛɛn 1. really, truly, surely, in fact, as it should be, certainly
2. seriously, actually