Asking “How do you write this?” — Dialogue 1

ពិសិដ្ឋវាសនា ស្គាល់ពាក្យថា និវាសដ្ឋាន អត់? មានន័យថាម៉េច?
វាសនាពាក្យអីគេ? សរសេរម៉េច?
វាសនានិវាសដ្ឋាន? ដឹងតែ -ដ្ឋាន... -ដ្ឋាន សំដៅលើទីកន្លែងឆែកវចនានុក្រមសិន

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ពិសិដ្ឋ piʔsət male Cambodian name
វាសនា viehsnaa, viesaʔnaa male Cambodian name
ស្គាល់ skoal 1. to know (someone), recognize, have seen before
2. to be familiar with
ពាក្យ piek word, term, expression, phrase
ថា tʰaa 1. to say, tell, pronounce
2. that (introduces a question or indirect discourse)
3. I've [just] said, [...]
និវាសដ្ឋាន niʔviesattʰaan residence, dormitory, apartment, building
អត់ ʔɑt 1. no, not
2. to be without, lacking
3. to restrain oneself, abstain from
4. particle to form yes/no questions
មានន័យ mien ney to mean
ម៉េច məc what (following a verb of saying), why, in what way/manner, how {ម៉េចហើយ?/ម៉េចអី? = What's up?} {[…] ម៉េចទៅ? = In what way […]?} {ថាម៉េចចៅ? = What are you saying, grand-daughter?} {បងចង់បានម៉ូតម៉េច? = What kind of design/fashion do you like?}
អីគេ ʔəy kee 1. what {អីគេ? = Pardon?/What?} {អីគេហ្នឹង? = What is this?} {ជប់លៀងអីគេ វុទ្ធី? = What party, វុទ្ធី?}
2. something, anything {តែដូចភ្លេចអីគេម្យ៉ាង … = But it’s as if I’ve forgotten something …}
Notes: colloquial
សរសេរ sɑɑ see to write
អញ្ចេក ʔɑɲcek 1. like this
2. this, this much
Notes: alternative pronunciation of អញ្ចេះ
ដឹង dəŋ 1. to know, to be aware of, to be familiar with
2. [colloquial] can be used in the affirmative or, as an answer to a question, to mean ‘no’ {ដឹងហើយ = ok!} {ឯងដឹងថាគាត់ទៅណាអត់? ដឹង! = Do you know where he went to? No, I don’t.}
តែ tae 1. but, however
2. only, just
3. tea
ដ្ឋាន tʰaan ending meaning place, location, spot etc.
Notes: see ឋាន and ស្ថាន
សំដៅ sɑmdav 1. to note, indicate, point out, emphasize
2. to aim (at), head (straight) for
3. to go somewhere for an express purpose
4. to allude
5. (directly) to, at, toward, in the direction of
6. about, concerning
លើ ləə 1. up, on, over, above
2. to be on, over, above, located on top
3. in regard to, concerning, toward, for, against
ទីកន្លែង tii kɑnlaeŋ place, site, location
ឆែក cʰaek 1. to cut, notch
2. to slash
3. to divide, split
4. to slice into pieces
5. to be divided, split
6. to be serrated, notched, uneven, forked
7. slit, notch, indentation
8. to seek, to look for
9. to check, inspect, look sth. up {ឆែកវចនានុក្រមសិន = Let’s look [it] up in the dictionary!}
វចនានុក្រម veaʔcaʔnaanuʔkrɑm dictionary
សិន sən 1. [phrase-final] for now, for the time being, for a moment
2. [phrase-final] first
Notes: polite final hortatory particle