Asking for help 1 — Dialogue 2

កញ្ញាធារី ពឹងជួយហុចសៀវភៅនោះឲ្យខ្ញុំតិចមើល

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កញ្ញា kaɲɲaa female Cambodian name
ធារី tʰierii female Cambodian name
ពឹង pɨŋ 1. to ask for a favor/help
2. to depend/count on, resort to
ជួយ cuəy to help, to assist
ហុច hoc 1. to extend the hand (to give or to take something)
2. to hand over, offer to, pass/hand (something to someone)
3. to provide, yield
4. to utter (a sound), to pronounce, say
សៀវភៅ siǝv pʰɨv 1. book
2. pad, notebook
នោះ nuh 1. that, those (often serves simply to emphasize something already referred to or something distant in time or space)
2. then
ឲ្យ ʔaoy 1. to give
2. to let, to allow
3. for, to, in order to, so as to {ចង់ឲ្យខ្ញុំកុម្ម៉ង់អីញ៉ាំឲ្យហើយអត់? = Do you want me to order something for you already?}
4. in a... manner (forms adverbial phrases from predicatives)
Notes: also written អោយ, ឱ្យ
ខ្ញុំ kɲom I
តិចមើល təc məəl phrase-final: softens a command or request {ជួយបង្ហាញតិចមើល = Please show me!}
ណា naa 1. which, any
2. where, somewhere, anywhere
តូច touc, tuuc 1. small, little, tiny
2. minor
ពណ៌ poa color, complexion
ខ្មៅ kmav black, dark (colored)
ណេះ neh here (you are)!, here
Notes: variant of នេះ
អរគុណ ʔɑɑ kun 1. thank you
2. to thank, to be grateful