Basic Communicative Functions — Khmer

Basic communicative functions
The materials here are based on a set of illustrations covering basic communicative functions, inspired by a list published by the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition, University of Minnesota. They are designed with mainland South-East Asia in mind but should work for many more languages.

Supporting materials
For each topic, there's a two-page worksheet with written sample dialogues, cultural notes and key vocabulary written by Ms. Aing Heak from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Latest additions

Topic Download
Answering the phone
Asking for help 1
Asking for repetition
Asking "What is he/she doing?"
Asking "What is this?"
Expressing joy at someone's success
Expressing pain
Expressing thanks 1
Expressing thanks 2
Forbidding someone to do something
Getting someone's attention
Greetings and leave takings 1
Greetings and leave takings 2
Indicating agreement
Introducing oneself to others
Introducing someone else to others
Inviting someone to eat together
Saying "I don't know"
Saying "I don't understand"