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។ល។ laʔ etc., and so forth, and so on 3/3
kɑɑ 1. neck
2. collar {កអាវ = collar of a shirt}
kɑɑ 1st consonant of the Khmer alphabet 3/1
ក៏ kɑɑ marker of sequential or consecutive action: also, so, then, therefore, accordingly 263/130
កក kɑɑk 1. to be hardened, coagulated, frozen, set
2. to harden, coagulate, thicken, set
3. to be countless, many
4. crowded
5. en masse
កក់ kɑk 1. to wash, shampoo
2. to clean, soak (in order to get clean)
3. to wet (of the rain)
4. to give an advance, make a deposit/down payment
5. kind of reed used for making mats
6. shower head, sprinkler
7. to be warm, comfortable
8. affectionate
9. to keep warm
10. to comfort, console
11. affectionately
កក់សក់ kɑk sɑk to wash/shampoo the hair 5/4
កកិត kɑkət to move close to, to be neck and neck, to touch lightly, to chafe, to rub 2/1
កកូរ kɑkou 1. name of a spicy soup composed of many kinds of vegetables
2. to stir often, to stir something around
កខ្វក់ kɑkvɑk to be dirty, polluted, stained 6/4
កង់ kɑŋ 1. wheel, tire
2. bicycle
3. piece, slice, circle, something round
4. chop (of meat), piece (of fish), slice (of fish)
5. clf. for pipes, logs, slices
កង្ហារ kɑŋhaa pinwheel, wind wheel, fan, propeller 2/2
កញ្ចក់ kɑɲcɑk 1. mirror, glass, pane of glass
2. screen
3. reflection, example
កញ្ចប់ kɑɲcɑp clf. for packs, packages, parcels 1/1
កញ្ញា kaɲɲaa female Cambodian name 122/40
កំដរ kɑmdɑɑ 1. to be together, keep company
2. to accompany, follow along
3. to assist (in doing something), contribute to
4. to be a follower
5. together, in company
ក៏ដោយ kɑɑ daoy 1. (who)soever, (what)soever
2. whether or not, it makes no difference, even if
3. even though, although
កំណក kɑmnɑɑk 1. freezing, coagulating, solidifying, setting
2. coagulation, solidification
3. something which has solidified (e.g., as cement)
កណ្ដាល kɑndaal 1. center, middle
2. mean, medium
3. to be medium, average, intermediate
4. central
5. between, in the middle of
កត់ត្រា kɑt traa 1. to take notes
2. to inscribe, note, write down
កន្ត្រៃ kɑntray scissors 1/1
កន្ត្រៃកាត់ក្រចក kɑntray kat krɑcɑɑk nail clippers 1/1
កន្ទុយ kɑntuy 1. tail
2. end, tip
3. clf. for fish
កន្ធន់ kɑntʰʊən a large flat bowl for washing clothes, doing the dishes etc.
Notes: no dictionary entries; spelling uncertain
កន្និកា kɑnnikaa female Cambodian name 4/1
កន្លះ kɑnlah 1. half
2. clf.: half a [...] {កន្លះម៉ោង = half an hour}
កន្លែង kɑnlaeŋ 1. place, location, region
2. clf. for locations
កន្លែងធ្វើការ kɑnlaeŋ tvəə kaa office, workplace 11/11
កន្សែង kɑnsaeŋ 1. scarf, towel, napkin, handkerchief
2. [royal] to weep, to cry
កន្សែងពោះគោ kɑnsaeŋ pʊəh koo towel 2/1
កប៉ាល់ kaʔpal ship, large (motor-powered) boat 28/3
កំប៉ិត kɑmpət tight-fitting
Notes: transliteration and translation unclear; source:
កំប្លេ kɑmplee clf. for sets of clothings, sets of dishes
Notes: also written កំផ្លេ
កំពង់ធំ kɑmpʊəŋ tʰom Kampong Thom (province in north central Cambodia) 2/1
កំពង់ផែ kɑmpʊəŋ pʰae harbor, dock, wharf 37/7
កំពត kɑmpɔɔt Kampot (province in southeastern Cambodia) 3/2
កំពុង kɑmpuŋ to be in the process of (doing something) 37/30
កំពុងតែ kɑmpuŋ tae to be in the process of (doing something) 170/68
កំពូលភ្នំ kɑmpuul pnum the summit of a hill, the top of a hill or mountain 1/1
កម្ចាត់ kɑmcat 1. to force out, get rid of, eject
2. to disperse, scatter
3. to squander
4. to eliminate, remove, eradicate
5. to send away, banish
6. to cure, expel a sickness
7. to exorcise (a ghost)
8. to repeal (a law)
9. to reject, shun
Notes: also written កំចាត់; root: ខ្ចាត់
កម្ដៅ kɑmdav heat
Notes: ជើង ដ; root: ក្ដៅ
កម្ទេចកម្ទី kɑmtɨc kɑmtii debris, small bits
Notes: also written កំទេចកំទី
កម្ពស់ kɑmpʊəh height 1/1
កម្ពុជា kampuʔcie Cambodia 39/24
កម្ពុជាក្រោម kampuʔcie kraom Lower Cambodia (southern portion of Vietnam that was formerly Cambodian territory) 1/1
កម្មករ kammaʔ kɑɑ worker, laborer, hired hand 1/1
កម្មវិធី kamviʔtʰii, kammaʔviʔtʰii, kammeaʔviʔtʰii 1. program, schedule
2. system
3. app (e.g., on a smartphone)
កម្រ kɑmrɑɑ 1. to be poor
2. rare, scarce
3. poverty
Notes: also written កំរ
កម្រើក kɑmraək 1. to move slowly, to be moving
2. to be trembling under pressure
3. to become excited/aroused (especially sexually)
4. to shake, tremble
5. to be upset, emotionally agitated
Notes: also written កំរើក
កម្លាំង kɑmlaŋ force, power, strength, energy, vigor, authority, influence
Notes: root: ខ្លាំង; also written កំឡាំង
កម្សាន្ត kɑmsaan to relax, rest, to enjoy oneself {ទូកកម្សាន្ត = tourist boat}
Notes: ជើង ត; alternative spelling: កំសាន្ត; root: ក្សាន្ត
ករណី kaʔraʔnəy case, cause, instance, matter, story 3/2
កាក់ kak coin 9/1
កាំកង់ kam kɑŋ spoke (of a wheel) 1/1
កាកសំណល់ kaak sɑmnɑl residue, dregs, leftovers 2/2
កាច kaac 1. to be fierce, mean, ferocious, savage
2. strict, severe
3. to be almost full, nearly overflowing
កាដូ kaadou present, gift 7/3
កាណូត kaanout motorboat 3/3
កាត់ kat 1. to cut, slice, slit, to divide, detach
2. to pass through, cut through / across
3. to interrupt
4. to solve, untangle, to settle (a matter), to decide (a legal case)
5. to ignite, catch / start (of a fire)
6. across, through
កាត់បន្ថយ kat bɑntʰɑɑy to reduce (in number) 4/3
កាន់ kan 1. to hold, carry in the hand, grasp, hang on to
2. to control, be in charge of, be responsible for
3. to withstand, support, sustain, bear
4. to hold to, believe in, keep/observe (e.g., a religion) {កាន់សាសនាព្រះពុទ្ធ = to believe in Buddhism}
5. (of a spirit) to possess
កាន់តែ kan tae more and more, further, becoming more and more, increasingly, continually 19/13
កាំបិត kambət knife 16/8
កាបូប kaaboup 1. bag
2. purse, wallet
កាមេរ៉ា kaameeraa camera 21/3
កាយ kaay 1. to scrape, scratch
2. body (formal)
ការ kaa 1. work, occupation
2. business, affair, matter
3. commonly occurs as a nominalizing particle deriving abstract nouns or noun phrases from verbs or verb phrases
4. to protect, defend, prevent
5. to marry
6. marriage
7. wedding
8. interest (e.g., on a loan)
9. profit
10. usury
11. to wind (into a skein/bobbin/reel)
12. to spin (silk)
ការងារ kaaŋie job, work, profession, duty, task 15/11
ការតុង kaatoŋ cardboard 1/1
ការពារ kaapie to protect, defend 18/9
ការវះកាត់ kaa veah kat surgical operation 12/2
ការិយាល័យ kaareʔyaalay office, bureau, department, section 55/20
ការី kaarii curry 5/2
ការ៉ូ karou (glazed) tile 1/1
កាល kaal 1. time, moment, period of time
2. era, epoch
3. during, at the time when
កាលបរិច្ឆេទ kaal bɑɑrəccʰaet, kaal paʔrəccʰaet 1. date
2. schedule
កាលពីមុន kaal pii mun 1. previously, formerly
2. in previous times
កាលសម័យ kaal saʔmay period, era 1/1
កាវ kaav 1. glue, adhesive
2. gum
3. (medicinal) extract Chinese
4. to hook, snare/pull (with a hook)
5. to drag
6. kind of earring or ear plug consisting of a round thick body (usually made of gold, with a gem mounted at the front, it is inserted into a hole in the earlobe)
កាស kaah 1. headphones
2. to make way, make room, get out of the way
3. to push aside
4. ancient metal coin with four holes punched in it
5. money
6. monthly salary
7. growth (especially an extra tooth or growth in the mouth of a person or elephant
8. it is believed to be lucky)
9. chip (e.g., poker chip)
កាសែត kaasaet newspaper 4/2
កាហ្វេ kaafee coffee 4/3
កិន kən 1. to grind, shell, hull, husk
2. to break, smash, crush, splinter
3. to collide (e.g., as vehicles)
4. to pave with crushed stone
5. to oppress, keep down
6. to scold, criticize, blame
7. to abuse
8. to roll (e.g., a road)
កីឡា kəylaa sports 1/1
កុំ kom do not ... 12/11
កុងតឺន័រ koŋtəɨnoa container 4/1
កុំព្យូទ័រ kompyuutoa computer 8/6
កុម្ម៉ង់ kommɑŋ to order (e.g., food) 8/6
កុសល koʔsɑl male Cambodian name 6/2
កុហក koʔhɑk 1. to lie
2. to be false, untrue
3. lie
កុំអាល kom ʔaal don't be in a hurry to ..., don't rush to ... 3/3
កុំឲ្យ kom ʔaoy 1. in order that not ..., so as not to ...
2. don't let ...
កូដ kout code 4/1
កូន koun 1. child (of someone, as opposed to ក្មេង = child in general)
2. animal baby, young
3. small member of a class or set, small object {កូនថង់ = small bag}
កូនកន្សែង koon kɑnsaeŋ handkerchief 2/1
កូនក្មេង koon kmejŋ small children {ខោអាវកូនក្មេង = clothes for children} 1/1
កួច kuəc 1. to twist, knot, tie, splice, tie into a bunch
2. to spiral up (of smoke), swirl, twirl
3. turbulent
4. to desire, long for
កើត kaət 1. to be born, created
2. to be, become
3. to come into existence, arise, appear
4. to rise (of the sun)
5. to happen, occur
6. to give birth to
7. to have/suffer (from a disease), contract (an illness)
8. to be affected (by an emotion)
9. to succeed
10. to be possible
11. to be able
12. (the) east
13. eastern
14. period (or day) of the waxing moon (the days in the 15-day period between the new moon and the full moon)
កើតឡើង kaət laəŋ to happen, occur 3/2
កឿង kɨəŋ to get stuck, become stranded, run aground, be bogged down 1/1
កៀក kiək 1. to put an arm around
2. to be adjacent, close
កៀប kiəp 1. to squeeze, apply pressure
2. (of crabs) to pinch/nip with pincers
3. to fasten together
4. to crack, crush
កេះ keh 1. to scratch/flick/tap (with the finger tip, especially to get someone's attention)
2. to lift or scrape off (especially with the finger tip or the fingernail)
កេស keeh 1. case, box
2. [royal] hair
កែវ kaev 1. glass
2. clf. for glassfuls
កោង kaoŋ 1. to be bent, curved
2. to be insolent, impudent, rude, inconsiderate, overbearing, arrogant
កោរ kao 1. to shave
2. to take advantage of, cheat, swindle, rip-off
កោស kaoh to grate, scrape (off), scratch/dig out {កោសខ្យល់ = Cambodian folk remedy for headaches, stomach aches, etc., where one repeatedly scrapes the skin with a coin (or betel leaf for infants) to raise welts and stimulate the circulation — wind/air is believed to be the cause of many types of illnesses, such as fainting, dizziness, stomach ache, etc.} 3/2
កៅស៊ូ kav suu 1. rubber, tire
2. asphalt
កៅអី kav ʔəy chair, seat 16/8
ក្ដី kdəy 1. affair, case, matter
2. argument, debate, complaint
3. court action
4. trial, legal proceeding, lawsuit, litigation
5. I (used by Buddhist monks)
Notes: ជើង ដ
ក្ដោង kdaoŋ sail 2/1
ក្ដោប kdaop 1. to envelope, enclose
2. to seize
3. to hold with both hands
4. to fold up
Notes: ជើង ដ
ក្ដៅ kdav hot, warm
Notes: ជើង ដ
ក្ដៅខ្លួន kdav kluən 1. to have a fever
2. to burn, to be hot
Notes: ជើង ដ
ក្នុង knoŋ 1. in, inside
2. during + (time word)
ក្បង់ kbɑŋ 1. to dip/scoop up with both hands, take by the handful
2. clf. for handfuls, scoops
ក្បាល kbaal 1. head
2. clf. for books
ក្បាលជង្គង់ kbaal cʊəŋkʊəŋ knee, knee cap 1/1
ក្បាលរ៉ូប៊ីនេទឹក kbaal roubiinee tɨk faucet, tap 3/1
ក្បែរ kbae to be near, close to 48/24
ក្មួយ kmuəy 1. child of one's sibling, nephew, niece
2. affectionate term of address for young people of one's children's generation
ក្មេង kmejŋ 1. child, young person
2. young
ក្មេងប្រុស kmejŋ proh boy 100/41
ក្រចក krɑcɑɑk (finger or toe) nail, claw, talon 13/1
ក្រចកដៃ krɑcɑɑk day fingernail 1/1
ក្រដាស krɑdaah 1. paper
2. membrane
ក្រដាសកេស krɑdaah keeh cardboard 1/1
ក្រដាសប្រាក់ krɑdaah prak paper money, bill 1/1
ក្រដាសឡាំង krɑdaah laŋ cardboard 7/2
ក្រណាត់ krɑnat cloth, fabric 9/4
ក្រពះ krɑpeah stomach, belly 2/2
ក្រមៅ krɑmav 1. color: black, dark brown
2. to be dark (of a color)
ក្រយៅដៃ krɑyav day fingerprint 4/1
ក្រហម krɑhɑɑm color: red 21/13
ក្រឡុក krɑlok 1. to shake, agitate
2. hole, pothole, bump (especially in a road)
ក្រឡេក krɑlejk 1. to glance
2. to look at sideways
3. to tickle
ក្រអូប krɑʔoop 1. to be sweet-smelling, fragrant, aromatic
2. nice, pleasant
ក្រាស kraah 1. comb
2. clf. for comb-like things such as a skewer of grilled fish or a row/set of teeth
3. down (soft new feathers)
4. kind of sea turtle
ក្រាស់ krah thick, dense 3/3
ក្រុម krom group, team 14/8
ក្រុមគ្រួសារ krom kruəsaa family, family members 12/9
ក្រុមហ៊ុន kromhun company, corporation 18/8
ក្រូច krouc citrus fruit, orange 21/2
ក្រូចឃ្វិច krouc kvɨc tangerine 4/1
ក្រូចឆ្មារ krouc cmaa lime, lemon 2/1
ក្រូចថ្លុង krouc tloŋ grapefruit 2/1
ក្រូចពោធិ៍សាត់ krouc poosat kind of orange 5/2
ក្រូចសើច krouc saǝc kind of citrus fruit (Citrus hystrix with a wrinkled, aromatic skin, the juice is used as a hair rinse and the leaves and skin are used as spices) 1/1
ក្រៀម kriəm dry, to be dried up 1/1
ក្រែង kraeŋ 1. to fear, be afraid, be in awe of
2. lest, for fear that, in case, in the event of
3. perhaps
ក្រោក kraok to get up/arise (from sitting or lying position), stand up 1/1
ក្រោម kraom 1. below, beneath, under
2. to be located below, under
3. to be located to the south/downstream
ក្រោយ kraoy 1. behind, after
2. next
ក្រោយពេល kraoy peel after (the time when) 12/10
ក្រៅ krav 1. outside, out
2. foreign
ក្រៅពី krav pii besides, in addition to 14/9
ក្លិន klən odor, smell, scent 10/6
ក្លែប klaep section (especially of fruit such as grapefruit or jackfruit), lobe (of the brain) 5/2
ក្អួត kʔuət to vomit 7/2
ក្អែល kʔael 1. dead skin that flakes off
2. dust, dirt, grime
kʰɑɑ 1. kind of thick stew made with fish or pork and sugar or sweet soy sauce, bamboo shoots, black pepper, garlic, red onions, salt, and fish sauce
2. to cook the above stew
3. part, section, paragraph, clause (e.g., of a contract or treaty)
4. article, point
5. aspect
6. meaning
7. to promise, to contract (to do something)
8. contract, agreement
kʰɑɑ 2nd consonant of the Khmer alphabet 3/1
ខំ kʰɑm to make an effort, try hard 4/4
ខក kʰɑɑk 1. to fail to achieve what was planned, to be prevented from achieving a planned goal {ខកម៉ោងណាត់ជួប = to be late for an appointment}
2. to commit oneself to do something which is beyond one's ability or which one is reluctant to do
ខគោ kʰɑɑ koo a sweet, spicy dish with beef 1/1
ខំប្រឹង kʰɑm prəŋ to try hard, to make every effort 5/5
ខល kʰɑɑl to phone, to call 3/2
ខាំ kʰam to bite, to sting (of an insect such as a mosquito) 5/4
ខាង kʰaaŋ 1. side, part
2. direction
3. pertaining to, with regard to
ខាងក្នុង kʰaaŋ knoŋ 1. inside, within
2. interior, inner, internal
Notes: also stand for 'inside the house'
ខាងក្រោម kʰaaŋ kraom 1. below, underneath
2. at the bottom of
3. downstairs
4. southern
ខាងក្រោយ kʰaaŋ kraoy behind, in the back 31/12
ខាងក្រៅ kʰaaŋ krav 1. outside, outside of
2. on/from the outside
ខាងចុង kʰaaŋ coŋ 1. at the end
2. the end
ខាងដើម kʰaaŋ daəm at the beginning of 1/1
ខាងណា kʰaaŋ naa 1. where
2. which way, which side
ខាងមុខ kʰaaŋ muk 1. front, in front (of), ahead
2. forward, facing forward
3. in the future, coming
ខាងលើ kʰaaŋ lǝǝ above, on, on top, upstairs 15/9
ខាត kʰaat 1. to lose, to suffer a loss, to squander, to waste
2. loss
ខាន kʰaan 1. to fail (to do something), miss (the chance to do something), let an opportunity slip by
2. to lack, not to have
3. to abandon one's plans suddenly, to be thwarted, to omit, skip (over), to neglect
ខាប់ kʰap 1. to be thick (especially of a liquid), viscous, to be concentrated
2. large earthenware jar
ខិតខំ kʰət kʰɑm to make more strenuous efforts, try harder, to work harder 1/1
ខឹង kʰəŋ to be angry 4/4
ខុស kʰoh 1. different
2. wrong, incorrect
3. mistake, fault, defect
ខុសៗគ្នា kʰoh kʰoh knie to be varied, different from one another 1/1
ខុសគ្នា kʰoh knie 1. to be different from one another
2. incorrect
ខុសច្បាប់ kʰoh cbap illicit, illegal 2/1
ខុសត្រូវ kʰoh trəv responsibility 2/1
ខូច kʰouc 1. broken, damaged, ruined
2. bad, nasty
ខូចខាត kʰouc kʰaat 1. to damage
2. to be damaged
3. to lose (through destruction)
ខួបកំណើត kʰuəp kɑmnaət birthday 14/7
ខៀវ kʰiəv blue, green (generally covering the spectrum of colors which includes blues and greens) 6/6
ខេត្ត kʰaet 1. province
2. region, territory
Notes: ជើង ត; irregular pronunciation: ខែត
ខែ kʰae 1. month
2. moon
ខោ kʰao pants, trousers 11/10
ខោអាវ kʰao ʔaav clothes, clothing 27/14
ខ្ចប់ kcɑp to pack, wrap, make into a package 23/6
ខ្ចាយ kcaay 1. to scatter, spill, disperse
2. to be spilled, to be scattered, dispersed in all directions
ខ្ចី kcəy 1. green, unripe, raw, fresh
2. young, naive, unexperienced
3. to borrow
4. of colors: light
ខ្ជាក់ kceak to spit out 6/3
ខ្ជិល kcɨl 1. lazy
2. careless
ខ្ញុំ kɲom I 207/105
ខ្ទះ kteah large pan, frying pan, wok 2/1
ខ្ទប់ ktup 1. to shut/close, to enclose, to cover
2. to shut in, block, fence in
ខ្ទាត ktiet 1. to scatter, jump away, fly off
2. to splash, splatter
ខ្ទេច ktɨc 1. to be shattered, smashed, completely broken, pulverized
2. in small bits
3. in (great) detail
ខ្នង knɑɑŋ 1. the back, back of something
2. clf. for houses
ខ្នុរ knol, knao 1. jackfruit
2. kind of skin disease characterized by boils on the head
ខ្នើយ knaəy cushion, pillow 1/1
ខ្ពស់ kpʊəh high, tall 9/8
ខ្ពុរ kpul, kpuu 1. to rinse (the mouth), to gargle
2. to spit/spew out
ខ្មាសគេ kmaah kee to be timid, shy, bashful 1/1
ខ្មែរ kmae Khmer, Cambodian 59/38
ខ្មៅ kmav black, dark (colored) 10/10
ខ្យង kcɑɑŋ, kyɑɑŋ mollusc, shell-fish, snail 1/1
ខ្យល់ kcɑl, kyɑl, ksɑl wind, air, breath (wind/air is believed to be the cause of many types of illnesses, such as fainting, dizziness, stomach ache, etc.) 18/8
ខ្លះ klah some (serves as a plural marker with ណា​​ and អ្វី) 62/35
ខ្លាំង klaŋ 1. strong, vigorous, robust
2. very much, strongly, vigorously
ខ្លាច klaac to fear, to be afraid of 9/9
ខ្លាញ់ klaɲ 1. fat, grease, lard
2. oil
ខ្លី kləy short (in length) 15/12
ខ្លួន kluən 1. body, figure, person, self
2. reflexive pronoun: myself, yourself, himself etc.
ខ្លួនប្រាណ kluən praan 1. body, physique
2. oneself
ខ្លួនឯង kluən ʔaeŋ 1. oneself
2. personally, on one's own, by oneself
ខ្លោង klaoŋ 1. frame of a door
2. gateway, gate, covered gate
3. chief, leader, most important person
Notes: also written ក្លោង
ខ្វិត kvət kind of fruit (kumquat, mandarin orange) 1/1
ខ្វេះ kveh to scratch, scrape with the index finger or with a claw 1/1
ខ្សែ ksae string, cord, rope, wire, line 11/5
ខ្សែក្រវាត់ ksae krɑvat belt 2/1
ខ្សែពួរ ksae puə cable, rope 6/2
ខ្សោយ ksaoy weak, feeble, helpless, powerless 1/1
kɔɔ 3rd consonant of the Khmer alphabet 3/1
គគ្រិច kɔkrɨc 1. to be dirty, muddy, filthy
2. bad, vile
3. distasteful
4. disgraceful
គណនេយ្យ kʊənnaʔney, keaʔnaʔnəy accounting 1/1
គណិត keaʔnet mathematics
Notes: short form of គណិតសាស្ត្រ
គម្រប kumrɔɔp cover (of a container)
Notes: root: គ្រប
គម្រោង kumrooŋ 1. plan, outline, draft
2. structure, project
3. planning, preparation
គម្លាត kumliet separation, gap, distance apart
Notes: Headley has គំលាត, but this spelling is much less frequent
គរ kɔɔ 1. to pile/stack up, gather in piles, accumulate
2. to collect
គល់ kʊəl base (of a tree), stump 1/1
គាំង keaŋ 1. to get stuck, to be rendered speechless
2. to impede
3. to be immobilized, broken down, not working
4. to jam
5. to prevent the movement (of)
6. very, to a high degree
គាត់ koat he, she 1622/114
គិត kɨt 1. to think, to realize
2. to calculate
3. to charge
គីឡូ kiiloo 1. kilo-
2. kilogram
3. kilometer
គឺ kɨɨ 1. to be (equal to)
2. as follows, namely
គឺជា kɨɨ cie 1. to be (equal to)
2. as follows, namely
Notes: equivalent to គឺ
គុណ kun 1. merit, good deed, favor, kindness, virtue, something worthy of remembrance
2. to multiply, increase
3. class, stage
4. quality, value
5. aspect
6. progress
គុណភាព kunaʔpʰiep 1. quality, characteristic(s)
2. value, virtue
គុយទាវ kuy tiev kind of noodle soup 36/7
គូ kuu 1. pair, couple
2. one member of a pair, partner, companion
3. trench, ditch, moat
គូសន្ទនា kuu sɑnteaʔnie persons conversing with one another, interlocutor 1/1
គួរ kuə 1. should, ought to
2. to be worthy of (often marks phrases equivalent to Eng. adjectives in -able / -ible)
3. to be correct, proper, suitable, fitting
គួរតែ kuə tae ought to, should, it's right to 4/3
គួរសម kuə sɑɑm 1. polite, acceptable, appropriate
2. reasonable, moderate {មានច្រើនគួរសមដែរ = it has a reasonably/relatively many}
គួរឲ្យ kuə ʔaoy 1. worthy of, ...-able
2. one should
គេ kee 1. he, she
2. one, someone
3. other(s)
គេង keeŋ to lie down, to sleep 16/8
គោរព koorup 1. to respect, obey, honor
2. respect
គោលដៅ kool dav goal, aim, objective 10/6
គោលបំណង kool bɑmnɑɑŋ objective, purpose, goal 1/1
គ្នា knie 1. together
2. mutually, reciprocally
គ្មាន kmien 1. not to have
2. there is not, there are not
គ្រប់ krup 1. all of, every
2. to be enough, complete, whole, entire
3. to rule, administer, govern
4. to manage
5. to take care of
6. to regulate
គ្រប់គ្រាន់ krup kroan sufficient, enough, adequate 5/5
គ្រប់ទីកន្លែង krup tii kɑnlaeŋ everywhere, every place 1/1
គ្រលុក krɔluk 1. to shake (in a container), shake up, jolt
2. to pound lightly
3. hole/bump (in the road)
គ្រាំ kroam 1. to be sore, to ache
2. to hurt internally
3. roaring sound of thunder, a waterfall or waves
គ្រាំគ្រា kroam krie 1. old, aged, suffering
2. pained
3. tired, worn out
គ្រាន់តែ kroan tae just, only, only just 58/42
គ្រាប់ kroap 1. grain, pit, seed
2. pill, tablet
3. bullet, projectile, bomb
4. clf. for small round objects such as seeds, pills, bullets
គ្រាប់ចុច kroap coc key (of a keyboard) 16/2
គ្រាមភាសា kriem pʰiesaa dialect, regional language 4/1
គ្រូ kruu 1. teacher, instructor
2. healer, folk doctor, local medicine-man
3. mediating spirit
4. guardian spirit (each person is believed to acquire several of these during their lifetime, there are several kinds of these spirits including: គ្រូកំណើត, គ្រូឆ្នួរ, and គ្រូរបៀន)
គ្រូបង្រៀន kruu bɑŋriən teacher, instructor (in a school) 1/1
គ្រូពេទ្យ kruu pɛɛt medial doctor, medical practitioner
Notes: irregular pronunciation: ពែត
គ្រួសារ kruəsaa family 5/5
គ្រឿង krɨəŋ 1. tool, instrument
2. ingredient, spice, seasoning
3. clf. for machines, vehicles etc.
គ្រឿងទេស krɨəŋ teeh spice(e), seasoning 1/1
គ្រឿងផ្សំ krɨəŋ psɑm ingredient, component 4/2
គ្រែ krɛɛ bed, couch 13/3
គ្រោះថ្នាក់ krʊək tnak 1. accident
2. danger, risk
3. to be dangerous
គ្រោះថ្នាក់ចរាចរណ៍ krʊək tnak cɑraacɑɑ 1. road accident
2. to have a road accident
គ្លីនិក kliinək clinic 1/1
ឃាត់ kʰoat 1. to forbid, stop (from doing), prevent, restrain
2. to detain
3. to ban
4. to control
ឃើញ kʰəəɲ 1. to see, to perceive
2. to understand, to recognize
ឃ្លា klie 1. sentence, phrase, clause
2. line (of poetry)
3. the space between sentences or paragraphs
4. (spaces as) punctuation
5. to leave a gap or space between sentences
ឃ្លាន klien 1. to be hungry
2. to be hungry for
ឃ្លីងឃ្លោង kliiŋ klooŋ rocking back and forth, swaying, unstable, fluctuating
Notes: equivalent to ឃ្លេងឃ្លោង
ឃ្លោង klooŋ 1. rocking, shaky, balancing, swinging (boat)
2. to sway, roll, pitch (of a boat)
ងងុយ ŋɔŋuy 1. to be sleepy
2. sleepiness
ងាក ŋiek 1. to turn (especially the head), change direction, turn aside, turn away
2. to move away
3. to turn one's attention (from/to), turn one's back on
ងាយ ŋiey easy 10/7
ងាយស្រួល ŋiey sruǝl easy (e.g., to do, to use) 41/24
ងូត ŋuut 1. to wash oneself in a bath or shower
2. to bathe
3. clf. for light rains
ងូតទឹក ŋuut tɨk to take a shower 23/6
ងើប ŋəəp 1. to rise/get up
2. to lift/draw oneself up
3. to raise one's head
4. to come to the surface
ង៉ៃហ្នឹង ŋay nɨŋ spoken form of ថ្ងៃនេះ = today 2/2
ចំ cɑm directly, exactly, precisely 12/6
ចំកណ្ដាល cɑm kɑndaal 1. right in the center, exactly in the middle
2. just what is needed
ចង cɑɑŋ to tie, bind, fasten, link, attach, connect 10/6
ចង់ cɑŋ 1. to want, wish, desire
2. to need
ចងខ្សែ cɑɑŋ ksae to tie or link with a rope 1/1
ចងចាំ cɑɑŋ cam to remember, retain, hold on to, be nostalgic about 4/3
ចងបូរ cɑɑŋ bou to tie with a ribbon, to tie a ribbon 1/1
ចង្កា cɑŋkaa chin 1/1
ចង្កាក់ cɑŋkak skewer, sharpened bamboo stick (for skewering grilled bananas, smoked meat or fish) 7/2
ចង្កឹះ cɑŋkəh chopsticks 4/3
ចង្កូត cɑŋkout rudder, helm, tiller, steering mechanism/wheel, controls (of a motor) {ចង្កូតឡាន = steering wheel (of a car)} {ចង្កូតម៉ូតូ = handlebar (of a motorbike)} 12/3
ចង្កេះ cɑŋkeh hip, waist 2/2
ចង្វាក់ cɑŋvak rhythm, beat, tempo, cadence (of music) 9/3
ចង្អុល cɑŋʔol 1. to point directly at, indicate, point out, show (by pointing)
2. to confirm
ចំណង់ចំណូលចិត្ត cɑmnɑŋ cɑmnool cət desire, wish
Notes: ជើង ត
ចំណត cɑmnɑɑt stopping place, parking / mooring place, station, terminal 2/2
ចំណាន cɑmnaan to be capable, expert, skilled, good at 1/1
ចំណាយ cɑmnaay 1. expenditure, expenses, spending
2. to spend
ចំណាស់ cɑmnah 1. to be elderly
2. age, old age
ចំណិត cɑmnət 1. slice, piece, chip, chop (lamb chop, etc.), cutting
2. clf. for slices etc.
ចំណី cɑmnəy 1. snack
2. dessert
3. fodder, (animal) feed
ចំណីចំណុក cɑmnəy cɑmnok (all kinds of) snacks 2/2
ចំណីអាហារ cɑmnəy ʔaahaa food, foodstuffs, all kinds of food 4/3
ចំណេញ cɑmnəɲ 1. benefit, gain, profit
2. income
3. to gain, profit from
ចំណែក cɑmnaek 1. as for, as to, regarding
2. part, division, portion, fragment, quotient 
ចំណែកឯ cɑmnaek ʔae as for, as to, regarding 35/23
ចំណោទ cɑmnaot 1. exercise, problem, question
2. accusation, indictment, statement of charges
Notes: root: ចោទ
ចត cɑɑt to park 7/4
ចត់ cɑt to be bitter (as the taste of an unripe guava), tart, harsh 1/1
ចំនួន cɑmnuən amount, number, quantity 48/35
ចន្ទគតិ can keaʔteʔ 1. lunar month
2. a revolution of the moon
ចន្ទល់ cɑntʊəl support, supporting bar (usually of wood), prop 6/1
ចន្លោះ cɑnlɑh interval, gap, space, omission 6/3
ចប់ cɑp 1. to finish, cease, complete, end, conclude
2. to be complete, full, concluded
3. clf. for complete actions, cycles
ចំពោះ cɑmpʊəh toward, to, about, as for 18/14
ចម្ងល់ cɑmŋɑl doubt
Notes: root: ឆ្ងល់; neither in Headley nor Chuon
ចម្ងាយ cɑmŋaay distance
Notes: root: ឆ្ងាយ; also written ចំងាយ
ចម្រៀង cɑmriəŋ song
Notes: root: ច្រៀង; also written ចំរៀង
ចម្លើយ cɑmlaəy response, answer, reply
Notes: root: ឆ្លើយ; also written ចំឡើយ
ចម្លែក cɑmlaek 1. to be different, strange, unusual
2. extraordinary, astonishing, surprising
3. unequal, dissimilar
Notes: also written ចំឡែក
ចរាចរណ៍ cɑraacɑɑ traffic 4/3
ចរិយា caʔreʔyaa female Cambodian name 12/4
ចំរើន cɑmraən male Cambodian name 4/1
ចំហៀង cɑmhiəŋ 1. half, side, flank, part
2. on the side, on one's side
3. to be incomplete, not full, partial, in profile
ចាំ cam 1. to wait (for)
2. to remember, to memorize, to know by heart
3. phrase-initial: I will do [...] for you very soon/now {ចាំខ្ញុំយកឲ្យវិញបង = I’ll get it back for you} {ចាំខ្ញុំពន្យល់ពីរបៀបប្រើ = I’ll explain you how it works} {ចាំមើលណា = Let me see...}
ចាក់ cak 1. to stab, pierce (with a pointed instrument)
2. to pour (a liquid)
3. to play (a record or tape)
ចាក់ក្រឡេក cak krɑlejk to tickle 1/1
ចាកចេញ caak cəɲ 1. to come out, appear (out of something)
2. to depart, leave
ចាក់សាំង cak saŋ to put gasoline into a vehicle 2/2
ចាក់សោ cak sao to lock 4/1
ចាក់សោរក cak sao rɔɔk to lock the key between the front wheel and the body of a motorbike 2/1
ចាខ្វៃ caa kvay youtiao (deep-fried strip of dough) 2/1
ចាញ់ caɲ to lose, to be defeated/beaten 1/1
ចាត់ទុក cat tuk to consider 2/2
ចាន caan plate, bowl, dish 176/21
ចានគោម caan koom kind of large bowl (especially one used as a soup tureen) 16/5
ចានដែក caan daek metal wash tub 12/7
ចាប់ cap 1. to catch, capture, seize, grasp, get
2. clf. for handfuls
3. to begin to, undertake, start
ចាប់កាន់ cap kan to grab/grasp/catch (with the hands) 5/3
ចាប់ចិត្ត cap cət 1. to admire
2. to satisfy completely, give full satisfaction
3. to fascinate, captivate
4. to attract the attention (of)
5. to be attracted (to), be interested (in)
6. to like something or someone very much, fall in love (more intense than ចូលចិត្ត)
ចាប់ផ្ដើម cap pdaəm to begin, start
Notes: ជើង ដ
ចាប់ពី cap pii from, starting from 2/2
ចាប់អារម្មណ៍ cap ʔaarɑm to be interested in, to be impressed by {គួរឲ្យចាប់អារម្មណ៍ = interesting} 1/1
ចាំបាច់ cam bac necessary, essential 27/20
ចាយ caay to spend, to pay 8/1
ចាស caah 1. yes (used by women)
2. often merely a polite word of acknowledgment, especially at the beginning of a sentence
ចាស់ cah 1. old, mature
2. (of colors) to be intense, dark, (of seasonings) to be strong, excessive, (of fruits) to be almost ripe
ចា៎ស caah 1. yes (used by women)
2. often merely a polite word of acknowledgment, especially at the beginning of a sentence
Notes: same as ចាស, but written with a diacritic to indicate high intonation
ចិញ្ចឹម cəɲcəm 1. to raise, care for
2. to nourish, feed
3. to adopt
4. to support, nurture
ចិញ្ចើម cəɲcaəm 1. eyebrow
2. edge, border
3. curb, sidewalk, roadside
ចិត cət 1. to pare, peel
2. to cut into pieces, slice
3. to sharpen (e.g., a pencil)
ចិត្ត cət feeling, heart (as the seat of emotion), will (power), intention, thought, opinion
Notes: ជើង ត
ចិន cən 1. Chinese
2. China
ចុះ coh phrase-initial particle: and how about ...? 12/12
ចុះ coh 1. down
2. to descend, go down
3. bus etc.: to get off
ចុះ coh phrase-final particle: mild imperative indicating permission {ញ៉ាំចុះ = Go ahead and eat!} 13/12
ចុក cok 1. stomach ache
2. to feel sick at the stomach (gaseous, aching stomach)
3. to cork, stop up, to obstruct
4. to cram, stuff
5. to have a cramp, to hurt internally, to ache
ចុកពោះ cok pʊəh to have a stomach ache or colic 2/2
ចុង coŋ 1. end, extremity, tip {ចុងខែនេះ = end of this month}
2. to be last
ចុងក្រោយ coŋ kraoy (the) last 4/4
ចុច coc 1. to press (with the fingertip or the tip of a stick, as a button)
2. to poke
3. to point
4. to indicate, pick out, select
5. [colloquial] to dip
ចុះឡើង coh laəŋ 1. to go up and down, go back and forth
2. up and down
ចូល coul 1. to enter, to go in
2. to agree with
ចូលគេង coul keeŋ to go to bed, to go to sleep 1/1
ចូលចិត្ត cool cət to like, to prefer
Notes: ជើង ត
ចូលឆ្នាំ coul cnam New Year 1/1
ចូលឆ្នាំខ្មែរ coul cnam kmae Khmer New Year 3/2
ចូលរួម coul ruəm 1. to join (an organization)
2. to participate (in something), attend (e.g., a conference)
ចូលលុយគ្នា cool luy knie to pool/contribute money 1/1
ចៀន ciən 1. to fry
2. fried food
Notes: also written ជៀន
ចៀស ciəh 1. to avoid, turn away from, shun
2. to elude, dodge, swerve
3. to yield, make way/room (for)
4. to give up, forsake
5. to shirk
ចៀសផ្លូវ ciəh pləv 1. to let pass, give way to, get out of the way, step aside
2. to go around, bypass
ចេះ ceh to know, to know how to, to be able to 29/12
ចេក cejk banana 33/5
ចេញ cəɲ 1. to leave, to go out, to depart
2. out, off, away (also figuratively) {ខ្ញុំគិតអត់ចេញ = I can't figure it out}
ចេញឈាម cəɲ cʰiem to bleed 1/1
ចេញដំណើរ cəɲ dɑmnaə to depart 1/1
ចេត្រ caet fifth month of the lunar calendar, corresponding to mid-March to mid-April 1/1
ចែកចេញជា caek cəɲ cie to be divided into 4/2
ចែករំលែក caek rumlɛɛk to divide, share, apportion 1/1
ចែងចាំង caeŋ caŋ shining
Notes: equivalent: ចាំងចែង
ចែវ caev to row 2/2
ចែវទូក caev tuuk to row or paddle a boat 1/1
ចែស caeh 1. very, greatly, extremely, intensely
2. clearly
ចោរ cao thief, robber, gangster 2/1
ចោរកម្ម cao kam theft, banditry 1/1
ចោល caol 1. to throw (away), to discard
2. to abandon, to desert, to reject
ចៅ cav 1. grandchild
2. little one, young one (term of address to small children)
3. owner, chief, boss
ច្បាប់ cbap 1. law
2. rule, regulation
3. (legal) code
4. custom
5. moral precept, code of conduct
6. permission
7. to be on temporary detached duty
8. copy (of a document)
9. issue, version
10. clf. for letters, notes, documents and copies of documents
ច្បាស់ cbah 1. clear, distinct, sure {ខ្ញុំអត់ច្បាស់ដែរ = I'm not sure (either)}
2.  clearly, surely, distinctly, definitely
ច្បាស់លាស់ cbah loah 1. very clear, very sure
2. clearly, surely
3. distinct, precise, accurate
ច្រក crɑɑk 1. to insert, stuff (something into something), cram, force feed
2. to put on (a ring)
3. pass, passage, lane, alley
4. opening
5. way
ច្រត់ចង្កេះ crɑt cɑŋkeh to have the hands on the hips 1/1
ច្របាច់ crɑbac 1. to press, to squeeze with the fingers
2. to massage (muscles)
3. to knead
ច្រមុះ crɑmoh nose, snout 3/2
ច្រវា crɑvaa oar, paddle 10/3
ច្រវាក់ crɑvak (iron) chain 2/1
ច្រឡំ crɑlɑm 1. to confuse, to mistake, to mix up
2. to be confused, mistaken, mixed-up
ច្រាំង craŋ bank, shore, beach (of a river, creek) 1/1
ច្រាស craah 1. brush
2. to brush, clean with a brush
3. to brush/scrape against
4. to physically move from a higher to a lower position
5. to go against (e.g., the current, wind)
6. to be opposite
7. oncoming, counter
8. in the wrong/opposite direction
9. of a bird: to pounce upon/attack/fly at (something)
ច្រាសដុសធ្មេញ craah doh tmɨɲ toothbrush 14/3
ច្រើន craən 1. much, many, numerous, very much
2. mostly, often
ច្រើនតែ craən tae mostly, usually, for the most part 3/3
ឆា cʰaa 1. to stir-fry (usually meat mixed with vegetables)
2. to try to do (something), to experiment, practice (doing something)
3. to break (up), crack, chip, splinter
4. to be cracked, chipped
5. to wipe the slate clean, to stop (e.g. a game, one's life) and begin again
ឆាប់ cʰap 1. quick, quickly, promptly, right away
2. in haste, urgently
3. soon
4. early
ឆាប់រហ័ស cʰap rɔhah quickly, promptly, immediately 9/2
ឆូត cʰout 1. to cross out, delete
2. to draw/scratch a line, score, make a mark/notch
3. to cut along a crease, make an incision
ឆើត cʰaət 1. to be breathtakingly beautiful, ravishing, delightful, lovely, charming, fascinating
2. excellent, outstanding, remarkable
3. of colors: bright
ឆែក cʰaek 1. to cut, notch
2. to slash
3. to divide, split
4. to slice into pieces
5. to be divided, split
6. to be serrated, notched, uneven, forked
7. slit, notch, indentation
8. to seek, to look for
9. to check, inspect
ឆែកមើល cʰaek məəl to check, inspect, control 4/3
ឆៅ cʰav 1. raw, not cooked
2. immature, inexperienced
ឆ្កឹះ ckəh 1. to scratch/scrape something (with the finger or a stick) a single time
2. to pluck/pick out
ឆ្ងាញ់ cŋaɲ tasty, delicious 34/15
ឆ្ងាយ cŋaay 1. to be far (away), distant, remote
2. separated
ឆ្នាំ cnam year 24/21
ឆ្នាំង cnaŋ cooking pot, kettle, pan, casserole 13/4
ឆ្នាំងខ្ទះ cnaŋ kteah large pan, frying pan, wok
Notes: see also ខ្ទះ
ឆ្នើម cnaəm 1. to be basic, fundamental, principal
2. marvelous, excellent, supreme
3. outstanding, remarkable
4. shrewd, clever
ឆ្មា cmaa cat 15/3
ឆ្មូល cmoul 1. to bundle/roll up, gather up into a bale
2. to roll into a ball to crumple, wad up
3. to have an upset stomach
ឆ្លង clɑɑŋ 1. to cross, move across/through (by land, water, or air)
2. to spread (of a disease)
3. to communicate, transmit
4. to copy
5. to intersect
6. to be contaminated, contagious, infected
7. to contract (a disease)
8. to adopt, pick up (e.g., a bad habit)
9. to celebrate
10. to dedicate, inaugurate
11. to survive (an accident or disaster)
ឆ្លាត claat clever, shrewd, intelligent 3/2
ឆ្លាស់ clah 1. to alternate, change turns
2. to mix/put together, blend
3. to jumble up
4. of colors: to be mixed
ឆ្លុះ cloh 1. to view something through a lens
2. to look in a mirror
3. to (give an) x-ray
4. to be visible through (e.g., a lens)
5. to be x-rayed
6. to illuminate, to light up
7. to reflect
8. to give of light, shine
9. to be clear, lucid, bright, highly polished, shining
10. to be reflected
ឆ្លើយ claəy to reply, to answer 7/5
ឆ្លៀត cliət 1. to seize an opportunity, take advantage (of an opportunity), to make the most of
2. to make good use of time, take the time to do something
ឆ្វេង cvejŋ direction: left 34/23
ឆ្អិន cʔən 1. to be cooked
2. mature, experienced, well-versed
3. of red: to be bright
4. to be pure/without impurities (especially of gold)
ឆ្អឹង cʔəŋ bone 2/2
ជះ ceah 1. to pour (over), fling, toss/throw out (especially liquids), splash
2. to scatter
3. wind: to blow violently
ជក់ cʊək 1. to smoke (e.g., tobacco), to inhale, to suck in
2. to be absorbed by, fascinated with, obsessed with
3. brush, small brush
ជំងឺ cumŋɨɨ 1. disease, illness
2. pain
ជង្គង់ cʊəŋkʊəŋ knee 6/4
ជជែក cɔcɛɛk 1. to chat, talk (with), discuss
2. to debate
3. talk, conversation
ជញ្ជាំង cʊəɲceaŋ wall 7/3
ជញ្ជីង cʊəɲcɨŋ balance, scale, platform scale 5/1
ជន cʊən people, person, human being 1/1
ជនជាតិ cɔɔn ciet 1. citizen, people {ជនជាតិខ្មែរ = Khmer people}
2. nationality
ជនបទ cʊəneaʔbɑt, cɔɔnbɑt country, countryside 4/4
ជនបរទេស cɔɔn bɑɑrəteeh foreigner 1/1
ជនរងគ្រោះ cɔɔn rɔɔŋ krʊək victim 5/2
ជំនាញ cumnieɲ 1. to be able, skilled, skillful, competent, talented
2. expert, skill {បង្អែមចំជំនាញខ្ញុំហើយ = I’m an expert at [eating] sweets = I love eating sweets}
3. subject (at university) {[X] រៀនជំនាញអី? = What do [you/X] study?}
ជំនួយ cumnuəy 1. aid, help, assistance
2. to be helpful
ជំនួយការ cumnuəy kaa assistant 2/1
ជំនួស cumnuəh 1. instead of, in place of
2. to replace
3. replacement
ជប់លៀង cup liǝŋ 1. party
2. to hold a party
ជប៉ុន ceaʔpon 1. Japan
2. Japanese
ជម្រះ cumreah 1. to clean, to clean up, to wash away dirt and dust
2. to level, scrape, clean off
3. to clear away, weed, cut off at the roots, to clear with a hoe
4. to purify
5. to discharge
6. to judge, resolve (a dispute), decide (a case)
7. to make a clear-cut decision
8. to review, to edit (a text)
Notes: root: ជ្រះ; also spelled ជំរះ
ជម្រាបលា cumriep lie 1. goodbye
2. to say goodbye
Notes: also written ជំរាបលា
ជម្រាបសួរ cumriep suǝ 1. hello
2. to say hello
Notes: also written ជំរាបសួរ
ជម្រើស cumrəəh 1. choice, selection
2. things that have been picked up or tidied up
3. left over, low quality
Notes: root: រើស; also written ជំរើស
ជ័រ coa resin, sap, plastic, rubber 1/1
ជ័រកៅស៊ូ coa kav suu gum, rubber, latex 1/1
ជំរុំចិត្ត cum rum cət [poetic] beloved, dear
Notes: BCF
ជំហាន cumhien step, pace 8/3
ជា cie 1. to be (equal to), to be as
2. to be well, in good health, recovered
3. to be effective (of medicines)
ជាក់ជា ceak cie surely 4/4
ជាក់ស្ដែង ceak sdaeŋ 1. clear, sure
2. clearly, surely, obviously
ជាការស្រេច cie kaa srac complete, finished 9/9
ជាង cieŋ 1. more than
2. marks the comparative degree of an adjective {ល្អជាង = better}
ជាងគេ cieŋ kee superlative marker: the most, the ...-est 9/7
ជាច្រើន cie craən many, a lot, in abundance 42/27
ជាជាង cie cieŋ instead of, rather than 1/1
ជាដើម cie daəm as above, as listed (or given) above 32/26
ជាតិ ciet 1. matter, substance, material, essence, essential constituent {ជាតិទឹក = to be liquid, fluid} {ជាតិខ្លាញ់ = to be oily, greasy} {ម្នាស់មានជាតិអាស៊ីតច្រើន = pineapples have a lot of acid/are acidic/are quite sour}
2. flavor, taste
3. genuine or true state of anything
4. birth, nation, race, line, nationality
ជាទីបំផុត cie tii bɑmpʰot 1. finally, in conclusion
2. extremely, the most ...
ជាទូទៅ cie tuu təv in general, as a whole, generally 67/50
ជាធម្មតា cie tʰoam meaʔ taa normally, usually 7/7
ជាន់ coan 1. floor, story, level, stage, class, status
2. to step on, trample on, walk on
3. to dominate, to control, administer, be in charge of
4. to pound (grain in a mortar using a foot-powered pestle)
5. to strike repeatedly
6. (of animals) to mount/mate with
7. surrounding wall, fortification
8. period of time
9. (especially of an evil spirit or bad influence) to possess, take possession of
ជានិច្ច cie nɨc always 18/13
ជាប់ coap 1. to link together, to be attached, linked together
2. adjacent to, next to {៣ ឆ្នាំជាប់គ្នា = three years in a row}
3. to be busy with {ខ្ញុំជាប់មានការរវល់បន្តិច = I'm a bit busy}
4. to undergo {ជាប់ផុងក្នុងភក់ = [of a car] to get bogged down in the mud}
5. to pass (an examination, an interview etc.) {ខ្ញុំសម្ភាសន៍ការងារជាប់ហើយ! = I’ve passed the job interview!}
ជាប់គ្នា coap knie 1. to be joined, attached, linked, locked (together)
2. next to, consecutive {៣ ឆ្នាំជាប់គ្នា = three years in a row}
ជាប់នឹង coap nɨŋ 1. next to, adjacent to, near
2. to stick/attach to
ជាប់លេខ coap leek to win, place (e.g., in a competition) 3/3
ជាប្រចាំ cie prɑcam 1. regularly
2. permanently
ជាពិសេស cie piʔsejh especially 7/7
ជាមិនខាន cie mɨn kʰaan certainly, without fail, without any doubt 1/1
ជាមុនសិន cie mun sən first 11/7
ជាមួយ cie muəy with 20/19
ជាមួយគ្នា cie muəy knie 1. together, with one another, reciprocally
2. the same (as)
ជាមួយនឹង cie muəy nɨŋ 1. together, along with
2. with
ជាយក្រុង ciey kroŋ suburbs 1/1
ជាសះស្បើយ cie sah sbaǝy completely healed/cured 2/2
ជិះ cih to ride (in or on a car, horse, boat, plane, train) 101/24
ជិះកង់ cih kɑŋ to ride a bike/bicycle 1/1
ជិត cɨt 1. to be close, near
2. tight
3. close-set, dense, thick
4. closely, tightly
5. almost
6. about to, on the point of (doing something)
7. to cover completely, be completely/firmly covered
8. command used by elephant drivers to make an elephant to move closer
ជិតខាង cɨt kʰaaŋ neighboring, nearby, next door 1/1
ជិតស្និទ្ធ cɨt snǝt to be close, intimate 4/3
ជី cii plants, usually leaves, chopped and used as spice to make food smell delicious
Notes: BCF
ជីដូនជីតា cii doon cii taa 1. grandparents
2. ancestors
ជីវិត ciivɨt life, living, existence 7/6
ជីវី ciivii female Cambodian name 3/1
ជុំគ្នា cum knie 1. to unite, reunite, assemble
2. together
ជុំវិញ cum vɨɲ 1. around, surrounding, on all sides
2. about, concerning
ជូត cuut 1. to wipe (off), clean (off), dry (with a towel)
2. to dust
3. to rub, polish
ជូន cuun 1. to give, present, offer
2. to accompany, escort, give someone a lift or ride
3. to, for (formal or polite variant of ឲ្យ​)
ជូនពរ cuun pɔɔ 1. to wish well, extend/express good wishes, send regards
2. to show one's appreciation
ជូរ cuu 1. taste: sour
2. expression: bitter
ជូរអែម cuu ʔaem sweet and sour
Notes: literally: sour sweet
ជួន cuən 1. sometimes
2. by coincidence {ជួនគ្នាម្ល៉េះ! = What a coincidence!}
3. from time to time
4. to happen
5. to coincide
6. rhyme
ជួប cuəp to meet (especially intentionally) 14/12
ជួបគ្នា cuəp knie to meet each other 12/8
ជួបជុំ cuəp cum to meet, hold a meeting, to gather together, assemble, (re)unite 2/2
ជួយ cuəy to help, to assist 48/35
ជួយសង្គ្រោះ cuəy sɑŋkrʊəh to help, rescue, come to someone's assistance 12/4
ជួរ cuə 1. column, line, row
2. formation, rank
3. family line, lineage
4. clf. for rows, lines, 12-year cycles, generations
ជួល cuəl 1. to hire, employ
2. to rent
3. to rent out, let out for hire
ជួសជុល cuəh cul to repair, to fix, to renovate 2/2
ជើង cəəŋ leg, foot 43/17
ជើងម៉ា cəəŋ maa bench, stool 1/1
ជឿ cɨə 1. to believe, to trust (in)
2. to buy on credit
ជែល cɛɛl gel 12/3
ជោក cook 1. to wet, soak, moisten
2. to water, irrigate
3. to sprinkle
4. to be saturated, soaked, completely permeated, full
5. immersed/steeped in
6. [figurative] to be obsessed with
7. shower, downpour
8. state of being soaked
ជោគជ័យ cook cey 1. victory, success
2. to be successful
ជ្រះ creah 1. to be bright, sparkling, pure, clean, without any impurities
2. to be fair/light skinned (especially referring to Cambodians)
ជ្រកម្លប់ crɔɔk mlup to take shelter 1/1
ជ្រញ់ crʊəɲ cutting board, chopping block 8/1
ជ្រលក់ crɔlʊək 1. to dip (into a liquid)
2. to soak
ជ្រាលជ្រៅ criel crɨv deep, profound 1/1
ជ្រុះ cruh 1. to fall down, fall off, drop, shed
2. to fall out (e.g., of hair)
3. to separate, work loose, come off/apart
ជ្រុង cruŋ 1. angle
2. corner
3. edge
4. something angular
5. piece, slice (of meat or fruit)
6. clf. for angular pieces, cookies, fruit
ជ្រុល crul 1. too much, exceedingly
2. to exceed (reasonable limits), overdo, go too far
3. to pass by
4. to do something unintentionally or involuntarily
5. to be too late for
ជ្រូក cruuk pig 1/1
ជ្រួសគ្នា cruəh knie 1. to walk or go past one another
2. to miss one another
ជ្រែងហោប៉ៅ crɛɛŋ hao pav to have the hands in the pockets 1/1
ជ្រៅ crɨv 1. deep
2. profound
ឈប់ cʰup 1. to stop, halt, cease {ឈប់ធ្វើការ = to quit one's job} {ឈប់ពីការងារ = to quit one's job} {ឡានពេទ្យបានឈប់ខាងមុខខ្លោងទ្វារមន្ទីរពេទ្យ = the ambulance stops in front of the hospital}
2. to stop, wait, hold on {ឈប់សិន = wait a moment!}
ឈរ cʰɔɔ to stand (up) 39/16
ឈាន cʰien to take a step, step forward, walk {ឈានជំហាន = to take a step} 15/2
ឈាម cʰiem blood 2/2
ឈឺ cʰɨɨ to be sick, to hurt, to be in pain 36/19
ឈឺក្បាល cʰɨɨ kbaal 1. headache
2. to have a headache
ឈឺចាប់ cʰɨɨ cap 1. to be sick, ill
2. to feel acute pain, hurt, suffer
3. to be hurt (physically or mentally)
ឈឺពោះ cʰɨɨ pʊəh to have a stomach ache 8/5
ឈូស cʰuuh 1. to plane/shave/whittle/rasp (wood)
2. to scrape
3. to grate (cheese)
4. to shuffle (along)
5. to shove
ឈើ cʰəə 1. tree, wood
2. wooden
ឈើច្រត់ cʰəə crɑt cane, walking stick, crutch 3/1
ឈ្ងុយ cŋuy to smell delicious/fragrant 1/1
ឈ្នះ cneah to win 2/2
ឈ្នួល cnuəl 1. fee, rent
2. salary, pay
3. tip
4. monetary compensation
5. maid, servant, hired hand
ឈ្មោះ cmʊəh 1. name
2. to be named/called
ញញឹម ɲɔɲɨm to smile 9/7
ញញួរ ɲɔɲuə hammer 2/1
ញ៉ាំ ɲam to eat, to drink, to consume
Notes: informal, of oneself, addressing children or close friends but not elders
ញ៉ាំការ ɲam kaa wedding, wedding ceremony or party 5/3
ញាប់ ɲoap 1. quickly, fast, rapidly
2. to hurry
ញ៉ាំបាយ ɲam baay general term for 'to eat' (neutral form for younger persons and persons of the same age) 12/9
ញី ɲii 1. to knead
2. to massage, rub in
3. to rub, scrub
4. to crumple, crush, mash, mix
5. animals: to be female
ញឹក ɲɨk 1. often, frequently, always, continually, unceasingly
2. to be close together, dense, thick, compact
3. narrow
ញឹកញាប់ ɲɨk ɲoap 1. repeatedly, many times
2. often, frequently, on many occasions
ញេញធ្មេញ ɲɨɲ tmɨɲ 1. to grit one's teeth
2. to show one's teeth
ដ៏ dɑɑ 1. pre-adjectival particle used especially in formal and literary styles to link an attribute or clause to a noun or a verb to its object - its use is not required, but when it occurs it seems to give the phrase somewhat more emphasis
2. which, the one which
ដក dɑɑk to pull out, to extract 1/1
ដក់ dɑk 1. to put into a pocket or bag, wrap something (e.g., money) in the top hem of a skirt
2. to fill with a liquid
3. to accumulate (in one spot, of liquids)
4. to become a puddle
5. to be constantly on one's mind
6. to dwell (e.g., on some thought)
ដង dɑɑŋ handle (of an axe, shovel, knife), neck (of a musical instrument) 7/2
ដង dɑɑŋ time, occurrence, occasion 7/6
ដងទន្លេ dɑɑŋ tʊənlee body, course, length of a river 2/1
ដដែល dɑdael 1. to be identical, alike, the same
2. as before, over and over, in the same way
ដំណើរ dɑmnaə 1. walking, traveling
2. travel, journey, trip
3. functioning
4. movement, progress, development
5. process, course or sequence (of events)
ដំណើរការ dɑmnaə kaa to function, run, work (especially of machinery) 1/1
ដំណោះស្រាយ dɑmnɑh sraay solution 1/1
ដណ្ដើម dɑndaəm to fight to get something, to compete for something 1/1
ដទៃទៀត dɑtey tiət different, other 2/2
ដប dɑɑp bottle, jar 6/3
ដំបូង dɑmbouŋ 1. first, first of all, before
2. at first, in the beginning
ដំបូល dɑmboul 1. roof
2. top, cover
ដល់ dɑl 1. to reach, to attain, to arrive at
2. to, toward, up to, as far as, at, until
ដល់ពេលបច្ចុប្បន្ន dɑl peel paccopbɑn nowadays, these days, today 2/2
ដល់ហើយ dɑl haǝy a lot, very, very much, extremely, really 8/8
ដំឡើង dɑmlaəŋ 1. to raise, lift up, hoist, elevate
2. to mount
3. to (re)assemble
4. to augment, increase (in size or volume), reinforce
5. to draw/string (a bow)
6. to set/activate (a trap)
7. to operate
8. to aim
9. to perform (a propitiatory) ceremony
10. high water, flood
11. high-water season
ដាំ dam 1. to plant (seeds), to sow
2. to grow (crops)
3. to erect, set up, install (e.g., a post or column)
4. to boil (water), to cook (rice)
ដាក់ dak 1. to put, place
2. to deposit
3. to add (ingredients)
4. to set (e.g., a trap)
5. to establish
6. to assign
7. to locate, settle, station
8. to lock up
9. to fasten
10. to use
11. to strike, hit hard
12. to affect
13. to subject someone to
14. to be hard hit, suffer a setback
15. to have bad luck, cause bad luck
16. to feel unwell, have an upset stomach (especially after eating certain fruits)
17. to contract for
18. to subscribe to
19. to renounce (a throne)
20. to put aside (religious vows)
21. in, into, on
22. to eat, drink
23. to kneel
24. command to an elephant to kneel by bending the rear legs
ដាក់គ្នា dak knie at each other, against each other, back and forth 1/1
ដាក់តាំង dak taŋ to display
Notes: BCF
ដាច់ dac 1. detached, disconnected, cut off, separated, torn
2. to break apart, to separate
3. time periods: to end
4. to be ended
5. end, last part of
6. to be firm, resolute, determined, to be committed to a course of action
7. extremely, absolutely, firmly, positively, clearly
8. + verb: to be able to + verb
Notes: see also លក់ដាច់ = to sell well
ដិត dət 1. to adhere closely/tightly, cling to, stick to, to follow closely
2. to be close to, intimate, adjoining
3. to be clearly imprinted, to make a clear/sharp impression
ដី dəy 1. earth, land, ground, soil
2. territory
ដឹក dək 1. to transport, carry
2. to lead, conduct
3. clf. for one cartload
ដឹកជញ្ជូន dək cʊəɲcuun to transport 11/4
ដឹកទំនិញ dək tumnɨɲ to transport merchandise 4/1
ដឹង dəŋ 1. to know, to be aware of, to be familiar with
2. [colloquial] can be used in the affirmative or, as an answer to a question, to mean ‘no’ {ដឹងហើយ = ok!} {ឯងដឹងថាគាត់ទៅណាអត់? ដឹង! = Do you know where he went to? No, I don’t.}
ដឹងខ្លួន dəŋ kluən 1. to understand, comprehend, feel, realize, imagine, conceive
2. to be aware, be conscious, be alert
ដឹងគុណ dəŋ kun to be grateful 1/1
ដុំ dom 1. piece, chunk, lump, mass, part, block
2. cluster, bunch
3. packet, bundle
ដុះ doh 1. to grow, germinate, sprout
2. to rise (referring to cliffs, mountains, etc.), to spring (up), to bud, put out shoots
3. to appear, emerge
4. to increase, improve
ដុល្លារ dollaa dollar 3/1
ដុស doh 1. to scrub, to polish
2. to rub (off), to wipe (off)
3. to chafe
ដុសធ្មេញ doh tmɨɲ to brush the teeth 21/4
ដូច douc alike, similar, like, as 42/40
ដូចគ្នា douc knie 1. to be alike, like, just as, like each other, same, the same kind of thing, such as
2. + នឹង: to resemble
3. as a response to a good wish etc.: same to you
ដូចជា douc cie such as, like, as though, to seem as though, for instance 95/58
ដូចមុន douc mun as before 1/1
ដូចម្ដេច douc mdəc 1. how, why
2. however, in whatever way, whatever
3. what, what kind, like what
4. as, thus
ដូច្នេះ doucneh 1. so, thus, therefore
2. like this
ដូរ doo 1. to change, exchange, trade, barter
2. to give change
ដួល duəl to fall, to fall over, to collapse 26/11
ដួស duəh 1. to scoop up/out, dip up
2. to serve food
3. to ladle/apportion (with a spoon)
4. to skim off (e.g., scum)
ដើម daəm 1. trunk (of a tree or the body), stock
2. stalk
3. tree, plant
4. source, origin
5. base, foundation, beginning
6. cause
7. originator
8. substance, matter, topic
9. case, facts
10. role, condition
11. initial investment, capital, principal
12. to be original, first
13. clf. for long, thin, stick-like objects such as trees, poles, pencils, and guns
ដើមដៃ daəm day 1. forearm
2. upper arm (from elbow to shoulder)
ដើម្បី daəmbəy in order to, for, to, toward, reserved for 466/117
ដើរ daə 1. to walk, to go, to move
2. (of machines) to run
ដើរលេង daə leeŋ 1. to go for a walk/stroll
2. to travel, to go for a trip
3. to go out
ដេក dejk 1. to lie down
2. to sleep, to rest, to take a nap
ដេរ dej to sew, stitch 5/2
ដែក daek 1. ferrous metal, iron, steel
2. generic term for various metal tools
ដែរ dae 1. also, too, likewise, in the same way
2. indeed, quite, rather
3. marks a polite, gentler, less abrupt statement: all the same, even so, nevertheless
ដែល dael 1. who, whom, which, where, when
2. of / to / in / at which / whom
3. the fact / reason that
4. ever, happened to, having done at least once, having been to, already, always, had occasion to, have ever
ដៃ day arm, hand 175/67
ដៃខ្លី day kləy short sleeve {ពាក់អាវសដៃខ្លី = [he's] wearing a white short sleeve shirt} 27/20
ដៃគូសន្ទនា day kuu sɑnteaʔnie conversation partner 2/1
ដោះ dɑh 1. breast(s), udder
2. to undo, untie
3. to take off (clothing), remove
4. to lift (a curse)
5. to release, free
6. to save, rescue
7. to solve, explain, settle (a question), resolve
ដោត daot 1. to plant, to stick up, to push in
2. to put on a spit, to skewer, to put on a line
ដោយ daoy 1. by, with, along
2. (indicator of an adverb) in a ... manner
3. because
ដោយសារ daoy saa 1. because of, thanks to
2. depending on
ដោយសារតែ daoy saa tae because 165/67
ដោយសេរី daoy sejrǝy freely 1/1
ដោះសោ dɑh sao to unlock 4/1
ដោះស្រាយ dɑh sraay 1. to solve (a problem), alleviate (a situation)
2. to attend to (e.g., a problem)
3. to untie
4. to explain
ឋានៈ tʰaanaʔ 1. grade, level, position, standing, status
2. duty
3. reason, motive, cause
ឌូយ duuy socket (for a light bulb etc.) 1/1
ណា naa 1. which, any
2. where, somewhere, anywhere
ណា naa final particle to soften a statement or request 28/25
ណា៎ naa final emphatic or hortatory particle in informal, friendly speech: it indicates that the speaker is requesting agreement or compliance and is similar to English ‘OK?’, ‘do you hear?’, ‘don't you agree?’, ‘don't you know?’, ‘isn't that right?’, ‘come on!’, ‘indeed (it's so)!’, ‘that's right!’ - sometimes it is best left untranslated especially when it seems to merely make the statement less abrupt 1/1
ណាត់ nat 1. to determine, fix (a time for something), set/schedule (an appointment) {ខ្ញុំមានណាត់ហើយ = I’ve got an appointment already}
2. to promise, stand by (an agreement), commit oneself
3. clf. for gunshots
ណារី naarii female Cambodian name 18/7
ណាំវ៉ា nam vaa kind of banana 2/1
ណាស់ nah very, very much 26/23
ណេះ neh here (you are)!, here
Notes: variant of នេះ
ណែន naen 1. to be strong, firm
2. narrow, cramped
3. dense, thick
4. to be tight, solid, compact
5. (of a sound) to be dull
6. bar of pure silver weighing about 10 ounces used as a monetary unit in Cambodia before 1890
ណែនាំ nae noam 1. to advise, guide, lead
2. ណែនាំ … ឲ្យស្គាល់ = to introduce [someone]
3. ណែនាំខ្លួន(ឯង) = to introduce oneself
ណោះ nɑh 1. there
2. [colloquial] right?
Notes: variant of នោះ, used for emphasis
tɑɑ 1. to connect, to link, to join together, to attach
2. to continue
3. one after another, from one to another {និយាយតៗគ្នា = to spread information by talking to each other}
តង់ tɑŋ 1. tent
2. tank (vehicle)
តំណាង tɑmnaaŋ 1. to represent
2. representative, delegate, substitute, replacement
3. substitution
4. specimen
តំបន់ tɑmbɑn region, locality, district, section, zone 4/1
តម្បារ tɑmbaa cotton swab
Notes: root: ត្បារ
តម្រង់ tɑmrɑŋ 1. to straighten (out), to put in a straight line {តម្រង់ជួរ = to queue}
2. to direct, to aim
3. to rectify
4. in a straight line
Notes: root: ត្រង់
តម្រូវការ tɑmrəv kaa requirement
Notes: source:
តម្រូវឲ្យ tɑmrəv ʔaoy to require 1/1
តម្រៀប tɑmriəp 1. to arrange
2. to be arranged in order, to stand in an orderly fashion
Notes: root: ត្រៀប
តម្លៃ tɑmlay 1. price
2. value
តស់ tɑh exhortative particle: well, let's go, come on, let's ...
Notes: colloquial
តស៊ូ tɑɑ suu 1. to strive, struggle, fight, resist fiercely
2. to persist, to continue bravely
តា taa 1. grandfather
2. respectful term for addressing an old man
3. ancestor (often used in the names of spirits)
4. spoken form of តែ {តាម៉ាភ្លែតអេ = តែមួយភ្លែតទេ = [it's] just a few minutes!}
តាំងពី taŋ pii since, from, starting with 4/4
តាម taam 1. to follow, to agree, to go along {ដើរតាមភ្ញៀវគ្រប់ជំហាន = to follow the customer’s every step}
2. according to, in accordance with, following, along, by, through {តាមអាយុ = according to age} {តាមសម្រួល = take it easy/take your time}
3. on, in, along {ជិះម៉ូតូតាមផ្លូវ = to ride a motorbike on the street} {ជិះតាមផ្លូវតូចៗ = to drive on small roads} {នៅតាមខេត្ត = in/throughout the province} {លក់នៅតាមផ្សារ = to sell in the market}
តាមដាន taam daan 1. to keep track of, follow a situation
2. to spy on
តាមពិត taam pɨt in fact, in reality, actually 1/1
តាមរយៈ taam reaʔyeaʔ 1. by means of
2. through, by way of, via, through the mediation (of someone)
តារា taaraa male Cambodian name 90/35
តារាង taaraaŋ 1. list, table, chart
2. checkered pattern
3. jail
តាស taah 1. particle in final position when giving a positive answer to a yes/no question {កន្លែងនេះអង្គុយបានអេ៎? ចា៎ស បានតាស។ = Can I sit here? Sure!}
2. particle in final position used to affirm the preceding {ល្អតាស! = Sounds good!}
3. particle in final position after a negative response: expresses that the preceding is a correction of what the other person has said {ធារីមែន? អត់ទេ ខ្ញុំកញ្ញាតាស។ = You’re ធារី, right? No, I’m កញ្ញា!} {ឯងទៅសាលាមែន? អត់ទេ ខ្ញុំទៅផ្សារតាស។ = You’re going to school, right? No, I’m going to the market!}
Notes: colloquial; spoken form of ទេតើ
តាសអី taah ʔəy phrase final: ... right?
Notes: colloquial
តិច təc 1. to be few (in number), small (in size or extent), less
2. a little bit, somewhat
3. phrase-final: makes a request more polite {ចង់ពឹងឲ្យជួយលើកអីវ៉ាន់តិច = Can you please help me carrying these things?} {ខ្ញុំសុំលអាវនេះតិចបានអេ៎? = Can I try on this shirt here, please?}
តិចតួច təc tuəc 1. small, few
2. to be insignificant
Notes: compare បន្តិចបន្តួច
តិចទៀត təc tiət shortly, in a few minutes
Notes: BCF
តុ tok 1. table, desk
2. small plate on legs for fruit or dessert
Notes: irregular pronunciation
តុក្កតា tokkaʔtaa 1. doll
2. any toy shaped like a human
តុំយ៉ាំ tomyam tom yam (a kind of hot and sour soup) 3/1
តូច touc, tuuc 1. small, little, tiny
2. minor
តូប toup 1. hut, cottage
2. kiosk, stand, stall
3. pavilion
4. small shrine
តួ tuə 1. body, chassis
2. matter, substance
3. base, foundation
4. character/part (in a play)
5. actor, performer
6. letter (of the alphabet)
7. clf. for letters of the alphabet
8. slave
9. receipt for merchandise containing a description of the merchandise
10. permit to remove merchandise from a warehouse
11. bill of sale
តួនាទី tuə nietii duty, role, function, responsibility 1/1
តើ taə 1. indicating an indirect question, it may often be translated as 'if' or 'whether'
2. phrase-final: used for emphasis
តេ tee to call, to phone {តេអត់ចូលសោះ = I can’t reach [her], I don’t get through} 6/4
តេនីស tejniih tennis
Notes: also written តែន្និស
តែ tae 1. but, however
2. only, just
3. tea
តែង taeŋ 1. constantly, always, used to {អតិថិជនតែងគិតថា […] = customers always think that […]}
2. to arrange, decorate, beautify
3. to compose, create, draft, write {តែងសេចក្ដី = essay}
4. to set up, erect, establish
តែងតែ taeŋ tae usually, regularly, constantly, always, continually 61/44
តែងសេចក្ដី taeŋ səckdəy essay 1/1
តែប៉ុណ្ណោះ tae ponnɑh only, only that much 37/28
តែពីសតែពាស tae piih tae pieh randomly, thoughtlessly
Notes: BCF; in spoken Khmer also pronounced តាពីសតាពាស
តែម taem 1. stamp, postage stamp
2. to add (a different color) paint in order to change the color
3. scheme, trick
Notes: also written តែមប្រិ៍​
តែម្ដង tae mdɑɑŋ 1. immediately, at once, right away
2. all of a sudden
3. generally, in general
តៃកុង tay koŋ 1. taxi driver, chauffeur
2. helmsman, pilot
តោង taoŋ 1. to hang on to, catch hold of, to cling to/stick to
2. should, ought to, must, have to
ត្បារ tbaa 1. to clean out with a swab
2. to clean off, clean up
3. to swab/scrape out (e.g., the ears)
ត្រង trɑɑŋ 1. to filter, screen, strain, purify, decant
2. to collect, catch liquid (in a container)
ត្រង់ trɑŋ 1. straight, directly
2. exactly in (some spot)
3. upright, vertical
4. frank, honest, fair
ត្រង់ណា trɑŋ naa where, exactly where, in which place 2/2
ត្រចៀក trɑciək 1. ear
2. generic term for many kinds of (especially paired) projections such as hinges (e.g., of a door) or handles (of clay pots)
ត្រជាក់ trɑceak 1. to be cold/cool (to the touch, less intense than រងា​)
2. refreshing
3. to be subtle
ត្រដាង trɑdaaŋ 1. to expand, extend, stretch out (e.g., the arms)
2. to unfold, open up
3. to unroll, spread out (e.g., the wings)
ត្រលប់ trɑlɑp 1. to return
2. to turn around
ត្រា traa 1. to mark
2. to note, observe, jot down, record
3. to seal
4. seal, stamp
5. note
6. to intervene
7. to occur
8. to reach, arrive, to get to (some place)
9. up to, as far as, until
10. to be widespread, found everywhere, scattered
ត្រី trəy 1. generic term for fish
2. prefix in words of Indo-European origin: 'tri,' 'three,' 'triple' etc.
ត្រឹម trəm 1. (precisely) at
2. up to, as far as
3. to be exact, accurate, precise, clear-cut
4. to be honest
5. to be true, correct, to be proper
6. accurately, precisely
ត្រឹមតែ trəm tae just, only 8/7
ត្រឹមត្រូវ trəm trəv correct, accurate, true 3/3
ត្រូវ trəv 1. must, have to
2. to be correct, right, proper, exact, accurate
3. to concern, have to do with, to agree/jibe with, coincide with
4. to be affected with/by, to suffer, undergo (ត្រូវ + CLAUSE marks a passive-like construction in which the subject of the clause introduced by ត្រូវ is translated as the agent in the passive construction)
ត្រូវការ trəv kaa 1. to need, require, want
2. to be necessary, needed, required
ត្រូវតែ trəv tae have to, must, should, ought to 43/28
ត្រូវនឹង trəv nɨŋ to correspond to, to be consistent with, to get along with, to be fitting with 2/2
ត្រូវមាត់ trəv moat 1. to be delicious, to taste good
2. to be scolded, reprimanded, told off
ត្រួត truət 1. to check, to control, inspect, examine
2. to govern, be in charge of, supervise
3. to dominate
4. to place one on top of the other, stack (up)
5. to superimpose
ត្រើយ traəy shore, beach, bank (of a river) 1/1
ត្រើយម្ខាង traəy mkʰaaŋ opposite side (e.g., of a river) 5/1
ត្រៀម triəm 1. to get ready, to prepare oneself
2. to be ready, prepared
ត្អើក tʔaək 1. to have the hiccups, to hiccup
2. kind of vine (Merremia hederacea) which grows on river banks and in flooded forests
ថង់ tʰɑŋ bag, pouch, small sack, shoulder bag, purse 16/3
ថត tʰɑɑt 1. to photograph, take pictures
2. to record (sound)
3. to X-ray
4. to untie
5. to take out
6. drawer
ថយក្រោយ tʰɑɑy kraoy 1. to back up, step back
2. to decrease
3. to have a set-back, relapse
ថវិកា tʰaʔviʔkaa budget, appropriations 3/3
ថា tʰaa 1. to say, tell, pronounce
2. that (introduces a question or indirect discourse)
ថាច់ស្គ្រីន tʰac skriin touch screen 2/1
ថាមពល tʰaamaʔpʊəl energy, power 7/2
ថាឲ្យ tʰaa ʔaoy to blame, criticize, pick on, scold 1/1
ថី tʰəy why? {ថីហ្នឹង? = What's up? What's going on?}
Notes: variant: ថ្វី
ថែម tʰaem 1. to add (to), increase, to do something additional {ទិញមួយថែមមួយ = buy one, get one free}
2. to complete
3. to make change
4. again, more, in addition to, including, moreover
ថែរក្សា tʰae reaksaa to care for, to take care of 2/2
ថៃ tʰay Thai 7/4
ថោក tʰaok 1. to be cheap (of price or behavior), inexpensive
2. petty, trivial, inconsequential
ថៅកែ tʰav kae 1. owner of a shop merchant
2. boss
3. businessman, capitalist, wholesale merchant, tradesman, tycoon
ថ្គាម tkiem molar tooth 5/2
ថ្ងាស tŋah forehead 1/1
ថ្ងៃ tŋay 1. day, daytime
2. sun
ថ្ងៃកំណើត tŋay kɑmnaət birthday 3/2
ថ្ងៃក្រោយ tŋay kraoy next time, in the future, in the days ahead {ថ្ងៃក្រោយជួបគ្នា = see you!} 2/2
ថ្ងៃត្រង់ tŋay trɑŋ noon 1/1
ថ្ងៃនេះ tŋay nih today 17/11
ថ្ងៃសៅរ៍ tŋay sav Saturday 1/1
ថ្ងៃស្អែក tŋay sʔaek tomorrow 3/3
ថ្ងៃអាទិត្យ tŋay ʔaatɨt Sunday 4/3
ថ្នម tnɑɑm 1. to treat with caution, touch lightly on (e.g., a sensitive topic)
2. to conserve, use sparingly, husband (resources)
3. carefully, gingerly, softly
4. to take care of, protect, cherish, treat with affection
5. to care for oneself, be careful
6. to pamper/spoil (a child)
ថ្នល់ tnɑl, knɑl raised road or path 25/7
ថ្នាំ tnam 1. medicine
2. herb, tobacco
ថ្នាក់ tnak 1. level, class/grade (in school)
2. rank, step, stage
3. shelf
4. floor, story
5. row (of seats in an auditorium)
6. classroom, lecture hall
ថ្នាក់រៀន tnak riən classroom 2/2
ថ្នាំដុសធ្មេញ tnam doh tmɨɲ toothpaste 23/5
ថ្នាំសន្លប់ tnam sɑnlɑp anesthetic, sedative 7/2
ថ្នាំស្ពឹក tnam spɨk local anesthetic 3/1
ថ្ពក់ tpʊək 1. to hook something, grasp with a hook
2. hook, peg
ថ្ពាល់ tpoal cheek 3/2
ថ្ម tmɑɑ 1. rock, stone
2. concrete
3. battery
ថ្មី tməy new 10/7
ថ្លឹង tləŋ 1. to weigh
2. to ponder, consider, examine
ថ្លើម tlaəm 1. liver (regarded as a seat of emotions)
2. [figurative] mind, spirit, soul
ថ្លៃ tlay 1. expensive, dear, valuable
2. cost, price, value
ទះ teah 1. to strike with the palm of the hand, slap
2. width of a hand
ទង tɔɔŋ 1. stem (of a fruit), stalk, base, trunk
2. clf. for stems, stalks etc.
3. gold
ទង់ជាតិ tʊəŋ ciet national flag 5/1
ទទឹក tɔtɨk wet 4/3
ទទួល tɔtuəl 1. to receive, to take
2. to accept, to agree
3. to meet (e.g., at an airport or station)
ទទួលយក tɔtuəl yɔɔk 1. to accept
2. to take, to receive
ទទេ tɔtee 1. to be empty, vacant
2. to be free, idle
3. to be gratis, free of charge
4. to be bare, naked, unadorned
5. to be alone, all by oneself
6. for no reason {អស់ម៉ាម៉ឺនទទេ = I had to pay 10’000 for no reason!}
ទន់ tʊən 1. to be soft, supple, pliant, flexible
2. tender
3. gentle, kind
4. to be weak, lifeless, worn out, discouraged
ទន់ខ្សោយ tʊən ksaoy to be weak, feeble, ineffective 2/2
ទំនាក់ទំនង tumneak tumnɔɔŋ 1. relation(ship), liaison
2. correlation
3. appearance
ទំនិញ tumnɨɲ goods, merchandise 19/6
ទំនុកចិត្ត tumnuk cət confidence, trust
Notes: source: glosbe; see also ទំនុកទុកចិត្ត
ទំនើប tumnəəp modern, up-to-date, recent
Notes: root: ទើប
ទំនេរ tumnee 1. free
2. empty, unoccupied, vacant
3. not busy
ទន្ទឹម tʊəntɨm 1. side by side, adjacently
2. to put side by side
ទន្លេ tʊənlee river (larger than ស្ទឹង) 8/4
ទប់ tup to bar, to block, to obstruct, to stop, to control, to dam up 33/16
ទប់ទល់ tup tʊəl 1. to endure, withstand, hold out
2. to resist
3. to have just enough resources to support (one's family)
ទំពា tumpie to chew 3/1
ទំពែក tɑmpɛɛk bald on the top of the head
Notes: also written តម្ពែក
ទម្ងន់ tumŋʊən 1. weight, load
2. to be pregnant
Notes: root: ធ្ងន់
ទម្លាក់ tumleak to drop, to let something fall 4/4
ទម្លាប់ tumloap 1. habit, custom
2. to make a habit of, to be accustomed to
ទល់ tʊəl 1. to support (from below), prop up
2. to secure
3. to confront
4. to frame/cover/support (with timbers)
5. (of defecation or urination) to hold back/in, to be constipated
6. to be adjacent, against, facing, face to face, opposite
7. to be opposed to, at odds with
8. until, up to
ទល់មុខ tʊəl muk to be face to face, opposite (something) 3/2
ទំហំ tumhum size, dimension 9/6
ទាក់ teak 1. to snare, capture in a trap, to trap, catch
2. to entrap, entangle, confuse
3. to attract, entice, tempt, seduce
4. to persuade (especially by trickery or confusion)
ទាក់ជើង teak cəəŋ to trip 1/1
ទាក់ទង teak tɔɔŋ 1. in relation to, concerning
2. to contact, communicate (with), keep/be in touch (with), maintain relations (with)
3. to connect (with)
ទាក់ទងគ្នា teak tɔɔŋ knie to be in touch or in contact with one another 2/2
ទាំង teaŋ 1. all, both {ទាំងពីរ = both} {ទាំង ... ទាំង ... = both ... and ...}
2. entirely, completely
3. adverb marker equivalent to ដោយ
ទាំងនេះ teaŋ nih all of these 1/1
ទាំងនោះ teaŋ nuh all of those 2/2
ទាំងស្រុង teaŋ sroŋ entirely, completely 1/1
ទាំងអស់ teaŋ ʔɑh all, all of 54/37
ទាំងអស់គ្នា teaŋ ʔɑh knie 1. everybody
2. all, all of
ទាញ tieɲ to pull, drag 6/1
ទាន tien gift, donation, offering 1/1
ទាន់ toan 1. to reach, attain
2. to catch up with, overtake
3. to be timely, appropriate
4. to be on/in time
5. on time
6. while
ទាប tiep low (of height or class) 2/2
ទាល់ toal 1. up to, as far as, until
2. to do all the way, to be through to the end {ទាល់អីចឹងបានយល់! = Finally, you've understood it!}
3. to run out of, exhaust
4. to bar, block, impede
5. to be blocked, stymied, held in check
6. kind of plant with an edible tuber
ទាល់តែ toal tae 1. until, up to the time that, not until, only after {ល្ហុង ទាល់តែថ្ងៃតិចបានមាន = [we'll] have papaya not until a bit later today}
2. provided that, unless
ទាស់ត្រង់ toah trɑŋ the problem is [...]
Notes: BCF
ទិញ tɨɲ to buy 69/37
ទិន្នន័យ tinneaʔney 1. data, particulars
2. basic idea, theme
ទិស tɨh direction 2/1
ទី tii 1. particle used to form ordinal numbers
2. spot, place, location
3. rank, function, service
ទីកន្លែង tii kɑnlaeŋ place, site, location 5/3
ទីក្រុង tii kroŋ city, town 10/6
ទីតាំង tii taŋ 1. position
2. installation
3. headquarters, administration area
4. to have headquarters at
5. to be located at
ទីទៃ tii tey to be different, individually separate, other, opposite, reverse 1/1
ទីនេះ tii nih here 4/4
ទីនោះ tii nuh there, over there 3/3
ទីផ្សារ tii psaa marketing
Notes: BCF
ទីរួមខេត្ត tii ruəm kʰaet provincial capital
Notes: ជើង ត
ទឹក tɨk 1. water, juice, liquid
2. round (e.g., of a boxing match)
ទឹកកក tɨk kɑɑ ice, snow 1/1
ទឹកក្រឡុក tɨk krɑlok fruit shake
Notes: BCF
ទឹកក្រូច tɨk krouc 1. orange juice
2. generic term for soft drinks
3. color: orange
ទឹកចិត្ត tɨk cət 1. character
2. mood
3. morale, will power
4. feeling(s)
ទឹកដក់ tɨk dɑk puddle (of water) 8/2
ទឹកដោះគោ tɨk dɑh koo (cow's) milk 1/1
ទឹកទន្លេ tɨk tʊənlee river (larger than ស្ទឹង) 5/3
ទឹកភ្លៀង tɨk pliəŋ rain, rainwater 1/1
ទឹកម៉ាស៊ីន tɨk maasɨn tap water 6/2
ទឹកមុខ tɨk muk facial expression, mood 5/5
ទឹករលក tɨk rɔlɔɔk rippling or undulating water 10/3
ទឹកស៊ីអ៊ីវ tɨk sii ʔiiv soy sauce 1/1
ទឹកស៊ុប tɨk sup 1. soup
2. broth, clear soup
ទុំ tum 1. to be ripe, mature
2. to ripen, to mature
3. to be old/decrepit
4. of colors: to be dark/deep
ទុក tuk 1. to put, set, place, arrange
2. to set aside, keep, retain, save, preserve, maintain, conserve, hold (in reserve) {ទុកញ៉ាំ = to keep for eating later}
ទុកដាក់ tuk dak 1. to arrange (in a sequence), put in order
2. to organize
3. to put to work
4. to apply, place
5. to keep, preserve
6. to marry off
7. ទុកដាក់ ... ជា: to consider
ទុកទុក tuk tuk tuk tuk (auto rickshaw)
Notes: also written តុកតុក
ទុក្ខ tuk, tukkʰaʔ 1. suffering, pain
2. grief, sadness, sorrow
ទុយោ tuyoo pipe, pipeline, hose, tube 6/5
ទុរេន tuʔrein, tʰuurein durian
Notes: also written ធូរេន
ទូ tuu 1. cabinet, cupboard, closet, wardrobe
2. compartment (in a train)
ទូក tuuk boat, sampan, canoe, (especially boats without motors) 204/16
ទូកក្ដោង tuuk kdaoŋ sailboat 5/2
ទូកចែវ tuuk caev rowing boat 2/2
ទូកញ្ចក់ tuu kɑɲcɑk wardrobe or case having a mirror or glass pane in front 10/3
ទូកម៉ាស៊ីន tuuk maasɨn motorboat 5/2
ទូកអុំ tuuk ʔom canoe 7/4
ទូទៅ tuu tɨv 1. to be general, usual, common, widespread
2. in general, usually
3. everywhere, all over the place
ទូរទស្សន៍ tuureaʔtʊəh TV 10/8
ទូរស័ព្ទ tuureaʔsap 1. telephone
2. to call (by phone)
Notes: also written ទូរសព្ទ
ទូរស័ព្ទចល័ត tuureaʔsap caʔlat mobile phone 7/6
ទូរស័ព្ទដៃ tuureaʔsap day mobile phone 17/7
ទើប təəp 1. then, only then, next
2. so, consequently {យប់មិញជួបមិត្តចាស់ទើបខ្ញុំញ៉ាំស្រា = yesterday, I met old friends, so I had drinks [with them]}
3. just {ទើបមកដល់ម្សិលមិញ = [they’ve] just arrived yesterday}
ទើបតែ təəp tae just 11/9
ទើស təəh to be in the way, to be unable to go through an opening because of size or shape 1/1
ទើសទែង təəh tɛɛŋ 1. to block, obstruct, be in the way
2. to be narrow/tight (as a small working space)
ទៀង tiəŋ to be accurate, correct, exact, precise, certain, honest, sure 1/1
ទៀត tiət 1. again, still, more, further, yet, additional
2. to be different, other
ទេ tee 1. particle: negative particle occurring in phrase final position especially after មិន, ពុំ, etc.
2. interrogative particle occurring in phrase final position, often in the combination ឬទេ
3. neutral/positive particle to add emphasis {ខ្ញុំសុខសប្បាយទេ = I'm fine!}
ទេដឹង tee dəŋ clause-final: maybe, perhaps 1/1
ទេតើ tee taə 1. final particle marking an emphatic clause that is in contrast to whatever clause precedes it
2. final particle emphasizing the preceding
ទេសភាព teehsaʔpʰiep landscape, view, scenery 7/4
ទេហ tee hɑɑ colloquial form of ទេឬ = isn’t it?
Notes: colloquial
ទោះ tʊəh even (if), even though 2/2
ទោះជា tʊəh cie even though, although 2/2
ទោះបីជា tʊəh bəy cie although, even though 6/6
ទៅ tɨv 1. to go (away from the speaker in space or time), to go to / towards, go on, continue, advance, go away
2. towards
3. from now on, from then on (often used as a particle indicating that the action began at some point in the past or present and continued on into the future or that the action is directed away from the speaker)
4. imperative particle, go ahead and ...! {ញ៉ាំទៅ = Go ahead and eat/drink!}
ទៅកាន់ tɨv kan to, toward 30/16
ទៅតាម tɨv taam 1. by, according to, through {គេគិតតម្លៃទៅតាមគីឡូ = they’re charging by the kilo}
2. to pursue, go after, go along with
3. to send for
4. to retrieve
ទៅមុខ tɨv muk 1. to go forward, to advance, to go in front
2. forward
ទៅវិញទៅមក tɨv vɨɲ tɨv mɔɔk 1. back and forth
2. mutually, reciprocally
3. to each other
ទ្រ trɔɔ 1. to support (from below), to carry (from underneath)
2. to uphold
3. to hold back, to restrain
ទ្រនិច trɔnɨc 1. sting, stinger, barb
2. dart
3. goad
4. hand (of a watch or clock), indicator (on a dial)
ទ្រវែង trɔvɛɛŋ having a long or eliptical shape, oval 6/3
ទ្រាំ troam 1. to bear, endure, put up with, withstand, resist
2. to treat (medically), care for, attend to (an illness)
ទ្រាប់ troap 1. to put underneath, spread out under
2. to patch up
3. to place something under something else (as a cushion, for protection)
ទ្រូង truuŋ 1. chest (of the body)
2. center, middle
ទ្រើស trəəh 1. to be slightly/somewhat larger than
2. to be unusual, out of the ordinary
3. to be grand, powerful
4. arrogant
ទ្វារ tvie 1. door, entrance, opening, gate
2. mountain pass
3. bay, gulf
ធំ tʰom to be big, tall, vast, important
Notes: irregular pronunciation
ធនាគារ tʰeaʔniekie 1. bank
2. treasury
ធម្មតា tʰoam meaʔ taa 1. to be natural, habitual, usual, ordinary
2. usually, ordinarily
ធានា tʰienie 1. to promise, guarantee
2. to affirm, vouch for
3. to assure, ensure, to be responsible for
4. guarantee, affirmation, endorsement
ធានារ៉ាប់រង tʰienie rap rɔɔŋ insurance 14/1
ធារ៉ា tʰieraa male or female Cambodian name 16/5
ធារី tʰierii female Cambodian name 82/32
ធីតា tʰiidaa female Cambodian name
Notes: irregular pronunciation: ធីដា
ធុំក្លិន tʰum klən to smell, give off a smell 1/1
ធុង tʰuŋ 1. (large) barrel/can, bucket, tank
2. box
3. clf. for barrels, etc.
ធុងសំរាម tʰuŋ sɑmraam bin, trash can, garbage can 3/2
ធុញ tʰuɲ 1. to be bored/fed up with, to be sick and tired of
2. to be boring
ធូរ tʰuu 1. (of one's health) to improve, get better
2. to be improving, getting better, recovering
3. to be loose (fitting), slack, lax, relaxed, at ease
4. lenient
5. easy
6. soft, weak
7. to be flowing, fluid
ធូលី tʰuulii dust 5/2
ធៀបការ tʰiəp kaa wedding invitation letter 1/1
ធ្ងន់ tŋʊən 1. heavy, not light
2. to weigh
ធ្ងន់ធ្ងរ tŋʊən tŋɔɔ 1. to be serious, grave, heavy
2. to be patient, perseverant
3. to endure, bear up well under hardship
ធ្នើរ tnəə shelf 1/1
ធ្មឹង tmɨŋ 1. to be still, silent, transfixed
2. silently, taciturnly, still, immobile
ធ្មេញ tmɨɲ tooth 9/2
ធ្លាក់ tleak 1. to fall, to fall down
2. to fail (an examination)
ធ្លាប់ tloap 1. to become accustomed to, familiar with, to be used to
2. to have the habit/custom of
3. marker of continuous action in the past
ធ្លាប់តែ tloap 1. to become accustomed to, familiar with, to be used to
2. to have the habit/custom of
3. marker of continuous action in the past
Notes: equivalent to ធ្លាប់
ធ្លាយ tliey to break open, burst, split, crack 1/1
ធ្វើ tvəə to do, to make, to work, to prepare, to cultivate (a field) 103/63
ធ្វើការ tvəə kaa to work 26/20
ធ្វើដំណើរ tvəə dɑmnaə to make a trip, travel 36/14
ធ្វើមុខ tvəə muk 1. to make a face {ធ្វើមុខអីអីចឹង? = Why are you making such a face?}
2. to put on make-up
ធ្វើឡើង tvəə laəŋ 1. to organize, take place
2. to build, make (from) {ទូកគឺយើងធ្វើឡើងអំពីដែក = we use metal to make boats}
ធ្វើឲ្យ tvəə ʔaoy 1. to cause, make (someone) do (something)
2. to do (something) for (someone) (often used to form causative compounds)
ធ្វេសប្រហែស tveeh prɑhaeh 1. negligence, carelessness
2. to be negligent, incautious, foolhardy
3. to neglect, be careless
នំ num cake, cooky, pastry, sweet, generic term for sweet pastries 10/6
នំខេក num kʰejk cake 2/1
នំបញ្ចុក num bɑɲcok kind of vermicelli-like noodle made of rice flour (it is usually served in coiled masses with sauce and fresh vegetables) 3/1
ន័យ ney meaning 1/1
នរណាម្នាក់ nɔɔnaa mneak somebody, anybody 12/7
នាំ noam 1. to bring, lead, take to, guide, take along
2. to cause, bring about/produce (a result)
នាក់ neak clf. for people 18/13
នាំគ្នា noam knie 1. together
2. to go together, to invite someone to do something together
3. to agree together to do something
នាំចូល noam coul 1. to bring in, to take in
2. to import
នាទី nietii 1. minute
2. domain, scope, jurisdiction
3. role, function, duty, area of concern, business
4. rank
នានា nienie 1. various
2. different, diverse, all, of all sorts (also occurs as a prenominal particle)
នារី nierii girl, young woman 45/17
នារី nierii female Cambodian name 37/10
នាឡិកា nieleʔkaa 1. clock, watch
2. hour
នាំឲ្យ noam ʔaoy to cause to, to bring about, to provoke, to enable 3/3
និង nɨŋ and 193/98
និយម niʔyum 1. to like (to), prefer (to)
2. to be attached to
3. to be accustomed to
4. to hold (a certain position), to follow, adopt
5. to be popular, preferred
6. accustomed to, used to
7. frequently, usually
8. prevalence, commonness
9. principle, thesis
10. theory
11. law
12. certainty
13. nature
14. to establish, determine, fix
15. to conform (to something)
16. suffix forming abstract nouns, it frequently corresponds to the English suffix -ism {សង្គមនិយម = socialism}
និយាយ niʔyiey to speak, say, talk, relate, tell, to narrate, to talk over, discuss 91/53
និយាយរួម niʔyiey ruəm in conclusion, generally speaking 1/1
និយាយលេង niʔyiey leeŋ to joke 7/6
និយាយលេងសើច niʔyiey leeŋ saǝc to just be kidding 1/1
និស្សិត nihsət university student 1/1
នីតិវិធី niiteʔviʔtʰii legislative procedure or measure 1/1
នីមួយៗ niimuəy niimuəy each, each one, every one, various, all 5/5
នឹក nɨk 1. to think of/about, imagine, visualize, conceive of, dream of, think up, get an idea
2. to consider, ponder
3. to reflect upon, meditate
4. to recall, remember
5. to miss (someone or some place)
6. to feel, become aware of
7. to suspect, doubt
នឹង nɨŋ future tense marker: will, about to 135/68
នឹង nɨŋ with, by (means of), (attached) to 98/50
នឹង nɨŋ to be fixed, steady, firm, stable, still, stagnant, unchanging, to be balanced, in equilibrium 5/4
នុង nuŋ spoken form of នោះ
Notes: BCF; colloquial
នូវ nɨv 1. marker of the direct object, especially in written, literary language
2. with, and, and also, along with, by means of
នួក nuək colloquial form of នោះ = that 1/1
នួន nuən female Cambodian name 2/1
នៀក niək spoken forms of នេះ = this
Notes: colloquial
នេះ nih 1. this, these
2. often serves simply to emphasize something already referred to or something nearby in time or space
នៃ ney 1. of, belonging to (more literary and formal than របស់)
2. links verb and its object
នោះ nuh 1. that, those (often serves simply to emphasize something already referred to or something distant in time or space)
2. then
នៅ nɨv 1. in, at
2. to be located at, to live in or at, to reside, to stay, to be in
3. still, yet (pre-verbal marker of a durative or continuative aspect, as a final particle in the tag question ហើយឬនៅ it means 'yet' and as a reply to a question of this kind, it means 'not yet') {ញ៉ាំអីហើយនៅ? = Have you eaten already?}
នៅតែ nɨv tae 1. still, as before
2. to be left, remain
នៅមុខ nɨv muk 1. in front, ahead, further ahead
2. in front of
3. in the presence of
បះ bah 1. to stand up, rise, become erect (as a dog's tail)
2. to ride up on one side (and down on the other)
3. uneven, warped, having one side lower than the other
ប៉ះ pah 1. to hit, to collide with
2. to touch, come in contact with
3. to meet, encounter, confront
បក bɑɑk 1. to pare, peel, strip off (bark or skin)
2. to remove, take off
3. to translate
4. to talk about, narrate
5. to reveal, tell how, explain
6. to return, come back, retrace one's steps
7. to reply (by letter)
8. to be returned (of a letter)
9. a single round trip, occurrence, time
10. [colloquial] police station
11. to reserve
បក់ bɑk 1. wind: to blow
2. to fan
3. to blow out, extinguish
4. to wag, wave, shake, stir, rustle
បកប្រែ bɑɑk prae to translate 1/1
បង bɑɑŋ 1. elder sibling
2. you (addressing an acquaintance, friend, elder sibling, or husband), or I (if elder than the addressee)
3. you (politely addressing a stranger who's not too much younger than oneself)
បង់ bɑŋ 1. to pay, pay out, pay a tax or fee
2. to put, put in/on
3. to put in, deposit (e.g., money)
4. to spread/sprinkle (a granular substance such as salt) on
5. to cast/throw out (a net)
6. to discard, abandon
7. to lose
8. to waste, squander, do (something) in vain
9. to eliminate
10. bank
11. band (of a radio)
12. clf. for pinches of something
13. magazine, ammunition clip
14. clf. for boxes of cartridges
ប៉ង់ pɑŋ cast, plaster cast, bandage
Notes: to be verified
បងប្រុស bɑɑŋ proh elder brother 3/3
បងប្អូន bɑɑŋ pʔoun 1. brothers and sisters, siblings
2. relatives
បងប្អូនជីដូន bɑɑŋ pʔoun cii doon cousin 1/1
បង់លុយ bɑŋ luy to pay, to pay a bill 2/2
បង្ក bɑŋkɑɑ to create, to cause (something) to happen, to foment 6/3
បង្កប់ន័យ bɑŋkɑp ney to imply
Notes: BCF
បង្កាន់ដៃ bɑŋkan day handrail 4/1
បង្ការ bɑŋkaa 1. to defend, to protect
2. to prevent {បង្ការកុំឲ្យ ... កើតឡើង = to prevent ... (from happening) / so that ... doesn't happen}
3. to be cautious, to take precautions
បង្កើត bɑŋkaət 1. to create, to produce, to give birth to
2. to be related to (by blood)
បង្ខំ bɑŋkʰɑm to force, compel, urge 1/1
បង្គោល bɑŋkool post, pole 3/2
បង្រៀន bɑŋriən to teach, to instruct, to train 4/3
បង្ហាញ bɑŋhaaɲ 1. to show, exhibit, reveal, to indicate
2. to demonstrate, to teach
3. to introduce (someone to someone)
បង្ហូរ bɑŋhou 1. to cause to flow
2. to discharge (a liquid)
3. to stream, gush
4. to drain, empty (water from an irrigated field)
5. to allow animals to run freely
Notes: root: ហូរ
បង្ហោះ bɑŋhɑh 1. to post (e.g., on Facebook)
2. to cause to fly
3. to fly (by magical means)
4. to fly something
5. to pilot (an airplane)
6. to launch
Notes: root: ហោះ
បង្អង់ bɑŋʔɑŋ 1. to halt, hesitate, slow down, delay, pause, take a rest
2. to postpone, put off
3. to be late
បង្អួច bɑŋʔuəc window 6/1
បង្អែម bɑŋʔaem dessert, sweet food 8/4
បច្ចុប្បន្ន paccopbɑn the present (time), now, in the present time 8/6
បញ្ចប់ bɑɲcɑp 1. to finish, (bring to an) end, conclude (a text)
2. last, final, concluding
Notes: root: ចប់
បញ្ចូល bɑɲcoul 1. to insert, cause to enter, put into, introduce (into), force in
2. to appoint (to a position)
3. to charge (with electricity)
4. to include
5. to combine
Notes: root: ចូល
បញ្ចេញ bɑɲcəɲ 1. to send/drive out, expel
2. to release, let go out
3. to issue, emit (e.g., a sound, rays, beams of light)
4. to publish, to bring out
5. to express (an opinion)
6. to show off
7. to enlarge, develop, to increase
8. to exaggerate
បញ្ជរ bɑɲcɔɔ 1. form, structure, shape, contour
2. circular window
3. counter
បញ្ជា bɑɲcie 1. to command, order, give instructions
2. to operate (machinery)
3. to produce, cause, give rise to
4. order, command
បញ្ជាក់ bɑɲceak 1. to confirm, verify, certify, to clarify, explain
2. to indicate
3. to prove, to show
4. to determine
5. to announce, declare, claim
6. to order
7. to conform to
បញ្ជោរ bɑɲcoo to praise, to flatter 1/1
បញ្ជ្រៀត bɑɲcriət to push one's way through a crowd, to force or push into a narrow space
Notes: root: ជ្រៀត = to push one's way through a crowd, to force or push into a narrow space
បញ្ញា paɲɲaa male or female Cambodian name 14/4
បញ្ញើ bɑɲɲaə 1. message, object sent to someone through a third person, object entrusted/temporarily given to someone, token
2. package, parcel
3. shipment
4. consignment
បញ្ហា baɲhaa, paɲhaa problem, difficulty, matter, question, issue 5/3
បដិសេធ paʔdeʔsaet 1. to deny
2. to reject, to refuse
3. to cancel, to abolish, to eliminate
បឋម paʔtʰɑm 1. to be first, primary, initial
2. elementary
បំណង bɑmnɑɑŋ wish, desire, intention, aim 2/2
បណ្ដាញទំនាក់ទំនងសង្គម bɑndaaɲ tumneak tumnɔɔŋ sɑŋkum social network 2/1
បណ្ដាញសង្គម bɑndaaɲ sɑŋkum social network
Notes: see also បណ្ដាញទំនាក់ទំនងសង្គម
បណ្ដុះ bɑndoh 1. to grow something, cultivate something
2. to sow (seed)
3. to sprout, germinate
4. to raise (e.g., a child by giving it food, shelter, love, education, etc.)
5. to educate, train
6. to accumulate (e.g., knowledge)
Notes: root: ដុះ
បណ្ដូល bɑndool 1. core, center, middle, inner part
2. heartwood (of a tree), pith
3. marrow
4. essence, ideal
5. cabbage stem
6. slate, slate pencil
Notes: ជើង ដ
បណ្ដើរ bɑndaə 1. to accompany, escort (by walking), conduct, take for a walk
2. to go together, go out with
3. to be simultaneous with
4. to keep on doing, continue
5. a little at a time, gradually
6. simultaneously, at the same time
7. while
បណ្ដេញ bɑndəɲ 1. to chase away, drive out, kick out, eject, expel, emit
2. to pursue
បណ្ដោយ bɑndaoy 1. sentence-final: [with a condition mentioned earlier], the result will be ... {អត់បាន ... បណ្ដោយ = won't be able to …} {ក្ដៅបណ្ដោយ = it will be hot today} {ឆ្ងាញ់មាត់បណ្ដោយ = it will be delicious}
2. sentence-final: expressing disappointment or that something is unfortunate
បណ្ណាល័យ pannaalay library
Notes: irregular pronunciation
បត់ bɑt 1. to turn
2. to fold, bend, crease
3. to turn back/around, reverse direction
4. to veer
5. to bend/curve/wind (as a road)
6. to be winding, twisting
7. folding (as a pocket knife)
បទ bɑt 1. leg, foot
2. footprint
3. road, way
4. stanza, verse, phrase
5. piece of music, hymn, song
6. (musical) note
7. metre
8. clf. for musical compositions
9. law, decree, (legal) act, action
10. (judicial) instance
11. place (of work), institution
12. trick, scheme, stratagem, strategy
13. cause
ប៉ះទង្គិច pah tʊəŋkɨc 1. to clash, collide, bump into
2. to skirmish
បន់ bɑn 1. to pray, wish, hope (that something will happen)
2. to vow, pledge
3. to petition for something
បន្ត bɑntɑɑ 1. to continue (something), to keep on (doing something)
2. to add, to join
Notes: root: ត
បន្តិច bɑntəc 1. a little, a little bit, in small amounts, few
2. rather, slightly, just barely
3. in a little while
Notes: ជើង ត
បន្តិចក្រោយមក bɑntəc kraoy mɔɔk soon after
Notes: ជើង ត
បន្តិចបន្តួច bɑntəc bɑntuəc 1. a little, a few
2. to a small extent, just barely, somewhat
Notes: ជើង ត (both times)
បន្តុប bɑntop to pile on top of each other, heap up 1/1
បន្ថយ bɑntʰɑɑy 1. to reduce, to lower, to decrease (in quantity or in price)
2. to cause to retreat, withdraw
បន្ថែម bɑntʰaem 1. to add (to), increase
2. to supplement, replenish
3. additionally, in addition to
បន្ទះ bɑnteah 1. piece, sheet, slab, strip, small plank, small board
2. clf. for pieces, sheets, slabs, strips, small planks, small boards
3. chip, sliver
បន្ទប់ bɑntup room 7/6
បន្ទប់ទឹក bɑntup tɨk bathroom 16/6
បន្ទប់ល bɑntup lɔɔ dressing/fitting room 1/1
បន្ទាន់ bɑntoan 1. to hurry, make haste
2. to rush, speed up, hurry someone up
3. do with urgency
4. to be pressing, urgent, immediate
Notes: root: ទាន់
បន្ទាប់ bɑntoap next, next to, following 2/1
បន្ទាប់ពី bɑntoap pii after, next 89/66
បន្ទាប់មក bɑntoap mɔɔk next, then, afterwards, later 136/101
បន្លា bɑnlaa 1. thorn, barb, spine
2. [figurative] obstacle, problem, troublemaker
បន្លឺ bɑnləə, bɑnlɨɨ to shout, make a noise, make oneself heard, project one's voice
Notes: root: ឮ
បន្លែ bɑnlae vegetable 4/4
បបរ bɑbɑɑ porridge 2/1
បំបាត់ bɑmbat 1. to eliminate, abolish
2. to remove, cause to disappear
3. to allay (hunger)
4. to stop, cease
5. to cheat, swindle, trick
6. to appropriate, seize, annex
បបូរមាត់ bɑbou moat lip(s) 1/1
បបួល bɑbuəl 1. to invite/appeal/persuade to
2. to ask
3. to arrange (with)
បំផុត bɑmpʰot 1. to be the most..., the very..., extreme, extraordinary
2. to terminate, to end, to finish, to conclude
3. final, last
បំពង់ bɑmpʊəŋ container (of cylindrical shape), tube, pipe 16/4
ប៉ះពាល់ pah poal 1. to touch
2. to affect, have an effect on
3. to violate, infringe on
4. to collide with
បំពេញ bɑmpɨɲ 1. to complete, fill (up), fulfill
2. to accomplish
3. to satisfy
បម្រាម bɑmraam prohibitory notice, prohibition, interdiction
Notes: root: ប្រាម
បម្រើ bɑmraə 1. to serve, to be at someone's service or at someone's disposal
2. devoted to service, to care
3. servant, maid
បរទេស bɑɑrəteeh 1. foreign
2. foreigner
3. foreign country
បរិមាណ paʔreʔmaan quantity, amount, magnitude, number 1/1
បរិវេណ bɑɑreʔveen 1. environs, surroundings, vicinity, neighborhood
2. edges, perimeter, periphery
បស់ bɑh spoken form of របស់
Notes: BCF; colloquial
បាក់ bak 1. to be broken (of something long and rigid), have a fracture
2. to break, shatter, come apart
3. to spoil, corrupt
4. to smash, rout (an army)
5. baccalaureate
6. to be undernourished (especially of a child)
7. not to get enough (food, milk)
8. (of water) to fall/flow violently (as in a waterfall or rapids)
ប៉ាក់ប៉ើក pak paək 1. nodding, rocking (of one's head)
2. in a nodding or rocking manner
បាំង baŋ to conceal, cover, hide (something), mask, obstruct, shield, protect (e.g., with an umbrella) 3/3
បាំងវាំងនន baŋ veaŋ nɔɔn to hang a curtain 3/1
បាត baat bottom 1/1
បាត់ bat 1. to lose, to disappear
2. to stop, to be finished
3. already
4. sentence-final: expressing disappointment or that something is unfortunate
បាតទន្លេ baat tʊənlee river bed 1/1
បាត់បង់ bat bɑŋ 1. to lose
2. to disappear, vanish, be missing/lost
3. to die
បាត់បង់ជីវិត bat bɑŋ ciivɨt 1. to die
2. to be killed
3. to lose one's life
បាតសមុទ្រ baat saʔmot sea floor 1/1
បាទ baat male politeness particle, also used to answer in the affirmative, or agree to or acknowledge a statement 19/14
បាន baan 1. to have completed/done something
2. to intend to complete something
3. marker of completed action
4. to get, obtain, acquire, to achieve, have been able to, to get/have the opportunity to do something
5. to get someone or something to do something (often translated by the English passive in this sense)
6. to be able to
7. not ... until, then and only then
8. to pass to someone through inheritance
9. to be OK, fine, all right
10. [spoken language] however, though, in contrast {ម្សិលមិញបានក្ដៅខ្លាំង = yesterday, however, it was very hot}
បានន័យថា baan ney tʰaa 1. that means, in other words
2. to mean
ប៉ាន់ស្មាន pan smaan to estimate, calculate 1/1
បាយ baay 1. cooked rice
2. food, meal
បាយបាយ baay baay bye bye
Notes: colloquial
បារម្ភ baarɑm 1. anxiety, worry, uneasiness, foreboding
2. agitation, alarm
3. to be worried, agitated, upset
4. to worry
បារាំង baaraŋ 1. France
2. French
3. generic term for Europeans
បារី baarəy, pərəy cigarette 1/1
បាល់ទាត់ bal toat football 2/1
ប៉ាវ paav to treat (to a meal), pay for someone else's food 1/1
ប៉ិកគក់ pək kʊək kind of plant (Pachyrrhizus erosus which produces edible tubers, they are eaten raw or cooked as vegetables) 1/1
ប៊ិច bic ballpoint pen 4/2
បិទ bət 1. to shut, close (e.g., a door, a meeting), to turn off (e.g., an electrical switch), to cease (working), to block (e.g., a road)
2. to cover, seal, to attach (to), fasten (on), to place close to, to apply over, smear on, to glue, paste
ប៉ិន pən to be clever, smart, skilful, talented {អត់សូវប៉ិន = to be not good at, to not like} 1/1
បី bəy 1. three
2. to carry lovingly (especially a baby) in the arms
ប៊ីចេង bii ceeŋ monosodium glutamate 1/1
បុក bok 1. to pound/crush (e.g., in a mortar)
2. to drive (e.g., a stake into the ground)
3. to implant
4. to strike, batter, beat against
5. to collide with, bump into
ប៉ុក pok 1. onomatopoeic: sound of knocking etc.
2. still, motionlessly
បុគ្គលិក bokkeaʔlɨk employee, staff 27/13
ប៉ុណ្ណា ponnaa however, to whatever extent, how(ever) many, how(ever) much 2/2
ប៉ុណ្ណឹង ponnəŋ 1. this much, that much {ប៉ុណ្ណឹងសិនហើយអីចឹង = [on the phone] that's all for now}
2. so, that, like that
ប៉ុណ្ណោះ ponnɑh 1. that much
2. so, like that
បុណ្យទាន bon tien ceremony of alms giving or merit making 1/1
ប៉ុន pon equal to, alike, similar, same as 1/1
ប៉ុនណា pon naa 1. how big
2. to what extent
ប៉ុន្តែ pontae but, however
Notes: ជើង ត; root: តែ
ប៉ុន្មាន ponmaan 1. how much, how many
2. (in an affirmative context) some, several, a few, a certain number
3. (in a negative or indefinite context) (not) many, to any (great) extent
បុប្ផា boppʰaa female Cambodian name 13/4
បុរស boʔrɑh man, male person 162/49
បូក bouk 1. to add (numbers)
2. to add up, to mix together
3. sum, total
4. hump
5. to plaster, to smear
ប៊ូតុង buutoŋ button 5/2
បូនើស bounǝǝs bonus 1/1
បូរ៉ា bouraa male Cambodian name 38/13
ប៉ូលិស poulih police 5/3
បួន buən four 7/5
បើ baə 1. if, may be
2. although
បើក baək 1. to open {បើកប្រអប់ = to open a box} {បើកហាង = to open a shop}
2. to turn on (e.g., a light, faucet, radio) {បើកទឹកម៉ាស៊ីន = to turn on the water/faucet}
3. of the sun: to shine
4. to drive (an automobile), generally to operate a vehicle which is powered by an engine
បើកបរ baək bɑɑ to drive (e.g., an automobile), generally to operate a vehicle which is powered by an engine 8/5
បេះ beh 1. to pick/pluck (fruit, flowers)
2. to remove, wipe off
3. to kill
4. almost on target, nearly
បេះដូង beh dooŋ 1. heart
2. soul
បេតុង beetoŋ concrete 2/1
បេះបិទ beh bət closely resembling, nearly identical 2/1
បែក baek 1. to break, crack
2. to go flat (of a tire)
3. to break apart, break up, branch off
4. to be broken
បែកញើស baek ɲəəh to sweat 4/4
បែងចែក baeŋ caek 1. to divide, separate
2. to dismember
3. to differentiate
បែប baep kind, sort, model, type, style, form, shape, method, way 17/16
បែរ bae 1. to turn (around), change direction, deviate
2. to step aside, avoid
3. to go back
4. to turn over
5. to become, turn into
6. tub/tank (especially for raising fish)
បៃតង baytɑɑŋ color: green (e.g., as banana leaves) 40/22
បោះ bɑh 1. to throw (away), cast, fling
2. to cast (a vote) {ខ្ញុំបោះហើយ = I've voted already}
3. to scatter
4. to broadcast
5. to sow (seed)
6. to thrust (down) into, force in, insert, drive/fix (a stake in the ground)
7. to implant, set up
8. to locate, station, pitch a camp
9. to crush, grind, gin (cotton)
10. to imprint/impress (a seal), stamp, affix
11. to publish
12. to sell in large quantities with limited profit
13. to take a step
បោក baok 1. to beat (against a fixed object), smash, to slam, throw violently
2. to launder, wash by beating
3. to overthrow
4. to throw oneself to the ground
5. to thresh
6. to cheat, dupe, swindle, trick
បោះចោល bɑh caol to throw (away), to abandon 3/2
បោះជំហាន bɑh cumhien 1. to take a step/steps
2. to make progress, advance
ប៉ោត paot square metal container used for holding oil, kerosene, water, etc. 2/2
ប៉ោម paom apple 14/1
ប្ដឹង pdəŋ 1. to sue
2. to complain, to tell
3. to inform, to report
Notes: ជើង ដ
ប្ដូរ pdou 1. to exchange, change, replace
2. to swap, barter, trade
Notes: ជើង ដ; root: ដូរ
ប្រកាន់ prɑkan 1. to claim, to maintain, to adopt, to uphold
2. to count on, to take for granted
3. to take offense easily, to be very sensitive
4. to claim first, to put one's claims first, to reserve
ប្រកួត prɑkuət 1. to compete, contest
2. competition, contest
ប្រគល់ prɑkʊəl 1. to hand over, deliver into someone's hands, remit
2. to give, present, entrust (to)
3. to bring up a subject
ប្រចាំ prɑcam 1. to wait until something is over, wait and let someone else do something
2. to wait for, expect
3. to be kept/reserved for, be for the use/service of
4. to be stationed at, assigned to, attached to, accredited to
5. about, of, concerning, related to
ប្រចាំថ្ងៃ prɑcam tŋay daily, every day 4/3
ប្រជាជន prɑciecʊən the people, the population 6/5
ប្រជាប្រិយភាព prɑcieprəy pʰiep popularity 1/1
ប្រជុំ prɑcum 1. to have a meeting
2. to gather, collect, assemble, unite, meet together
3. to flow together, join
4. meeting, gathering
ប្រញាប់ prɑɲap 1. to hurry, to be in a hurry
2. quickly, promptly
ប្រដាប់ prɑdap 1. tool, instrument, implement, utensil, device (widely used to form new words for various kinds of modern mechanical devices such as bottle openers, mine detectors, and stethoscopes)
2. the male genitals
3. to prepare, get ready, set up
4. to fit out, equip
5. to regulate, adjust, put right, put in good order
6. to arrange
7. to decorate, adorn
8. clf. for complete sets (e.g., of clothing)
9. series, assortment, collection, pack (e.g., of cards)
ប្រណាំង prɑnaŋ to compete, to race, to rival 1/1
ប្រតិទិន prɑteʔtin 1. calendar
2. everyday, day by day, day after day
ប្រទេស prɑteeh country, nation 71/31
ប្រធាន prɑtʰien 1. boss
2. chairman, leader, president (of an organization)
3. to be supreme, highest, most important
ប្រផេះ prɑpʰeh color: grey 5/5
ប្រព័ន្ធ prɑpoan 1. system, network, order
2. cycle
3. to write poetry, compose
4. to braid, plait, twist, weave, intertwine
5. to tie/tighten a knot
ប្រពៃណី prɑpeynii tradition, custom 3/3
ប្រភព prɑpʰup 1. spring (of water)
2. source (of information, of a stream), origin, birthplace
3. basis, foundation
ប្រភេទ prɑpʰeet category, variety, class, kind, type, species, aspect, nature, characteristic 50/26
ប្រមូល prɑmool to assemble, collect, gather, accumulate, concentrate 14/6
ប្រយ័ត្ន prɑyat careful, to take care 7/7
ប្រយ័ត្នប្រយែង prɑyat prɑyaeŋ to take all possible precautions, be very careful 3/3
ប្រល័យ prɑlay 1. to destroy, ruin, kill
2. to die
3. extermination, destruction, devastation, annihilation
4. death
ប្រលែង prɑlaeŋ 1. to abandon, to separate
2. to play, to play together
3. to tease, to plague, to torment playfully
Notes: also written ប្រឡែង
ប្រសិទ្ធិភាព prɑsettʰiʔpʰiep efficacy, effectiveness, success, efficiency 1/1
ប្រសិន prɑsən if, in case of 2/2
ប្រសិនបើ prɑsən baə if 159/64
ប្រហាក់ប្រហែល prɑhak prɑhael 1. to be almost sure, wonder about something one is almost sure of, be more or less certain about
2. to be alike, almost the same, approximate
3. perhaps, as if, it looks as if
ប្រហុក prɑhok fish paste (very salty paste made by fermenting salted fish in earthenware jugs) 5/2
ប្រហើរ prɑhaə 1. to be highly aromatic, have a strong spicy smell, spicy/minty smelling, musky
2. short for សម្លប្រហើរ = kind of soup (made with lemon grass, smoked fish, and vegetables such as squash)
ប្រហែល prɑhael 1. about, approximately
2. resembling, similar to, nearly identical
3. almost
4. maybe, probably, it is possible that, perhaps
ប្រហោង prɑhaoŋ 1. hole, opening, orifice
2. interval, hollow
3. to be empty, vacant
ប្រឡង prɑlɑɑŋ 1. examination, test
2. to take a test
ប្រឡាក់ prɑlak 1. dirty, soiled, stained
2. salty
3. to marinate, to salt (in order to preserve)
ប្រឡោះ prɑlɑh 1. interval, gap, space between two limits/poles
2. fissure
Notes: also written ប្រលោះ
ប្រអប់ prɑʔɑp (small) box, case 41/11
ប្រាំ pram five 1/1
ប្រាក់ prak 1. money
2. silver
ប្រាក់ខែ prak kʰae salary 2/2
ប្រាកដ prakɑt 1. clearly, certainly, without fail, precisely
2. certain, true, exact
3. famous, celebrated
ប្រាកដជា praakɑɑt cie 1. certainly, undoubtedly, surely will
2. really, accurately
3. certain, sure
ប្រាថ្នា pratnaa 1. to wish, pray for, desire
2. hope, wish, desire
3. aim, intention
ប្រាប់ prap 1. to tell, say, state, inform, report
2. to explain
3. to point out
ប្រារព្ធ praarup 1. to initiate, to start to organize, to prepare, to hold (a party)
2. to think of, to wonder about
ប្រឹង prəŋ to make efforts, to try (harder), to be seriously involved in something 1/1
ប្រុងប្រយ័ត្ន proŋ prɑyat to be careful, be on the alert, be vigilant, be aware of 15/8
ប្រុស proh man, male 11/10
ប្រូតេអ៊ីន prooteeʔiin protein 1/1
ប្រូម៉ូសិន broumousǝn promotion
Notes: BCF; colloquial
ប្រើ praə to use 82/45
ប្រើប្រាស់ praə prah to use 170/55
ប្រើឲ្យ praə ʔaoy 1. to order, to command
2. to entrust someone with a duty
ប្រៀប priəp 1. to compare with one another, match (up with)
2. comparison, analogy
ប្រេះ preh 1. to crack, to split
2. cracking, cracked
ប្រេង prejŋ oil 4/1
ប្រេងកូឡា prejŋ koulaa balm, liniment 5/2
ប្រេងខ្យល់ prejŋ kyɑl, prejŋ kcɑl medicinal oil much used as a liniment 1/1
ប្រេន brejn brand
Notes: BCF; colloquial
ប្រែ prae 1. to turn (over/around/back)
2. to change, alter, transform, switch
3. to change direction, revert
4. to turn into, become
5. to translate, interpret
6. to plow for the second time in a growing cycle
ប្រៃ pray salty 5/3
ប្រៃសណីយ៍ praysaʔnii 1. post office
2. post, postal
ប្លាស្ទិក plaastɨk plastic 1/1
ប្លែក plaek 1. to be different, odd, strange
2. amazing
3. new, interesting
ប្អូន pʔoun 1. younger sibling (the opposite of បង)
2. form used to address a younger sibling or younger friend
ផង pʰɑɑŋ 1. also, too, as well
2. marker indicating entreaty or a polite request: please ..., would you ...
ផងដែរ pʰɑɑŋ dae also, too, as well 90/55
ផត pʰɑɑt 1. to be concave, sunken, hollow
2. deep, cavernous
3. empty
4. to be crushed
5. to pull in, suck in, draw in
ផល pʰɑl male or female Cambodian name 1/1
ផាក pʰaak 1. fine
2. to fine, to penalize
ផានិត pʰaanɨt Cambodian name 3/1
ផារី pʰaarii female Cambodian name 11/4
ផិនណលធី pʰən nɑl tʰii football: penalty 1/1
ផឹក pʰək to drink, swallow a liquid 2/2
ផុង pʰoŋ 1. to bog down, sink in, go under, to fall (into a hole)
2. to fall into the hands of the enemy
3. to vanish, disappear
4. to hide oneself
5. to be completely overcome by/absorbed in something
6. mud, mire
ផុត pʰot 1. to come to an end, cease, to use up all of something, to be over/closed
2. to be free of/clear, out of the way, to escape, to be out of reach, to avoid, to surpass
ផុយ pʰoy 1. to be flimsy, fragile, easily broken (as thread)
2. to be worn out (from age or use), threadbare, crumbly, soft
3. to be overdone (of meat)
4. to be glib
5. [figurative] to be (too) quick to do something
ផែ pʰae harbor, dock, wharf 3/2
ផែនទី pʰaen tii map, model 14/6
ផ្កា pkaa 1. flower
2. to flower, blossom, bloom
3. decorative flowery design
4. [colloquial] menstrual period
ផ្កាឈូក pkaa cʰuuk 1. color: pink
2. lotus flower
3. shower head
ផ្គត់ផ្គង់ pkʊət pkʊəŋ 1. to supply, provide (with), give aid and comfort to, assist
2. to distribute
3. to protect
4. to make sure that something is ready
ផ្គុំ pkum 1. to group, assemble, bind/join together, connect, unite
2. to make up, comprise
ផ្ចិត pcət, psət 1. to do something carefully
2. navel
3. [figurative] cleared/empty space in the center of something
4. [figurative] center, exact middle
ផ្ញើ pɲaə 1. to send, deliver
2. to leave (someone or something) for a time in someone else's care (e.g., to leave a motorbike in a paid parking area), to trust (someone to do something)
ផ្ដល់ pdɑl 1. to provide, supply
2. to fullfill, add to/supplement, complete
Notes: ជើង ដ
ផ្ដាច់ pdac 1. to sever, cut off, slash, to separate from, to behead, to break (generally refers to string or string-like objects)
2. extremely, to the highest degree
3. to pass (e.g., another car)
Notes: ជើង ដ
ផ្ដើម pdaəm to start, to begin
Notes: ជើង ដ
ផ្ដេសផ្ដាស pdejh pdaah 1. to be pernicious, lazy
2. ridiculous, silly
3. useless
4. careless, irresponsible
5. disorderly, confused, in a disorderly manner
6. carelessly without thinking
ផ្ទះ pteah house, home, residence, building 36/24
ផ្ទះបាយ pteah baay kitchen 2/1
ផ្ទាំង pteaŋ 1. large flat surface, sheet, panel, slab, tablet, disc, flat piece
2. clf. for flat objects (such as walls and pieces of cloth, stone, paper, wood, metal)
ផ្ទាល់ ptoal 1. directly, personally
2. to be close to
ផ្ទុយទៅវិញ ptuy tɨv vɨɲ on the contrary 2/2
ផ្ទៃ ptey 1. surface
2. space, area
ផ្ទៃមុខ ptey muk on the face 1/1
ផ្ទៃសមុទ្រ ptey saʔmot surface of the sea 1/1
ផ្នែក pnaek part, portion, section, division, department 20/6
ផ្លាកតម្លៃ plaak tɑmlay price tag 1/1
ផ្លាស់ plah 1. to replace, to change (e.g., clothes), to exchange
2. to transfer
3. to be transferred, changed, replaced
ផ្លូវ pləv 1. road, street, route
2. way, style, cause, matter
ផ្លូវគោក pləv kook land route(s) 5/3
ផ្លូវជាតិ pləv ciet national route 2/1
ផ្លូវដែក pləv daek railroad 3/1
ផ្លូវថ្នល់ pləv tnɑl paved road, main road 2/1
ផ្លូវទឹក pləv tɨk waterway(s) 12/6
ផ្លូវលំ pləv lum trail, path, unpaved road 1/1
ផ្លូវអាកាស pləv ʔaakaah airway(s) 4/2
ផ្លែ plae 1. fruit
2. clf. for fruits (e.g., papaya, pineapple)
3. outcome, result
4. to bear fruit
5. blade (of a knife)
6. wart, blister
ផ្លែឈើ plae cʰəə fruit 59/14
ផ្សំ psɑm 1. to assemble, connect, join/unite (into a single whole)
2. to fasten, secure
3. to adjust, adapt
4. to mix
5. cloth beam/roller (square roller used to roll up woven cloth on a loom)
ផ្សង psɑɑŋ 1. to pray, wish for, invoke supernatural aid
2. to risk
3. to pin one's hopes on
ផ្សំថ្នាំ psɑm tnam to prepare/mix a medicine 1/1
ផ្សារ psaa market, bazaar, fair 8/8
ផ្សារទំនើប psaa tumnəəp supermarket, mall 2/1
ផ្សេង psejŋ to differ, to be different (from each other), to be separate 50/38
ផ្សេងទៀត psejŋ tiət other 20/16
ផ្អាប់ទុក pʔap tuk 1. to keep hidden for a while
2. to keep in a sealed container for a period of time (e.g., for fermentation)
ផ្អៀង pʔiəŋ 1. to lean, tilt, incline to one side
2. to be leaning, inclined, sloping
ផ្អែក pʔaek 1. to lean back/on/against, recline
2. to lean something against
3. to rely on
4. to be supported (by)
ផ្អែម pʔaem sweet 16/10
ពងមាន់ pɔɔŋ moan 1. chicken egg
2. kind of small banana with smooth skin
ពញ្ញាក់ pʊəɲɲeak 1. to stun, stupefy, astonish
2. to frighten/startle someone, make someone flinch/wince
ពណ៌ poa color, complexion 149/56
ព័ត៌មាន poadɑɑmien news, information {សួរព័ត៌មាន = to make an enquiry, to ask for information}
Notes: also written ពត៌មាន
ពន្យល់ pʊənyʊəl to explain, show, demonstrate 8/3
ពន្លឺ pʊənlɨɨ light, ray/flash of light, illumination, brightness 3/2
ពពក pɔpɔɔk cloud 1/1
ពពុះ pɔpuh foam, bubbles 7/5
ពលកម្ម pʊəlleaʔ kam 1. energy
2. manual labor
3. corvee
ពាក់ peak 1. to wear (shirt, hat, ring, shoes, but not pants), to put on
2. to hang up, suspend, hang on
ពាក់កណ្ដាល peak kɑndaal 1. center, half (of), halfway through
2. middle
ពាក្យ piek word, term, expression, phrase 43/22
ពាសវាលពាសកាល pieh viel pieh kaal 1. all over, everywhere
2. completely
3. in complete chaos, in all directions
ពិតជា pɨt cie 1. certainly, surely
2. will certainly, will surely
ពិតប្រាកដ pɨt praakɑɑt true, exact, sure 2/2
ពិតមែន pɨt mɛɛn 1. really, truly
2. even though
ពិធី piʔtʰii 1. ceremony, celebration, ritual
2. occasion
3. process, method, way
4. traditions, customary rules
ពិធីបុណ្យ piʔtʰii bon festival, ceremony 2/2
ពិនិត្យ piʔnɨt 1. to inspect, check, examine
2. to observe, investigate
3. to diagnose
4. to censor
ពិនិត្យមើល piʔnɨt məəl 1. to examine
2. to observe, to watch, to keep an eye on
ពិន្ទុ pɨntuʔ 1. numerical grade (in an examination), score
2. point (in a game)
3. mark, period, dot (.), round sign (ំ), circle
ពិបាក piʔbaak 1. difficult {ការទិញអីវ៉ាន់នៅខ្មែររៀងពិបាកបន្តិច = buying things in Cambodia is a bit difficult/not easy} {តែពិបាកត្រង់ ឆាប់ងងុយដេក = the problem is: I’m getting tired easily}
2. sad, poor, miserable
3. to suffer
ពិសា piʔsaa, piisaa to eat, to consume
Notes: polite form used when speaking to older persons
ពិសិដ្ឋ piʔsət male Cambodian name 38/13
ពិសី piʔsəy female Cambodian name 17/4
ពិសេស piʔseh special, exceptional, different 1/1
ពី pii from, since, of, about, at 206/98
ពីក្រោម pii kraom from below, underneath 2/2
ពីក្រោយ pii kraoy behind, from behind 4/3
ពីងពាង piiŋ pieŋ spider 3/1
ពីព្រោះ pii prʊəh 1. since, because
2. because of, on account of, by reason of
ពីមុន pii mun 1. previously, formerly
2. in previous times
ពីរ pii, pɨl two 80/48
ពីរោះ piirʊəh to be melodious, harmonious, sweet, sonorous, pleasing to the ear 2/2
ពឹង pɨŋ 1. to ask for a favor/help
2. to depend/count on, resort to
ពឹងផ្អែក pɨŋ pʔaek to depend (usually as ពឹងផ្អែកទៅលើ = to depend on) 2/2
ពឹងពាក់ pɨŋ peak 1. to depend on
2. to help one another, to assist mutually
ពុំ pum negative particle: not, non-, without
Notes: ពុំ is a stylistic variant of មិន and may replace it in many cases, like មិន it usually occurs with the final particle ទេ់; ពុំ is somewhat more respectful than other negative particles and is commonly used when addressing a superior
ពុះ puh 1. to chop, hack, cut, split wood
2. break open
3. to divide
4. to be boiling (of water), to seethe, bubble, fizz, foam, froth
ពុកមាត់ puk moat mustache 30/4
ពុំខាន pum kʰaan without fail, without a doubt, certainly 4/4
ពុល pul 1. plants: to be poisonous
2. to be sick (specifically poisened, seasick, airsick)
ពុលរលក pul rɔlɔɔk to be seasick 8/1
ពូ puu 1. uncle (younger brother of either parent)
2. respectful term of address to older men
ពូកែ puukae clever, skilfull, good at (doing something) 5/5
ពួកខ្ញុំ puək kɲom we (excluding the one who is spoken to) 2/2
ពួកគាត់ puək koat they 6/5
ពួកគេ puək kee they 8/3
ពួកម៉ាក puək maak friend, buddy
Notes: used more frequently in spoken Khmer than មិត្តភក្តិ
ពេក peek too, too much, too many 32/24
ពេញ pɨɲ 1. to be complete, full, filled up
2. to fill up
3. to be sufficient, satisfied, whole, entire
ពេញចិត្ត pɨɲ cət to be pleased, satisfied, content
Notes: ជើង ត
ពេទ្យ pɛɛt 1. medical doctor, physician
2. medical
3. hospital
Notes: irregular pronunciation: ពែត
ពេល peel 1. time
2. moment, instant, period of time
ពេលខ្លះ peel klah sometimes 58/41
ពេលថ្ងៃត្រង់ peel tŋay trɑŋ noon, at noon 1/1
ពេលទំនេរ peel tumnee (during) spare time, leisure time 2/2
ពេលព្រឹក peel prɨk morning, in the morning 4/2
ពេលល្ងាច peel lŋiec evening, in the evening 5/4
ពេលវេលា peel veelie time 8/6
ពោះ pʊəh stomach 3/1
ពោរ pou 1. water level: to be rising up to the rim/bank
2. to be full, overflowing
ពោរពេញ poo pɨɲ 1. to be abundant, plentiful
2. to be filled (with), full of
ព្យញ្ជនៈ pyʊəɲceaʔneaʔ 1. consonant
2. any kind of prepared food except soups
ព្យាបាល pyiebaal 1. to take care of, look after
2. to treat (medically)
ព្យាយាម pyieyiem 1. to persist, to persevere, to try hard
2. perseverance, effort, endeavour, diligence, zeal
ព្យួរ pyuə 1. to hang, suspend
2. to allow to dangle
3. to postpone
ព្រះ preah 1. Buddha, God, holy being
2. to be holy, sacred, divine
3. excellent, distinguished, superior (commonly used as a prefix before nominals referring to members of the royal family, Buddhist priests, the Buddha, God, and certain deified elements, such as earth and fire, where it serves as an honorific particle)
ព្រះចន្ទ preah can moon 1/1
ព្រម prɔɔm 1. to agree, consent, approve
2. together, in unison, simultaneously
3. to go along with, to accompany
ព្រមគ្នា prɔɔm knie 1. together, in unison, at the same time
2. completely, fully
ព្រមទាំង prɔɔm teaŋ together with, in addition to, and ... as well, and also 1/1
ព្រះមហាក្សត្រ preah mɔhaaksat king 1/1
ព្រះសង្ឃ preah sɑŋ 1. Buddhist monk
2. priest
ព្រះអាទិត្យ preah ʔaatɨt sun 1/1
ព្រី prii (electrical) plug 2/1
ព្រឹក prɨk morning 3/3
ព្រឹកមិញ prɨk mɨɲ this morning (which has already passed) 4/4
ព្រៃ prey 1. woods, forest, jungle, wilderness
2. wild, undomesticated
ព្រោះ prʊəh because (of), since 121/86
ភក់ pʰʊək mud, slush 3/3
ភ័យ pʰey 1. to be scared, afraid
2. fear, fright, terror, dread
ភាគច្រើន pʰiek craən 1. mostly
2. majority
ភាគរយ pʰiek rɔɔy percent 6/2
ភាគី pʰiekii side, party, faction 1/1
ភាន់ច្រឡំ pʰoan crɑlɑm 1. to be confused, mistaken
2. to lose one's way
3. to make a mistake
ភាព pʰiep state, condition, shape, manner 12/10
ភាសា pʰiesaa 1. language
2. speech, words
ភីហ្សា piisaa pizza 4/2
ភោជនីយដ្ឋាន pʰooceaʔniiyeaʔtʰaan restaurant 3/3
ភ្ជាប់ pcoap to fasten, attach, connect, bring/put/tie together 9/7
ភ្ជាប់នឹង pcoap nɨŋ to be linked with 1/1
ភ្ញាក់ pɲeak 1. to wake up
2. to be startled, surprised
ភ្ញាក់ផ្អើល pɲeak pʔaəl 1. to be startled, surprised, excited, alarmed
2. to panic
ភ្ញៀវ pɲiəv 1. guest, visitor
2. client, customer
ភ្នំបូកគោ pnum bouk koo Mount Bokor (a resort in Kampot province) 1/1
ភ្នំពេញ pnum pɨɲ Phnom Penh 2/2
ភ្នំសន្ទុក pnum sɑntuk Phnom Santuk (hill and cultural site in the province of Kampong Thom) 1/1
ភ្នែក pnɛɛk 1. eye
2. cell on the skin of a pineapple
3. future
4. to be next, forthcoming
ភ្លាម pliem immediately, at once, right away 2/2
ភ្លី plii [translation unknown] 1/1
ភ្លឹក plɨk 1. to daydream
2. to concentrate one's thoughts on
3. to lose consciousness, pass out
4. to be unconscious
5. to be panic stricken, badly frightened
ភ្លឺ plɨɨ 1. daybreak, early morning
2. to shine, give off light
3. to be clear, bright, distinct, perceptible
4. dike (separating rice fields), dam, embankment
ភ្លើង pləəŋ 1. fire (and, by extension, any substance which has a burning taste or effect)
2. flame
3. light, flare
4. electricity
ភ្លើងស៊ីញ៉ូ pləəŋ siiɲou illuminating projectile, flare 2/1
ភ្លៀង pliəŋ 1. to rain
2. rain
ភ្លេច plɨc to forget 4/3
ភ្លែត plɛɛt clf. for moments, instants {ចាំមួយភ្លែត = just a moment!/wait a moment!} 17/13
មក mɔɔk 1. to come (toward the speaker in space or time)
2. often used as a particle indicating that the action began at some point in the past and continued up to the present
មកកាន់ mɔɔk kan to, toward (in the direction of the speaker) 5/4
មកដល់ mɔɔk dɑl to arrive at, come to 34/22
ម៉ង mɑɑŋ spoken form of តែម្ដង = immediately, at once, directly 18/17
មង្ឃុត mʊəŋkʰut mangosteen 10/1
មណ្ឌលគិរី mʊəndʊəl kiʔrii Mondolkiri (province in northeastern Cambodia) 1/1
មធ្យោបាយ matyoubaay means, way, method, strategy, tactic, technique 5/2
មនុស្ស mɔnuh, meaʔnuh human being, person 61/32
មនុស្សម្នា mɔnuh mnie common person, ordinary folk 1/1
មនុស្សម្នាក់ meaʔnuh mneak one person 5/5
មន្ទីរពេទ្យ mʊəntii pɛɛt hospital, clinic
Notes: irregular pronunciation: ពែត
ម៉ស់ mɑh Come (on) ...! {ម៉ស់តស់​! = Let's go!}
Notes: colloquial
មាំ moam 1. solid, strong, robust, sturdy, durable
2. truly, seriously
ម៉ា maa one
Notes: spoken form of មួយ (contraction)
ម៉ាក maak brand, mark, trademark 7/2
ម៉ាក់ mak mom, mommy
Notes: colloquial
មាត់ moat 1. mouth
2. bank, shore (of a river, lake, sea)
3. opening (e.g., of a jar or bag)
មាត់ច្រាំង moat craŋ river bank 1/1
មាត់ទន្លេ moat tʊənlee river bank 3/1
មាត់ទឹក moat tɨk edge of a body of water 3/2
មាតា miedaa mother
Notes: formal, literal, royal
មាន mien 1. to have, possess, own
2. to exist, there is, there are
3. to be rich, own property
4. indicates the accomplishment of an action, to happen to, to have occasion to
Notes: in spoken Khmer, negated មាន (មិនមាន or គ្មាន) can be contracted into មាន, e.g., មានអ្នកណាចង់ជួបឯង = ‘there's nobody who wants to meet you’ — contrast this with the affirmative: មានគេចង់ជួបឯង = ‘there’s somebody who wants to meet you’
ម៉ាន maan spoken form of ប៉ុន្មាន [ponmaan] = how much? how many? {ម៉ោងម៉ាន? = What time?}
Notes: colloquial
មានការ mien kaa to have business to do (with something or someone), to be busy 3/2
មានគុណ mien kun 1. to have done good deeds
2. to be grateful
មានណា mien naa I don't think so (contraction of មិនមានឯណា)
Notes: colloquial
មានន័យ mien ney to mean 11/9
មានប្រសាសន៍ mien prɑsaah to speak, to say
Notes: formal
មានអី mien ʔəy 1. what things, why not, of course, O.K., all right, yeah, well...
2. you're welcome
3. but, however (contrasts one statement with another)
Notes: colloquial
ម៉ាស៊ីន maasɨn machine, motor, engine, device 22/6
ម៉ាស៊ីនត្រជាក់ maasɨn trɑceak A/C, air conditioner 3/2
ម៉ាស៊ីនបញ្ចាំងស្លាយ maasɨn bɑɲcaŋ slaay slide projector 2/2
ម៉ាស៊ីនលាងចាន maasɨn lieŋ caan dishwasher 3/1
ម៉ាស៊ូត maasuut diesel
Notes: Headley has ម៉ាស៊ុត, but this spelling is much less frequent
មិញ mɨɲ 1. to be very recent, just past (of a very recent and usually rather short period of time), just referred to {យប់មិញ = last night}
2. colloquial form of អម្បាញ់មិញ = just now, just a moment ago
មិត្តភក្តិ mɨt pʰeaʔ friend
Notes: ជើង ត (twice)
មិត្តស្រី mɨt srəy girlfriend
Notes: ជើង ត
មិន mɨn negative particle not, non- (usually requires the final particle ទេ) 107/76
មិនខាន mɨn kʰaan certainly, without fail 1/1
មិនខ្វល់ mɨn kvɑl to not care (about) 1/1
មិនដែល mɨn dael never (to have done something)
Notes: used only for past actions
មិនថា mɨn tʰaa 1. it doesn't matter
2. in spite of, regardless of
មិនទាំង mɨn teaŋ + verb: (did/does) not even + verb 1/1
មិនទាន់ mɨn toan not yet 7/6
មិនបាច់ mɨn bac to not have to, not need to, to be not necessary {មិនបាច់ទេ = [that’s/it’s] not necessary} 10/10
មិនមែន mɨn mɛɛn no, not, is not 22/21
មិនសូវ mɨn səv not so much, rather not 13/13
មិនអីទេ mɨn ʔəy tee 1. it doesn't matter, it's all right
2. surely, certainly
Notes: see also អត់អីទេ
មី mii 1. lo-mein vermicelli
2. dish prepared with lo-mein vermicelli
3. you (derogatory or intimate term of reference for a female corresponding to អា​ for a male, it may be used within the family as an intimate form, but it is very rude when used by an outsider)
មីង miiŋ 1. aunt (younger sister of either parent)
2. 2nd or 3rd person pronoun for a younger aunt or a step-mother
3. 2nd person pronoun for an older woman one does not know (one who is younger or appears to be younger than one's parents)
មីនុយ miinuy menu
Notes: BCF
ម៉ឺន məɨn ten thousand 4/2
មុំ mum 1. angle, corner
2. she (a sweet way to refer to/call a girl who one loves)
មុខ muk 1. face, front
2. in front of
3. type, kind, variety
4. dish, kind of food
5. head, chief, chairman, president
6. mouth or opening of a stream
7. (sharp) edge (of a knife blade)
មុខងារ muk ŋie 1. function, duty
2. job, position, occupation, work
មុខតំណ muk dɑmnɑɑ link, splice, joint, junction 4/1
មុខរបរ muk rɔbɑɑ profession, job, occupation 1/1
មុខរបួស muk rɔbuəh wound 6/3
មុខវិជ្ជា muk vɨccie subject, discipline 1/1
មុជ muc 1. to submerge, to dive (in water), to dive and swim, to bathe {មុជទឹក = to take a shower or bath}
2. to bend over in order to pass under something, enter some place by crawling under something (e.g., a fence)
មុត mut 1. to be sharp
2. to cut, pierce, stab
3. to be cut, stabbed
4. hard, tough, firm, brave
មុន mun 1. previous(ly), former(ly) {ខែមុន = last month}
2. first, before {ញ៉ាំមុនចុះ = Go ahead and eat first!}
មុននឹង mun nɨŋ before (doing something) 11/10
ម៉ូត mout 1. style, fashion, mode
2. brand
3. to be stylish, fashionable
ម៉ូតូ moutou motorbike, motorcycle 64/10
ម៉ូទ័រ moutoa motor
Notes: source:
ម៉ូនីទ័រ mouniitoa monitor 1/1
ម៉ូយ mouy regular customer/client/patient 2/1
មូល muul 1. to be round, spherical
2. to be whole, entire
3. to be compact, solid
4. to assemble, gather, unite
5. to concentrate
6. to sum up
7. kind of fishing spear or harpoon
8. origin, root, source
9. basis, base, foundation, essence
10. beginning, birth
11. capital (funds)
មូលហេតុ muulhaet 1. cause
2. origin, source
មូស muuh mosquito 1/1
មួក muək hat, cap 2/2
មួកសុវត្ថិភាព muək soʔvattʰeʔpʰiep helmet, motorcycle helmet 6/2
មួយ muəy 1. one {មួយៗ = one by one}
2. one person/myself {សុំចេញមួយ = Please let me [go] out!} {សុំទៅមួយ = Please give way [for me one person]!} {សុំចុះមួយ = Please let me [one person] get off [the bus]!}
មួយទឹក muəy tɨk secondhand 1/1
មួយទៀត muəy tiət one more, once more, moreover, on the other hand, furthermore 13/12
មួយវិញទៀត muəy vɨɲ tiət moreover, and another thing, furthermore, in addition, besides 1/1
មើល məəl 1. to look at, to watch, to watch for, to observe
2. particle: come on, give it a try
3. let me see!
4. phrase-final: softens a command or request {ជួយបង្ហាញតិចមើល = Please show me!}
មើលឃើញ məəl kʰəəɲ to see, to look at and see, to distinguish 3/3
មើលទៅ məəl tɨv maybe, perhaps, probably, it seems that 9/8
មេ mee 1. female animal (that has given birth)
2. mother
3. woman
4. term of address to a younger woman or to a woman of lower status
5. chief, commander (company level and higher), leader, head, master, owner
6. guard, supervising officer
7. (in gambling) the dealer/house
8. principle, rule, guideline, theory
9. to be the main, largest, most important, leading
10. name given to any consonant combined with all the vowels or all the vowels and a final consonant
11. female elephant
12. clf. for bee/wasp stings
13. for different kinds or sites of pain/illness
14. clf. for heavy rain showers
15. exclamation of anger
ម៉េះ meh thus, so, in this way, this much
Notes: spoken form of ម្ល៉េះ
មេឃ meek 1. sky
2. cloud
3. weather {នៅពេលដែលមេឃក្ដៅ = when it's hot}
មេឃស្រទុំ mejk srɑɑ tum cloudy, misty, hazy or gloomy sky 1/1
ម៉េច məc what (following a verb of saying), why, in what way/manner, how {ម៉េចហើយ?/ម៉េចអី? = What's up?} {[…] ម៉េចទៅ? = In what way […]?} {ថាម៉េចចៅ? = What are you saying, grand-daughter?} {បងចង់បានម៉ូតម៉េច? = What kind of design/fashion do you like?} 28/20
ម៉េចក៏ məc kɑɑ how come, how is it that, why is it that, why
Notes: colloquial
ម៉េចចឹង məc cəŋ as a question: why?, why is that?
Notes: colloquial
ម៉េចដែរ məc dae 1. How is it? How is it going?
2. What's up?
3. How is that? What do you think about that?
Notes: colloquial
ម៉េចហ្នឹង məc nɨŋ as a question: what's wrong?
Notes: colloquial
មេដៃ mee day 1. thumb
2. [slang] leader, commander
មេរៀន mee riən lesson 1/1
មេរោគ mee rook micro-organism, germ, virus, microbe 19/11
មេសា meesaa April 2/2
មែន mɛɛn 1. to be real, true, accurate, to be right, correct, it is true
2. really, actually, indeed
3. as a question tag: [...], really? [...], right?
មែនទែន mɛɛn tɛɛn 1. really, truly, surely, in fact, as it should be, certainly
2. seriously, actually
ម៉ោ mao to come
Notes: spoken form of មក
មោឃៈ mookʰeaʔ 1. zero
2. null
3. to be vain, useless
4. shiftless
5. disproved, overturned
6. invalid, null and void
ម៉ោង maoŋ 1. hour
2. o'clock
3. clock, time {សប្បាយពេកភ្លេចមើលម៉ោង = it was so much fun that I forgot to watch the clock}
ម្ខាង mkʰaaŋ 1. one side, one (of a pair)
2. at/on one side, at the other side
Notes: contraction of មួយខាង
ម្ខាងទៀត mkʰaaŋ tiət the other side, the other one (of a pair) 15/15
ម្ចាស់ mcah boss, owner, master 8/5
ម្ជុល mcul needle (for sewing, knitting, or giving injections), pin 13/3
ម្ជុលចាក់ថ្នាំ mcul cak tnam hypodermic needle 4/1
ម្ជូរ mcuu sour spice/fruit/ingredient/food product 4/2
ម្ដង mdɑɑŋ 1. one time, once
2. for a change
Notes: contraction of មួយដង
ម្ដងៗ mdɑɑŋ mdɑɑŋ 1. from time to time, sometimes
2. always, every time
ម្ដងទៀត mdɑɑŋ tiət once more, again 18/12
ម្ដងម្នាក់ mdɑɑŋ mneak one person at a time 1/1
ម្ដាយ mdaay mother (used when speaking of or to someone else's mother) 8/5
ម្ដុំ mdom 1. region, area
2. one piece, one chunk (contraction of មួយដុំ)
ម្ទេស mteeh chili 6/3
ម្នាក់ mneak 1. one person (contraction of មួយនាក់)
2. alone
ម្នាក់ឯង mneak ʔaeŋ alone, by oneself 8/6
ម្នាស់ mnoah pineapple 27/3
ម៉្យាង myaaŋ one kind/category/way/method (contraction of មួយយ៉ាង ) 2/2
ម៉្យាងទៀត myaaŋ tiət 1. moreover, besides, another thing, furthermore
2. in other words, on the other hand
3. one other kind
ម៉្យាងម្នាក់ myaaŋ mneak each in its own way
Notes: BCF; colloquial; meaning to be further confirmed
ម៉្យាងវិញទៀត myaaŋ vɨɲ tiət on the other hand 6/6
ម្រាមដៃ mriem day finger 4/4
ម្លប់ mlup shadow, shade 1/1
ម្លិះ mlih female Cambodian name 4/1
ម្ល៉េះ mleh thus, so, in this way, this much 3/3
ម្សិលមិញ msəl mɨɲ yesterday 11/10
ម្សៅ msav 1. powder
2. flour
ម្ហូប mhoup food, meal 34/21
យក yɔɔk 1. to take, bring, get, accept, hold
2. when ordering: I’ll take, I’ll have {យកបបរគ្រឿងសាច់ជ្រូកម៉ាចាន = I’ll have a bowl of pork porridge}
យកចិត្តទុកដាក់ yɔɔk cət tuk dak to work hard at something, to be deeply involved in some work, to pay close attention to, to do something seriously
Notes: ជើង ត
យន្តហោះ yʊən hɑh airplane 7/4
យប់ yup night, evening 10/9
យល់ yʊəl 1. to understand, comprehend
2. to learn
3. to see, perceive
4. recognize, know
5. to favor, be partial to
យល់ព្រម yʊəl prɔɔm to approve, to agree 2/2
យល់ស្រប yʊəl srɑɑp to agree, to fully agree, to approve 3/3
យ៉ាង yaaŋ 1. kind, type, way, manner
2. clf. for kinds, types
3. pre-adjectival particle forming adverbial phrases {យ៉ាងខ្លី = briefly}
4. pre-adjectival particle, similar to ដ៏, used to connect an attributive to a noun, it often has a slight emphatic meaning: very
យ៉ាងដូចម្ដេច yaaŋ douc mdəc 1. how, in what way
2. what (kind of)
3. how about, what about
យ៉ាងណាក៏ដោយ yaaŋ naa kɑɑ daoy anyway, nevertheless, no matter how, despite this 2/2
យ៉ាងតិច yaaŋ təc at least 1/1
យ៉ាងម៉េច yaaŋ məc 1. how, in what way
2. in any way, however
យ៉ាប់ yap very difficult, strenuous (of a job or task), deplorable (of a situation) 3/3
យាយ yiey 1. grandmother
2. old lady
3. polite term used to address an old woman
យឺត yɨɨt 1. to be slow, late
2. to stretch, to be elastic
យឺតយ៉ាវ yɨɨt yaav to be slow, late (especially in terms of work) 3/3
យុថ្កា yut tkaa anchor 3/1
យុវជន yuʔveaʔcʊən youth, young people 2/2
យុវវ័យ yuʔveaʔvey youth 1/1
យូធូប yuutʰuup YouTube 6/1
យូរ yuu 1. slow
2. (of time) long
3. late
យួរ yuə to carry (by a handle) 8/4
យើង yəəŋ 1. we
2. I (familiar)
3. in final position used to refer to 'our Cambodian ...' {ទុរេនកំពតយើងមែន? = Kampot durian (from our country, Cambodia), right?}
យោបល់ yoobɑl 1. opinion, point of view
2. idea, suggestion
រក rɔɔk 1. to look, search for, seek
2. to look up (e.g., in a dictionary)
3. to see, to visit
4. to request, ask for, ask someone to do something
5. to think about, plan/intend to {រកទៅ … = I’m thinking of [doing sth.], I’m about to [do sth.]} {ខ្ញុំរកជម្រាបលាលោកអ៊ំសិនហើយ = I'm thinking of saying goodbye already, uncle} {ខ្ញុំគិតរកទៅសិនហើយណា = I'm thinking of going/I'm about to leave} {ខ្ញុំកំពុងរកចង់ព្យួររូបថតមួយនេះ = I’m about to hang up a picture here}
6. is about to {មេឃរកភ្លៀងតែអត់ភ្លៀងសោះ = the sky looks like it’s going to rain but it isn’t raining at all}
រកលុយ rɔɔk luy 1. to make money, to work for wages
2. to look for money to borrow
រក្សា reaksaa 1. to take care of, protect
2. to keep, maintain
3. to observe, pay attention to, watch
រំខាន rumkʰaan 1. to annoy, disturb, interfere, bother
2. to be annoyed, disturbed, dissatisfied, displeased, disappointed, unhappy
រង់ចាំ rʊəŋ cam to wait (for, until) 11/7
រងា rɔŋie 1. to be chilly, cold
2. to feel cold
រង្គើ rʊəŋkəə 1. to quake, shake, tremble, vibrate
2. to be loose, unsteady
រង្វង់ rʊəŋvʊəŋ 1. circle, round/circular marking, round opening/frame
2. cycle, circuit
3. curve
4. edge, brim
5. interior side (of a round object or container)
រញ៉េរញ៉ៃ rɔɲej rɔɲay chaotic, messy, in a disorderly state
Notes: source:
រដូវ rɔdəv season 3/2
រដូវប្រាំង rɔdəv praŋ dry season 1/1
រដូវវស្សា rɔdəv voahsaa rainy season 1/1
រដ្ឋ roat 1. state, nation, country
2. people (of a country)
រត់ rʊət 1. to run
2. flee, escape, break loose, break out
3. to disappear suddenly
4. to run or function well
រតនា reaʔtaʔnaa male Cambodian name 15/4
រថភ្លើង rʊət pləəŋ train 5/2
រថយន្ត rʊət yʊən motor vehicle, automobile, truck
Notes: ជើង ត
រថយន្តក្រុង rʊət yʊən kroŋ city bus 3/1
រទេះ rɔteh 1. cart, vehicle
2. wagon
រទេះភ្លើង rɔteh pləəŋ train 2/2
រន្ធ rʊən 1. hole
2. burrow
3. cave, tunnel
4. cell
របស់ rɔbɑh 1. object, thing, belonging, property
2. of, belonging to
របស់របរ rɔbɑh rɔbɑɑ 1. things, objects
2. belongings, possessions
របារ rɔbaa 1. railing (e.g., around a porch)
2. stud (one of the upright members of a house frame to which the wall is attached)
3. bar
4. peg
របូត rɔbout 1. to slide, slip off, let slip (from one's grasp, out of position)
2. to become loose, detached from, dislocated
3. to escape
4. to remove by sliding off
5. to drop, release, let fall
របួស rɔbuəh 1. to be injured, wounded
2. wound, injury
របៀប rɔbiəp 1. method, system, order, arrangement, organization
2. style, way
3. rules
រមាស់ rɔmoah 1. to itch, be itchy
2. itch, skin rash
3. to desire something, long for something
4. have an urge to do something
រមួល rɔmuəl 1. to be twisted, twisting, writhing
2. intertwined
3. twisting, torsion, writhing
4. to cramp (of a muscle)
5. muscular cramp
រយៈ reaʔyeaʔ section, division, part, limit, interval 2/2
រយៈពេល reaʔyeaʔ peel 1. interval/period of time
2. duration
3. allotted time
រលក rɔlɔɔk wave, ripple 10/5
រលត់ rɔlʊət 1. to go out (as a fire/lamp)
2. to stall (of a car)
3. to die (down), disappear, fade away
រលាក rɔliek 1. to be burned, blistered, irritated
2. to get a burn, get blistered
3. burn, blister, irritation (often corresponds to the suffix -itis in newly created medical terms)
រលាត់ rɔloat 1. to be scratched, scraped, skinned, cut, peeling off
2. to scratch, scrape, chafe
រលាយ rɔliey 1. to melt, dissolve
2. to mix, blend together
3. to be dissolved, digested, mixed
4. to destroy
5. to have vanished, be destroyed
6. to resolve
7. to thaw
8. to lose, be deprived of
9. to fade away
10. to calm down
រំលឹក rumlɨk 1. to remind, refresh one's memory, make someone remember
2. to recall, to think of (especially an absent person or a past event), bring up something from the past, commemorate
3. to miss, feel the loss of
រលុង rɔluŋ 1. to be large, roomy, loose-fitting, too big (e.g., of clothing)
2. to be relaxed (e.g., of an atmosphere)
3. easy-going, lackadaisical
4. gullible, easily convinced
5. to be easy to understand
រលោង rɔlooŋ to be shiny, glistening, wet, polished, smooth 5/2
រវល់ rɔvʊəl busy, occupied 14/13
រវាង rɔvieŋ 1. between
2. during
រស់ rʊəh 1. to be alive
2. to live, to exist
3. to survive
រសជាតិ rʊəh ciet taste, flavor 42/15
រស់នៅ rʊəh nɨv to live, exist, survive 12/6
រហូត rɔhoot 1. until, up to, all the way to, as far as, through
2. to the very end, for ever
3. all the time
4. without intermission
5. from then on, permanently
6. to fall out
7. to become loosened or detached
8. to escape
រហូតដល់ rɔhout dɑl until, up to, as far as 2/2
រហែក rɔhaek 1. to be torn, ripped, tattered, worn out
2. tear, rupture, laceration
រអិល rɔʔəl 1. to slip, slide
2. to be slippery, slick, smooth
3. to be glib
4. by heart, fluently, smoothly
រអិលដួល rɔʔəl duəl to slip and fall 7/5
រអៀសខ្លួន rɔʔiəh kluən to feel ashamed/guilty 1/1
រអែង rɔʔaeŋ to fear (out of respect), to dread 1/1
រាក riek 1. to come out so fast or suddenly as to be impossible to stop (used with special reference to bodily functions)
2. to have diarrhea
រាក់ reak shallow 1/1
រាក់ទាក់ reak teak 1. friendly, warm, cordial, pleasant
2. pleasantly, warmly, cordially
រាង rieŋ form, shape, image, figure 26/11
រាំង reaŋ 1. to block, close off, bar the way, barricade
2. to lock
3. to cease/let up (of rain, menstruation)
4. to hold back, bring to a stop, restrain, to detain
5. to strain, filter
រាងកាយ rieŋ kaay body, figure, physique 2/2
រាំច្រៀង roam crieŋ dancing and singing 1/1
រាប riep 1. to be flat, level, even, smooth
2. to be obedient, submissive, pacified
3. tame
4. gentle
5. calm, quiet
6. polite
រាប់ roap 1. to count, enumerate
2. to calculate, figure
3. to rate, value
4. to examine
5. to appreciate, esteem, consider (e.g., someone as a friend)
រ៉ាប់រង rap rɔɔŋ to assume responsibility, guarantee, ensure, vouch for 1/1
រាប់អាន roap ʔaan to be friends 1/1
រាល់ roal every, each, all 3/3
រាល់តែដង roal tae dɑɑŋ all the time, always, every time 1/1
រាល់ថ្ងៃ roal tŋay every day 5/4
រាវចាន riev caan bamboo or wood container for dishes, dish drainer 1/1
រីករាយ riik riey to be happy, glad, enthusiastic 7/6
រីឯ rii ʔae as for, regarding 8/8
រឹង rɨŋ hard, firm, tough, stiff 22/13
រឹងកំព្រឹស rɨŋ kɑmprɨh to be stiff, rigid, hard, solid 1/1
រឹត rɨt 1. to tighten, to press close together, to squeeze, to embrace tightly, to fasten tightly, to strengthen (relationship), to become serious (disease)
2. dry latania leaf used for writing
3. dry palm leaf used for making hats or sacks
4. more and more, increasingly
រុំ rum 1. to bandage, wrap
2. to dress (a wound)
3. to wind around, coil
4. to turn (something round)
រុញ ruɲ to push, push forward 20/6
រូប ruup 1. image, picture, body, figure, shape, portrait, statue
2. clf. for respected people, monks, pictures, statues
រ៉ូប roup dress, wedding dress 2/2
រូបថត ruup tʰɑɑt photograph, picture 1/1
រូបភាព ruup pʰiep 1. image, picture, drawing, photo
2. appearance, form, shape
រូបរាង ruup rieŋ figure, form, shape, body, appearance, structure 9/6
រួច ruəc 1. to finish, end, achieve, complete
2. indicates the possibility of completing the action of the main verb, to be able
3. already, then, after that
រួចរាល់ ruəc roal 1. to finish, to complete
2. completely
រួម ruəm 1. to put together, to unite, to join
2. to take part in, to share
3. to be concentrated, compact, solid
4. to be united, joined, connected
រួយ ruəy 1. tired, fatigued, weary, exhausted
2. to sprinkle, to dust
រើ rəə 1. to move (out / away), shift the position of something
2. to remove, evacuate
3. to extract, take/pick out, unload
4. to transport, convey
5. to wriggle, toss and turn, struggle (to get loose)
6. (of a disease) to get worse, (of a wound) to re-open
7. to spit up, regurgitate
8. to chew the cud
9. to change (a previous statement/one's mind)
10. to repair
11. to repeal (a court session)
រើស rəəh 1. to choose, to select, to separate, to pick up (an unclaimed object), to collect
2. choosy, finicky
រឿង rɨəŋ 1. story, novel
2. cause, case, event, conflict
រៀង riəŋ 1. to arrange in series, ranks, rows, order or style
2. in sequence, in order, in rows
3. all, each, every
4. រៀង + adj. + បន្តិច = a bit + adj. {រៀងពិបាកបន្តិច = a bit difficult} {រៀងប្រៃបន្តិច = a bit salty}
រៀងរាល់ riəŋ roal each and every 1/1
រៀងរាល់ថ្ងៃ riəŋ roal tŋay every day, always 1/1
រៀន riən to study, to learn, to practice 12/9
រៀប riəp 1. to organize, put in order, arrange
2. to dress, adorn
3. to prepare, to get ready to
4. to be in order, neat
5. to marry (off), arrange a marriage
6. almost, (just) about (to)
រៀបចំ riəp cɑm 1. to organize, prepare
2. to put in good order, arrange
រៀបរាប់ riəp roap to describe, narrate, relate (a story) 2/2
រៀម riəm 1. [royal] elder sibling
2. I (poetic way to refer to oneself (male))
រៀល riəl Riel 10/2
រេ ree 1. to change (course/direction), change (one's opinion), turn, veer, (of a sailing ship) to tack
2. to follow a zigzag course (as a drunken person)
3. to rotate/revolve/sway/bend (e.g., in the wind)
4. to vacillate, fluctuate
5. to flicker
6. to toss and turn
7. to be precarious, volatile, changeable
រោង rooŋ 1. hall, building, factory
2. pavilion, roofed structure, open shed
រោទ៍ roo 1. to cry out loudly
2. to roar, bellow
3. (of music) to resound
4. (of a bell) to ring
5. (of a motor) to run/operate (especially at a high number of rpm's)
រោម room 1. body hair (except head hair and pubic hair)
2. fur, down (of birds)
3. to encircle, surround, cluster around, swarm all over something (e.g., like flies, bees, or ants)
4. to mass, beset from all sides
lɔɔ 1. to try, sample
2. try on
3. to test, measure, probe, experiment
លក់ lʊək 1. to sell
2. asleep {ដេកលក់ = to be sound asleep, to sleep deeply} {ដេកមិនលក់ = to not be able to fall asleep, to have insomnia}
លក់ដាច់ lʊək dac 1. to sell well
2. to market, to sell, to make a sale
លក្ខណៈ leakkʰaʔnaʔ 1. attribute, (physical) characteristic, distinctive feature
2. character, nature, quality
3. appearance, shape, form
4. condition, criterion, qualification
5. meaning
6. section (of a law text)
លក្ខិណា leakkʰəʔnaʔ Cambodian name
Notes: pronunciation to be verified
លង់ lʊəŋ 1. to drown
2. to submerge, to sink
លត lɔɔt kind of noodle (thick, about 2-3 cm long), usually stir-fried or used for desserts 2/1
លទ្ធភាព lattʰeaʔ pʰiep 1. capacity, potential
2. opportunity, chance, possibility
លំនឹង lumnɨŋ physical stability, balance, equilibrium 14/7
លំបាក lumbaak 1. to be difficult, hard to do
2. unfortunate, ill-fated, miserable, suffering
3. difficulty, scarcity, misery, suffering
លំហាត់ lumhat exercise, drill 4/4
លា lie to say goodbye, to quit, to resign, to leave, to depart 1/1
លាគ្នា lie knie to say goodbye to one another 4/2
លាង lieŋ 1. to wash, to clean (with a liquid)
2. to purify, to clear
លាងចាន lieŋ caan to do/wash the dishes 51/14
លាងមាត់ lieŋ moat to eat for pleasure 3/1
លាន់មាត់ loan moat 1. to exclaim (involuntarily), burst out (talking), make a slip of the tongue
2. to yell, howl
3. to express one's opinions frankly
លាប liep 1. to cover a surface with a liquid, paste or powder
2. to coat, to paint, to smear, to plaster
3. to associate with
លាយ liey 1. to mix, blend, stir together, combine
2. to mix up, confuse
3. to scatter
4. to melt, dissolve
5. to be blended, mixed
6. to be liquid
7. track, trace, mark, line
8. pattern of lines on the palm of the hand
9. kind of fishing trap made of bamboo
លិច lɨc 1. to sink, disappear (into)
2. to set (e.g. of the sun)
3. to dwindle
4. to submerge/sink something, immerse
5. to flood, cover with water
លីដា liidaa female Cambodian name 11/2
លុះត្រាតែ luh traa tae if, only if, provided that, unless 3/3
លុបមុខ lup muk to wash the face 8/4
លុបលាង lup lieŋ 1. to wash, to clean
2. to hide something
លុយ luy money 26/11
លូ luu 1. pipe (for water or sewage), water pipe (made of a tree trunk)
2. dogs: to howl
លូក luuk 1. to reach/thrust out/extend (especially the hand), put (the hand) in some place
2. to stretch out
3. to protrude
លូត luut 1. to sprout, appear
2. to protrude
3. of hair, vegetation: to grow, become longer, lengthen
4. to develop
5. to be prosperous, flourishing, successful
6. to be exaggerated
លូន luun to creep, crawl, slither 1/1
លួច luəc to steal 2/1
លើ ləə 1. up, on, over, above
2. to be on, over, above, located on top
3. in regard to, concerning, toward, for, against
លើក lǝǝk 1. to lift, to raise {លើកដៃសំពះ = to raise the hands in a greeting or respectful gesture} {លើករបស់ = to lift something} {លើកទូរស័ព្ទ = to pick up the phone}
2. time, occasion, session {លើកមុន = last time}
លើកក្រោយ lǝǝk kraoy next time 4/4
លើកមុន lǝǝk mun last time 2/2
លើស lǝǝh 1. to pass/go beyond, exceed, surpass
2. more, too (much), over
3. in addition, more than necessary
4. the most, more than all others
លឿង lɨəŋ color: yellow 34/21
លឿន lɨən fast, quick 39/15
លេខ leek 1. number, figure, numeral
2. writing, drawing, letter, mark
3. to write, to draw
លេខរៀង leek riəŋ sequential number 24/3
លេង leeŋ 1. to play
2. to do something for fun or pleasure
3. to joke
លេងសើច leeŋ saǝc to tease, play, do something for fun, fool around, amuse oneself 1/1
លេប leep 1. to swallow, gulp down
2. to absorb, assimilate, incorporate
3. to cover up, hide, mask
លែង lɛɛŋ to stop, quit, leave, let go, release, set free 10/4
លោក look 1. you (used in addressing adult males who are of approximately equal rank with the speaker and Buddhist monks)
2. he (used in referring to adult males who are of approximately equal rank with the speaker and Buddhist monks)
3. monk, man (who is respected)
4. sir, mister (commonly used before a title or given name)
5. world, sphere of existence
6. universe
លោកគ្រូ look kruu male teacher 15/2
លោត loot 1. to jump, to spring, to leap
2. animal: to run swiftly
3. to surpass (all others, in wealth or position)
4. to be over excited (with joy or anger)
5. to display {លោតលេខ = to display a number [e.g., on a screen or monitor]}
ល្ងាច lŋiec evening, late afternoon 9/6
ល្បី lbəy 1. to be famous, popular, widely known
2. popularity, fame
ល្បឿន lbɨǝn 1. speed, velocity
2. rate, tempo
Notes: root: លឿន
ល្បែង lbaeŋ 1. game, pastime, amusement, playing
2. gambling
Notes: root: លេង
ល្មម lmɔɔm 1. to be (just) enough, adequate, sufficient, just right, moderate
2. worthy
3. quite, rather, sufficiently
4. at the same time, just in time
5. coincidentally, about time
ល្មុត lmut kind of fruit (sapodilla) with a sweet, malty flavor 1/1
ល្ហុង lhoŋ papaya 96/10
ល្អ lʔɑɑ 1. good, nice, beautiful, pretty
2. correct, proper
ល្អប្រើ lʔɑɑ praə to be good to use, to be of good quality 2/1
វះ veah 1. to cut (open), slit, make an incision
2. to operate (on), perform surgery
3. to disembowel
វះកាត់ veah kat 1. to perform an operation
2. to separate parts by cutting
វង្វេងផ្លូវ vʊəŋveeŋ pləv to get lost, lose one's way 1/1
វចនានុក្រម veaʔcaʔnaanuʔkrɑm dictionary 14/6
វត្ថុ voattʰoʔ 1. thing, object
2. matter, substance
3. wealth, property, place, farm, dwelling
4. reason, basis
វប្បធម៌ voappaʔ tʰoa 1. culture
2. cultural
វ័យ vey age, range of age
Notes: also written វយ
វា vie 1. it (of animals, things, or very young children)
2. he, she, they (familiar or contemptuous)
វាយ viey, vay 1. to beat (with the hand, a stick, club or whip), hit, slap, strike
2. to type
3. to strike (of a clock)
4. to fight, invade, attack
5. to analyze, to sum up a situation
6. to discuss the price of something
7. kind of plant that produces small edible fruit which turn red when ripe
Notes: see also វ៉ៃ
វាស់ voah 1. to measure (linear extent, i.e., length, width, height, or distance)
2. to exercise care
3. all, the whole of (the)
4. all of the way up to, until
វាសនា viehsnaa, viesaʔnaa fate, destiny, luck, fortune 1/1
វិក្កយបត្រ vikkaʔyaeaʔbat invoice, bill
Notes: also written វិក័យប័ត្រ
វិចិត្រ viʔcət male Cambodian name 16/5
វិជ្ជាពេទ្យ vɨccie pɛɛt medicine, medical science
Notes: irregular pronunciation: ពែត
វិញ vɨɲ again, back, instead 43/35
វិធី viʔtʰii 1. method, style, arrangement
2. ceremony, ritual
វិធីសាស្ត្រ viʔtʰii saah methodology, technology
Notes: ជើង ត
វិបុល viʔbol male Cambodian name 24/7
វិល vɨl to turn (around), spin, revolve 4/2
វិលមុខ vɨl muk dizzy 8/2
វីដេអូ viidejʔou video 17/4
វីតាមីន viitaamiin vitamin 1/1
វីរៈ viireaʔ male Cambodian name 2/1
វុទ្ធី vutʰii male Cambodian name 77/27
វៀតណាម viət naam Vietnam 2/2
វេច vɨc 1. to fold over
2. to pack, wrap up/put into a package
វែក vɛɛk 1. to separate, to move aside, to shove aside, to clear (the way)
2. ladle, scoop
3. scoop(ful), ladleful
វែង vɛɛŋ long, tall 30/15
វ៉ែនតា vaentaa (pair of) glasses
Notes: also written វែនតា
វ៉ៃ vay colloquial form of វាយ [viey, vay] = to beat, to hit, to type
Notes: colloquial
sɑɑ color: white 24/15
សំ sɑm male or female Cambodian name 4/2
សក់ sɑk hair 52/12
សកម្មភាព saʔkammeaʔpʰiep activity 1/1
ស័ក្ដិសិទ្ធិ sak sət sacred, holy 1/1
សំខាន់ sɑmkʰan 1. to be important, essential, crucial, principal
2. magnificent, superb, remarkable, excellent, exemplary, model
សង sɑɑŋ 1. to repay, pay back (e.g., a debt), return (something, e.g., money)
2. to pay (for damage or injury), reimburse
3. to respond (e.g.m to abuse)
4. to flow back
5. backwards, back (again), in return
6. to subtract (from)
7. to substitute, replace, act for
សងខាង sɑɑŋ kʰaaŋ both sides, two sides
Notes: also written សង្ខាង
សង្កត់ sɑŋkɑt 1. to press down on, apply weight/pressure upon
2. to oppress, suppress, pressure
3. to squeeze, hold very tightly
4. to threaten (in order to get something)
5. to keep (the emotions) calm, suppress
6. to be a little ahead
7. to make a devastating reply (so that one's opponent cannot answer)
8. to emphasize
សង្គម sɑŋkum society, community 1/1
សង្គ្រោះ sɑŋkrʊəh 1. to help, save, rescue
2. to resuscitate
3. to support
4. help, saving, support, assistance
5. to be included
សង្ឃឹម sɑŋkʰɨm to hope, to expect 1/1
សង្ស័យ sɑŋsay 1. to suspect, doubt, wonder about
2. to be suspicious, skeptical
3. doubt
សង្សារ sɑŋsaa 1. boyfriend, girlfriend, lover
2. fiancé, fiancée
3. continuous round of life and death, reincarnation, transmigration
សច្ចា saccaa 1. to vow, swear
2. to promise
3. to confess
4. to consent
5. to pray
សញ្ញា saɲɲaa 1. sign, symbol
2. mark (e.g., punctuation)
3. signal, notice
4. to agree, give consent
5. to promise, give one's word
សញ្ញាគុណ saɲɲaa kun multiplication sign (x) 1/1
សញ្ញាបូក saɲɲaa bouk plus sign (+) 8/4
សំដៅ sɑmdav 1. straight/directly at, toward
2. to aim at, to head straight for
3. to note, to point out, to emphasize
សំណង sɑmnɑɑŋ 1. repayment of a debt
2. reimbursement, compensation, restitution, restoration, indemnity
Notes: root: សង
សំណាង sɑmnaaŋ 1. chance, luck
2. fate, destiny
3. good fortune, blessing, success
សំណាង sɑmnaaŋ male Cambodian name 8/3
សំណួរ sɑmnuə question 3/3
សំណើម sɑmnaəm 1. dampness, humidity, state of being humid
2. moisture
Notes: root: សើម
សណ្ដាប់ធ្នាប់ sɑndap tnoap 1. conduct, manners, behavior, discipline, personality, order, method, arrangement
2. act, action
សត្វ sat 1. animal, living being (human or animal)
2. life, soul
សត្វពាហនៈ sat piehaʔnaʔ domestic animal 1/1
សន្តិសុខ sɑnteʔ sok 1. security
2. security guard
សន្ទនា sɑnteaʔnie 1. to converse, to discuss
2. conversation, discussion
សន្ទុះ sɑntuh 1. a while, moment
2. leap, bound, burst, spurt
សន្លប់ sɑnlɑp 1. to lose consciousness, pass out, faint
2. to be unconscious, in a coma
សន្លឹក sɑnlək 1. sheet (of paper), page, leaf
2. clf. for thin flat objects such as leaves and sheets of paper
សន្សំសំចៃ sɑnsɑm sɑmcay to economize 2/2
សំបក sɑmbɑɑk 1. skin, bark, shell, rind, peel
2. package
3. pan or scale of a balance
4. stand or tray on which to place gifts for monks or higher officials
5. [colloquial] to be fruitless, valueless, useless
សំបុក sɑmbok 1. nest (of birds, mice, ants etc.), lair, den
2. deposit (of minerals)
សំបុត្រ sɑmbot 1. ticket
2. letter, message, note
Notes: also written សំបុដ
សំប៉ែត sɑmpaet to be flat, flattened 6/2
សប្តាហ៍ sappdaa week
Notes: ជើង ត; also written with ជើង ដ
សប្បាយ sapbaay 1. happy, pleasant, fun
2. kind, beneficial, healthy
សប្បាយចិត្ត sapbaay cət 1. to be content, satisfied, happy
2. to enjoy
3. happy feeling
Notes: ជើង ត
សំពះ sɑmpeah to salute by placing both hands together palm to palm in front of the chest with the fingers pointing upward (it is a gesture of respect when meeting someone or when leaving) 24/6
សំពត់ sɑmpʊət wrap-around skirt, sarong 5/4
សព្វ sɑp 1. each, every, all, everything, everyone
2. to be full, whole, entire
3. thoroughly, wholly
4. to be correct
5. to be loyal
សព្វថ្ងៃ sɑp tŋay 1. every day, each day
2. now, at present, these days
សភាព saʔpʰiep 1. state, condition
2. nature, aspect, appearance
3. disposition
4. form, shape
5. action, deed
6. behavior, character
7. position
សម sɑm 1. attractive
2. proper, suitable, fitting, meeting the requirements (of)
3. decent
4. right, correct
5. to fit, to go well with
សម sɑɑm 1. (table) fork
2. trident, three-pronged fishing spear
3. training, exercise(s)
4. to rehearse
សម័យ saʔmay 1. era, period, time, season, occasion
2. phase (of the moon)
3. condition, state
4. doctrine, tradition, style, fashion
5. sign, mark
6. cause
7. function
សមាជិក saʔmaacɨk member (of an organization) 1/1
សមុទ្រ saʔmot sea, ocean
Notes: alternative spelling: សមុទ្ទ
សម្គាល់ sɑmkoal 1. to remark, notice, observe, point out
2. mark, sign, indication, symptom
Notes: also written សំគាល់
សម្ងំ sɑmŋɑm 1. to remain quiet or calm
2. silence, quiet
Notes: also written សំងំ
សម្ងាត់ sɑmŋat 1. to be closed (of a conference or meeting)
2. to be secret, confidential
3. to keep secret
4. to silence, quiet (someone) down
Notes: root: ស្ងាត់; also written សំងាត់
សម្ដែង sɑmdaəŋ 1. to express (an idea)
2. to show, display, demonstrate
3. to come into view
4. to act, perform, portray on the stage
5. to declare, proclaim
6. to publish, promulgate
Notes: root: ស្តែង; ជើង ដ; also written សំដែង
សម្បូរ sɑmboo abundant, plentiful
Notes: also written សំបូរ
សម្ភារៈ sɑmpʰiera 1. materials, equipment, supplies
2. matter, substance
សម្ភាសន៍ sɑmpʰieh 1. interview {សម្ភាសន៍ការងារ = job interview}
2. conversation, dialogue
3. friendliness toward each other
សម្រស់ sɑmrɑh 1. freshness, charm, beauty
2. to drain, to cause to dry (out), to dehydrate
Notes: also written សំរស់
សម្រាក sɑmraak 1. to rest, to relax, to cause to relieve
2. break {សម្រាកថ្ងៃត្រង់ = lunch break}
Notes: root: ស្រាក; also written សំរាក
សម្រាប់ sɑmrap 1. for
2. used for, used to (make or do something)
សម្រួល sɑmruǝl to make something easy, to comfort, to console {តាមសម្រួល = Take your time! Take it easy! No need to rush! etc.}
Notes: also written សំរួល
សម្រេច sɑmrac to have done, to finish, to accomplish, to achieve
Notes: also written សំរេច
សម្រេចចិត្ត sɑmrac cət to decide to, to make up one's mind
Notes: also written សំរេចចិត្ត; ជើង ត
សម្ល sɑmlɑɑ soup 12/6
សម្លប្រហើរ sɑmlɑɑ prɑhaə kind of soup (made with lemon grass, smoked fish, and vegetables such as squash) 3/2
សម្លាប់ sɑmlap 1. to kill
2. to tan (leather)
3. to abandon completely, to suppress, to eliminate
4. to destroy
5. to feign
Notes: root: ស្លាប់; also written សំឡាប់
សម្លឹង samlǝŋ to gaze, to stare
Notes: root: ស្លឹង; also written សំឡឹង
សម្លៀកបំពាក់ sɑmliək bɑmpeak clothes 4/4
សម្អាត sɑmʔaat 1. to clean {ដើម្បីសម្អាតវាឲ្យបានស្អាត = in order to clean it} {បោកសម្អាតខោអាវ = to wash the clothes clean}
2. to clean up, to sweep
3. to groom
Notes: root: ស្អាត; also written សំអាត
ស៊យ sɔɔy to have bad luck, to be unlucky 1/1
ស៊យអាណេះ sɔɔy ʔaa neh such bad luck! 1/1
សរសើរ sɑɑ saə 1. to congratulate
2. to compliment, praise, eulogize, admire
សរសេរ sɑɑ sej to write 22/7
សរសៃ sɑɑsay, təsay 1. thread, filament, string, fiber
2. tendon
3. blood vessel
4. nerve
5. vein (of a mineral)
6. clf. for noodles, strings, threads, and other filaments or hair-like objects
សំរាម sɑmraam 1. garbage, trash, litter, rubbish, debris, waste, sewage
2. midden
សល់ sɑl 1. to remain, be left over {នៅសល់ = to remain, be left over}
2. to be in excess
3. remainder, surplus
សំឡេង sɑmlejŋ voice, sound
Notes: also written សំលេង
ស៊ាំ soam 1. to get used to, be accustomed to
2. to be experienced/qualified
3. to be immune
4. to know/understand something (e.g., how to operate a piece of machinery) well
5. adapt
6. to gain understanding (of something)
7. over and over, repeatedly
សាក saak 1. to test, check, verify
2. to examine
3. to try
4. to imitate, mimic, copy, duplicate
5. to charge {សាកថ្មទូរស័ព្ទ = to charge the phone}
សាកលវិទ្យាល័យ saakɑl vittyielay university 1/1
សាកល្បង saak lbɑɑŋ to test, try, sample, experiment 2/2
សាក្សី saaksəy witness 1/1
សាំង saŋ 1. gas(oline)
2. of animals: tame, tamed, domesticated, docile
សាំងហ្គាពួរ saŋ kaa puə Singapore 1/1
សាច saac to splash, splatter, sprinkle 5/1
សាច់ sac 1. meat
2. pulp (of a fruit), wooden parts of a tree
3. substance, essence, essential part
សាច់ការ sac kaa 1. essential
2. useful, necessary
សាច់ញាតិ sac ɲiet relatives, extended family, kin group 1/1
សាច់ដុំ sac dom muscle 2/2
សាន saan male Cambodian name 4/2
សាប saap 1. bland, not salty (enough), tasteless
2. to sow (seeds)
3. powerless, ineffective, valueless, impotent
4. water: fresh
5. to be dull, uninteresting
សាប៊ូ saabuu soap 98/17
សាប៊ូកក់សក់ saabuu kɑk sɑk shampoo 4/3
សាប៊ូដុសខ្លួន saabuu doh kluən shower gel/cream 6/3
សាមញ្ញ saamaɲ 1. to be ordinary, common, simple, universal, conventional
2. religious austerity
3. religious mendicancy
សាមីខ្លួន saamǝy kluən main person (e.g., the bride or groom in the wedding), interested party, person concerned, the subject (e.g., of an investigation) 1/1
សាយឡិន saaylən silent (as in silent mode of a telephone) 1/1
សារ saa, saaraʔ 1. letter, message, text
2. substance, essence, main point
3. strength, force, authority
4. to be important
5. to be strong, superior, brave
6. value, wealth, riches
7. to be true, exact
8. truth, precision
9. use, benefit, profit
10. war elephant
សារជាតិ saaraʔciet substance 1/1
សារភាព saaraʔpʰiep 1. to admit, confess
2. admission, confession
សាលា saalaa school 3/2
សាលារៀន saalaa riən school 1/1
សាវម៉ាវ saav maav rambutan 4/1
សាឡុង saaloŋ 1. sofa, chair
2. salon, living room, reception room
សិក្សា səksaa 1. to study, to conduct research
2. study, learning, education
សិដ្ឋ sət short form of ពិសិដ្ឋ (male Cambodian name) 1/1
សិត sət 1. to comb (the hair), card (wool)
2. to preen
3. to clean, purify
4. to refine and pour (metals), smelt, cast
5. to discard
6. to pour (out), empty, decant
7. to plane, scrape, scratch
8. to knead
សិទ្ធិ sət 1. right
2. accomplishment, achievement
3. fruit, result, attainment of a goal
4. effectiveness, skillfulness
5. duty
6. peace
សិន sən final particle: for now, for the time being, for a moment, first
Notes: polite final hortatory particle
ស៊ិន sin male Cambodian name 1/1
សិស្ស səh student 1/1
ស៊ី sii 1. to eat (with humans it is intimate in urban centers but may be used more generally in rural areas)
2. to consume (food, fuel)
3. ស៊ីប្រេន = to sell at a high price just because it’s a brand name
ស៊ីឈ្នួល sii cnuəl 1. to work for someone, go into domestic service, take a job (usually menial)
2. to be an employee (usually referring to a servant)
3. to live on wages
4. to work for hire
5. hired mercenary
សីតុណ្ហភាព səytonhaʔpʰiep 1. temperature
2. climate
សីតុណ្ហមាត្រ səytonhaʔmiet thermometer
Notes: also pronounced səytonhaʔmaat
ស៊ីម siim SIM card 4/1
ស៊ីម៉ងត៍ siimɑŋ cement, contrete 3/2
ស៊ីរ៉ែន siiraen horn, siren 5/1
ស៊ីសាមុត siisaamut 1. Cambodian surname
2. Sin Sisamouth: famous Cambodian singer-songwriter from the 1950s to the 1970s
សីហា səyhaa August 1/1
សឹងតែ sǝŋ tae almost, about to 1/1
សឹងអី səŋ ʔəy very much
Notes: BCF; colloquial
សឺរ៉ាំង səɨraŋ syringe 3/1
សុំ som to ask (for), to beg, to demand (may be used in a polite way by older persons to younger ones) 27/16
សុខៗ sok sok suddenly
Notes: BCF; colloquial
សុខទុក្ខ sok tuk (personal physical) health 6/3
សុខភាព sokkʰapʰiep health 18/7
សុខសប្បាយ sok sapbaay to be well and happy (commonly used in the greeting សុខសប្បាយឬទេ? = How are you?, but can also used when saying goodbye) 20/9
សុខា soʔkʰaa female Cambodian name 1/1
សុខុម sokʰom male Cambodian name 4/2
សុំទោស som tooh 1. excuse me, pardon me
2. I'm sorry
សុទ្ធ sot 1. to be pure, clean, without impurities, unmixed
2. virtuous
3. white
4. smooth
5. correct
6. exclusive, absolute
7. to be net (of weight)
សុទ្ធតែ sot tae all, only, exclusively, completely, without exception, nothing but 5/4
សុទ្ធា sottʰie female Cambodian name 8/2
ស៊ុប sup soup 7/2
សុភា soʔpʰie female Cambodian name 8/3
សុភាព soʔpʰiep male or female Cambodian name 7/2
សុភាសិត soʔpʰiesət 1. proverb, saying, maxim
2. (of speech or words) to be right, correct, exact, proper
សុភី soʔpʰii Cambodian name 8/2
សុរិយគតិ soʔreʔyaʔ keaʔteʔ solar calendar 2/1
សុវត្ថិភាព soʔvattʰeʔpʰiep 1. goodness, prosperity, happiness, success
2. good health
3. safety
សូម soom 1. to request, ask for
2. to beg, entreat
3. polite term used to introduce a sentence, meaning 'please, would you...', 'would you please'
សួន suən 1. garden
2. public garden, park {សួនកម្សាន្ត = amusement park}
3. part, section, division
4. suitable, fit, appropriate, proper
សួរ suə 1. to ask, question, enquire
2. to visit, come to see
សួស្តី suǝsdǝy greeting equivalent to 'hi!' 'hello!' 'good day!'
Notes: ជើង ត
សើម saəm damp, humid, wet, moist 15/5
សៀត siǝt 1. to insert, to stick in, to squeeze in
2. (of something long and thin like a knife) to insert, push in, thrust in
3. to carry in the belt
4. to enter stealthily, slip into
5. to fall ill suddenly
6. to have sudden stabbing/sharp pains (in the abdomen)
សៀមរាប siǝm riep Siem Reap (a province and town in northwest Cambodia, where the ruins of Angkor are located) 1/1
សៀវភៅ siǝv pʰɨv 1. book
2. pad, notebook
សេចក្ដី səckdəy 1. affair, matter, case
2. subject, meaning, concept
3. reason, cause
4. nominalizing particle, forms abstract nouns from verbs and adjectives
5. these derivative nouns generally have the meaning of: the condition or state of … {សេចក្តីល្អ = goodness}
Notes: ជើង ដ
សេន sejn, saen 1. cent, penny, one hundredth of a riel
2. coin
ស៊េរី sejrii series 3/2
សេរ៉ូម sejroum serum 18/3
សេវា sejvaa, sejvie service, duty 16/5
សេវាកម្ម sejvaakam, sejviekam service 6/4
សែង saeŋ 1. to carry (of two or more people, especially on a pole which rests on the shoulders, e.g., as a litter)
2. light, radiance, luster, brilliance, gleam, rays (of light)
3. [royal] weapon, arms
សែន saen 1. one hundred thousand
2. very, extremely, too
3. to sacrifice/make an offering (especially of food to the spirits of the dead)
4. [colloquial] to bribe
សោះ sɑh 1. final particle: (in negative clauses) at all, in the least, completely, utterly, absolutely, finally
2. to be completely out of
3. to be empty, devoid of content
4. to be tasteless, insipid, flavorless, lifeless
5. tired, exhausted
6. pale, anemic
សោភ័ណភាព saopʰoanapʰiep beauty 1/1
សោភា saopʰie female Cambodian name 7/3
ស្ករ skɑɑ 1. sugar
2. candy, sweets
ស្ករស skɑɑ sɑɑ white/refined sugar 3/2
ស្កុត skot tape
Notes: derived from the brand name Scotch Tape
ស្កូវ skǝv white/gray hair 3/1
ស្គាល់ skoal 1. to know (someone), recognize, have seen before
2. to be familiar with
ស្គាល់គ្នា skoal knie to know each other 7/7
ស្គែន skɛɛn scan 3/1
ស្គ្រីន skriin screen 1/1
ស្ងាត់ sŋat 1. to be quiet, calm
2. motionless
3. alone, secluded, solitary
4. cozy
ស្ងួត sŋuət dry 3/3
ស្ងៀម sŋiǝm 1. to be silent, quiet
2. still, immobile, inactive
3. to be idle, free, unemployed
ស្ងោរ sŋao 1. to boil in water (to cook, to soften, or to extract some essence)
2. cook by boiling
3. soup
ស្ដាំ sdam direction: right
Notes: ជើង ដ
ស្ដាប់ sdap 1. to listen (to)
2. to obey
3. to understand (a spoken language)
Notes: ជើង ដ
ស្ដាប់ឮ sdap lɨɨ to hear, to be able to hear 1/1
ស្ដាយ sdaay to feel sorry, to regret, to pity 2/2
ស្ដី sdǝy 1. to say, tell, speak, talk
2. to address
3. to declare, inform, announce
4. to ask (someone to do something as a favor)
5. to request to look for
6. to scold, reprimand, rebuke
7. to blame
8. about, concerning, relative to
9. kind of large tree
Notes: ជើង ដ
ស្ដីបន្ទោស sdǝy bɑntooh to rebuke, reprove, reprimand, scold, blame, curse
Notes: ជើង ដ
ស្ដុក sdok 1. to be heavy, massive, ponderous, substantial
2. vegetation: to be luxuriant, thick, dense
3. to have wealth
4. kind of large tree (Walsura villosa, with thick bark used in anti-dysentery medicines and small round edible fruit that grow in clusters)
5. supply, stock (of goods), reserve
6. accumulation, saving(s)
7. stock market
Notes: ជើង ដ
ស្តាយ staay style
Notes: ជើង ត
ស្តុប stop traffic light
Notes: ជើង ត
ស្ត្រី strǝy 1. woman, girl, lady
2. women
3. the female sex
ស្ថានទូត stʰaan tuut embassy 1/1
ស្ថានភាព stʰaanpʰiep 1. position
2. state of affairs, situation
3. condition, posture, attitude, pose, stance
ស្ថានីយ stʰaanii 1. station
2. place of rest, parking place
ស្ទះ steah 1. to obstruct, block, close up, stop up {ស្ទះចរាចរណ៍ = traffic jam}
2. to brick up, cork, shut, plug
3. to jam, foul
ស្ទះចរាចរណ៍ steah cɑraacɑɑ traffic jam 4/3
ស្ទាប stiep 1. to feel, examine by touch, finger, caress, touch lightly
2. to reach
3. to test, try, probe
ស្នាម snaam 1. trace, track, (foot)print
2. mark, scar, impression, imprint
3. vestige, remains
4. excavation
5. sports ground, court (e.g., tennis court), stage, ring
6. race track
7. battlefield
ស្និត snǝt 1. clf. for hands of bananas
2. very fine toothed comb with teeth on both sides (especially used for combing lice and lice eggs out of the hair)
ស្និទ្ធស្នាល snǝt snaal (of a friendship) close, intimate 3/3
ស្នេហា snaehaa 1. love, affection
2. (love) affair
3. to love, like
ស្បើយ sbaəy 1. (of disease, anger, rain) to abate, calm down, slacken, diminish
2. said when someone sneezes
3. to be superficial
4. to be weakened
5. hopeless
ស្បែក sbaek 1. skin
2. hide, leather
ស្ពាយ spiey 1. to carry slung across/suspended from the shoulder, carry by means of a shoulder strap
2. shoulder strap (e.g., of a rifle)
ស្ម័គ្រចិត្ត smak cət 1. to express a wish/desire
2. to volunteer
3. willingness (to do something without outside pressure)
Notes: ជើង ត
ស្មា smaa shoulder 2/2
ស្មាតហ្វូន smaat foun smartphone 3/2
ស្មាន smaan 1. to guess, to approximate, to suppose, to think, to assume
2. to suspect
3. to seem, to appear
ស្មើ smaə 1. to be equal, comparable, alike, the same
2. even, impartial
ស្មើគ្នា smaǝ knie 1. equal, identical (in size, height etc.)
2. alike, equivalent, even
ស្មើនឹង smaǝ nɨŋ the same as, idential to, equal to 3/1
ស្មោះ smɑh 1. to be honest, sincere, frank, straightforward, direct
2. loyal, faithful
3. emphatic final particle
ស្រក់ srɑk 1. to drip, to drop, to fall in drops, to trickle
2. to flow
ស្រដៀង srɑdiǝŋ to be similar to, to resemble 1/1
ស្រដៀងនឹង srɑdiǝŋ nɨŋ to be similar to, to resemble 2/2
ស្រប srɑɑp 1. to agree, match, rhyme
2. to be consistent (with)
3. to be parallel (to), be in accord (with) {ស្របពេលដែល [...] = at the same time that [...]}
ស្របាល srɑbaal 1. to be approximately the same, equal
2. at the same time
ស្រមោល srɑmaol 1. shadow, reflection, silhouette, image
2. spirit, devil
ស្រស់ srɑh 1. fresh, green, freshly picked, recently caught (e.g., of fish)
2. charming, attractive, beautiful
ស្រឡាញ់ srɑlaɲ to like, to love
Notes: also written ស្រលាញ់
ស្រឡេវ srɑleev 1. to be high, tall
2. far away
3. unattainable (generally used in combination with ខ្ពស់ or ឆ្ងាយ)
ស្រាត sraat 1. to undress
2. to go naked
3. to be naked, nude, bare
ស្រាប់ srap 1. to be available, prepared, ready-made, completed
2. already
3. obviously, as a matter of fact
4. to be definite, certain, obvious
ស្រាប់តែ srap tae 1. suddenly
2. all of a sudden, immediately, as soon as
3. unexpectedly, surprisingly, illogically, unfairly
ស្រាយ sraay 1. to untie, undo, unfasten, unwrap, detach
2. to untangle, unravel
3. to explain, clarify
4. to solve
5. to interpret (a dream)
6. to comment on (a text)
7. to translate
ស្រាល sraal 1. to be light (in weight), not heavy, weightless
2. to be slight, trifling, insignificant
3. not serious, petty (of a crime), early (of crops)
ស្រី srəy woman, female 20/12
ស្រីរ័ត្ន srəy roat female Cambodian name 7/4
ស្រុក srok 1. country, nation
2. district (subdivision of a province)
3. village, countryside, rural area
4. to be domestic (as opposed to foreign), native
5. tame, domesticated/cultivated (as opposed to wild)
ស្រុកកំណើត srok kɑmnaət birthplace, home town 2/1
ស្រុកស្រែ srok srae countryside 2/1
ស្រុស sroh 1. to put into boiling water, scald with boiling water
2. to dip fresh food (such as vegetables) into boiling water for a short time, to parboil
ស្រួល sruəl 1. to be easy, simple, proper
2. healthy, comfortable, pleasant
3. nice, carefree, without any complications
ស្រួលខ្លួន sruǝl kluən 1. to be well, healthy
2. to feel good
3. to be comfortable
ស្រួលបួល sruǝl buəl 1. to be comfortable
2. excellent, magnificent, superb
3. happily ended, safely ended
4. careful, perfect
5. logical, consistent, proper, well, pleasant
ស្រេកទឹក srejk tɨk to be thirsty 1/1
ស្រេច srac 1. to have done/finished/acomplished
2. to finish, complete
3. to be complete, prepared
4. already, entirely, fully, completely, sufficiently
ស្រេចតែ srac tae to depend un, to be up to (prep: + លើ) 2/2
ស្រែក sraek to shout, scream, cry (out), bawl, yell 1/1
ស្រែកហៅ sraek hav to call out loudly 2/2
ស្រោច sraoc 1. to sprinkle, spray, water, irrigate, pour
2. to bathe (someone)
3. to touch, hit
4. to concern
5. all together, unanimously
6. simultaneously (especially to complain)
ស្រោម sraom 1. cover, covering, casing, wrapping, case, sheath, envelope
2. condom
3. frame
4. hull, pod
ស្ល slɑɑ 1. to make soup/stew, to cook (soup or stew-like foods)
2. to extract oil (from natural products)
3. to melt, smelt (iron)
4. to heat resin
5. to concentrate medicine by boiling it down
ស្លាប់ slap 1. to die
2. dead
ស្លាបចាក់ slaap cak propeller 4/1
ស្លាបព្រា slaap prie 1. spoon
2. spoonful
ស្លឹក slək 1. leaf
2. sheet (e.g., of paper)
ស្លៀក sliək to put on or wear clothing (below the waist only: skirts, trousers) 13/10
ស្លៀកពាក់ sliǝk peak to dress, get dressed, be dressed, wear clothes 8/5
ស្វាគមន៍ svaakum 1. welcome
2. welcoming
3. congratulations on a safe arrival
ស្វាយ svaay 1. mango
2. color: purple, violet, mauve
ស្វាយកែវចិន svaay kaev cən kind of mango 1/1
ស្វាយកែវរមៀត svaay kaev rɔmiet kind of mango 1/1
ស្វាយប៉ោម svaay paom kind of mango 1/1
ស្វិត svət 1. wilted, dried up (of fruit), withered, shriveled
2. tough (of fibers), leathery (of meat)
3. very lean, very skinny, just skin and bones
4. invulnerable, impenetrable by any sharp-edged weapon/bullet
5. miserly, stingy
ស្វែងរក svaeŋ rɔɔk to go and look for, to search for, to seek 12/2
ស្អាត sʔaat 1. to be clean, nice, neat
2. pure, chaste
3. smart (of someone's appearance)
4. nice-looking, beautiful
ស្អាតបាត sʔaat baat 1. to be very clean, neat, well-dressed
2. very beautiful, handsome
ស្អិត sʔət 1. to be sticky, adhesive, adherent
2. stuck (to), attached (to)
3. to be addictive
4. (of weather) to be sticky, muggy
5. closely, like glue
6. to be loath to forgive someone, reluctant to forget someone's mistake
ស្អី sʔǝy colloquial form of អី or អ្វី
Notes: colloquial
ស្អុះ sʔoh 1. to be very hot, oppressive, stifling, sultry, muggy
2. to be restless, fidgety
3. exclamation indicating little desire to do something: ‘it's not required, it's not necessary, there's no need (to/for)’
ស្អុះស្អាប់ sʔoh sʔap to be hot and sticky/humid, sultry, muggy 1/1
ស្អែក sʔaek tomorrow 1/1
ហត់ hɑt 1. to be tired, weary
2. to be breathless, out of breath, to be panting, puffing
ហប់ hɑp 1. to be stuffy, close
2. muggy
3. to melt/fuse (metal to mend cracks)
4. to temper (metal in order to make it rustproof)
5. to bind/tie (with fiber from the ramie plant or fan palm)
6. to twist fibers together in order to make rope
7. eaves of a roof
ហា haa as a question: pardon?, what?
Notes: colloquial
ហាក់ដូចជា hak dooc cie it seems as though, one could say that 1/1
ហាង haaŋ store, shop 47/29
ហាង haaŋ to be hot (to the taste, as onions, garlic, mustard), bitter or sharp tasting (as a wild bamboo shoot) 1/1
ហាងកាហ្វេ haaŋ kaafee coffee shop 9/3
ហាត់ hat 1. to practice, train, drill, exercise
2. to learn, study, be in training
ហាត់ប្រាណ hat praan to exercise 1/1
ហាន់ han to slice, to cut into small pieces
Notes: also written ហ័ន
ហ៊ាន hien 1. bold, courageous
2. to dare, risk
ហាម haam 1. to forbid, prohibit, prevent
2. put a stop to
3. restrict, bar, block
4. border, edge (of a plate), rim, brim (of a hat)
ហាលថ្ងៃ haal tŋay to expose to the sun 1/1
ហឹរ həl, haə food: hot, spicy, peppery 3/2
ហុច hoc 1. to extend the hand (to give or to take something)
2. to hand over, offer to, pass/hand (something to someone)
3. to provide, yield
4. to utter (a sound), to pronounce, say
ហុយ hoy 1. to whirl/swirl/rise up (in a cloud, like dust or smoke) {ហុយក៏ហុយ ក្ដៅក៏ក្ដៅ = it’s dusty and hot}
2. to spread (e.g., of smoke or a smell)
3. to fume
ហូត hout 1. to pull/take out, withdraw, extract, draw (out)
2. to lengthen, stretch something out
ហូប houp to eat 4/4
ហូបចុក houp cok to eat
Notes: colloquial
ហូយ houy exclamation to express boredom, frustration, or not wanting to do something
Notes: BCF
ហូរ hou 1. to flow, stream, pour
2. to trot (especially of cattle or water buffalo)
3. to be fluent
4. fluently, eloquently
5. in a flowing manner
ហួស huǝh 1. to exceed, surpass, go beyond, pass, run past (a red light, a street, etc.)
2. to exaggerate
3. to skip, omit
4. beyond, over
5. much more, too much, more than
ហើប haəp 1. to move away slightly
2. to lift up a little bit
3. to be ajar, slightly open
4. to ride high (in the water, as an empty boat)
5. to open the mouth
6. talk, speak, converse with
ហើមពោះ haǝm pʊəh to feel bloated, to have an upset stomach 1/1
ហើយ haǝy 1. indicates completed action or state 'already'
2. and, afterwards, next, then, after that
ហ៊ើយ hǝǝy exclamation to express boredom, frustration, or not wanting to do something
Notes: BCF
ហើយនិង haǝy nɨŋ and (followed by the last in a series), with 20/17
ហៀរ hiǝ 1. to overflow, run out
2. to exceed
3. to flow, run (especially of bodily secretions, excretions)
4. to seep, ooze
5. to be full to the brim, full to capacity
6. to be overflowing, overcrowded
ហេតុ haet 1. cause, reason, motive
2. source, origin
3. because of, for the reason that
ហេតុការណ៍ haet kaa event, incident, circumstance, situation 2/2
ហេតុអី haet ʔəy why? for what reason?
Notes: colloquial form of ហេតុអ្វី
ហេឡូ hejlou hello (answering the phone)
Notes: colloquial; see also អាឡូ
ហែក haek 1. to tear
2. to tear out/off/apart, tear to pieces
3. to force open (the mouth)
4. to slander, expose someone's faults in public
ហែលទឹក hael tɨk to swim 3/1
ហោះ hɑh 1. to fly (of a plane or other machine)
2. to float in the sky
3. to soar
ហៅ hav 1. to call, name
2. to order (e.g. in a restaurant), specif. to stop a vehicle
3. to send for, summon
4. to invite (guests)
ហ្គារ៉ាស់ gaarah garage
Notes: BCF; irregular pronunciation
ហ្គាស gaah gas 1/1
ហ្គេម keem, kɛɛm game 8/3
ហ្ន៎ nɑɑ final particle to soften a statement or request, similar to ណា 1/1
ហ្នឹង nɨŋ this, that, right here, right now (colloquial form of នេះ = this, that) 125/83
ហ្នឹងណា nɨŋ naa 1. just
2. it's just, it's just that
Notes: BCF; colloquial
ហ្នឹងមែន nɨŋ mɛɛn Is that true? {ហ្នឹងមែន? ហ្នឹងហើយ។ = Is that true? Yes, that's true!}
Notes: colloquial
ហ្នឹងហើយ nɨŋ haǝy 1. yeah, yes, right, correct, that's correct
2. ok, all right
Notes: colloquial
ហ្នឹងអ៎ nɨŋ ʔɑɑ as a question: really?
Notes: colloquial
ហ្មត់ mɑt 1. quite, utterly, totally
2. fully, completely, flatly
3. to be exhausted, all gone
4. fine, finely ground, powdered
5. polished, smooth (of fabrics, skin)
ហ្វាម៉ាស៊ី faamaasii pharmacy
Notes: colloquial
ហ្វូម foum foam 16/2
ហ្វ្រង់កា frɑŋkaa stretcher, litter
Notes: possibly also written ប្រង់កា
ហ្អ ʔɑ colloquial form of ឬ 1/1
ឡាំង laŋ 1. box, case
2. to sew
ឡាំងក្រដាស laŋ krɑdaah cardboard, cardboard box 37/7
ឡាន laan car, motor vehicle 31/13
ឡានក្រុង laan kroŋ bus, city bus 10/5
ឡានពេទ្យ laan pɛɛt ambulance
Notes: irregular pronunciation: ពែត
ឡាបូ laabou sink 21/4
ឡាម laam razor, razor blade 10/2
ឡូយ looy 1. cool
2. arrogant, proud
ឡើង laəŋ 1. to go up, ascend
2. (of aircraft) to take off
3. to rise, get up
4. to climb
5. to get on/board (a means of transport)
6. to go upstream
7. to ferment, rise (of dough)
8. to increase
9. up, upwards
10. upstream
11. increasingly
12. on
13. often occurs as a verb complement in various meanings
ឡើងវិញ laəŋ vɨɲ following a verb: [verb] again 10/7
ឡើយ laəy 1. at all, absolutely
2. generally used with the negative particles កុំ, គ្មាន, ពុំ, មិន, ឥត, to express the idea of incompleted action, existence or progressing action
ឡេ lej lotion 10/2
ឡេវ leev 1. button
2. to be junior, subordinate
3. common
4. cheap, low, backward
5. poor (in quality)
ឡែក laek 1. to be separate, apart, isolated
2. to be special, specific
3. separate section/piece/place
អ៎ ʔɑɑ 1. particle used to form a yes/no question, similar to ឬ
2. exclamation indicating satisfaction or surprise
3. indicating something like surprise on part of the speaker that the listener might not be aware of some fact or past event {ម៉ាស៊ីនត្រជាក់ខូចតាំងពីម្សិលមិញអ៎។ = [Didn’t you know that] the A/C has been broken since yesterday!}
Notes: colloquial
អ៊ំ ʔum, ʔom 1. elder sibling of one's parent
2. 2nd person pronoun (to uncle or aunt older than one's parent or to older non-relatives in one's parents' generation)
អក្សរ ʔaksɑɑ 1. letter (of the alphabet)
2. script, alphabet
3. written language
4. writing
អគារ ʔaʔkie building, house 2/1
អគ្គិសនី ʔakkihsaʔnii 1. electricity
2. electric
អង់គ្លេស ʔɑŋkleeh English 3/3
អង្ករ ʔɑŋkɑɑ uncooked, dehusked rice 1/1
អង្កាល់ ʔɑŋkaal 1. when (in the future), at what time
2. on what date
អង្គចងចាំ ʔɑŋ cɑɑŋ cam memory (e.g., of a phone) 6/1
អង្គុយ ʔɑŋkuy to sit, to sit down 40/16
អង្គែ ʔɑŋkɛɛ dandruff, mange-like disease of the scalp 10/3
អង្វែង ʔɑŋvaeŋ 1. to be old, ancient, existing for a long time
2. time: long, of very long duration
អង្សា ʔɑŋsaa 1. degree (of temperature, of angle)
2. shoulder
3. division, section, portion
អញ្ចឹង ʔɑɲcəŋ 1. in that case, so, then, therefore
2. like this / that
3. this / that much
អញ្ចេះ ʔɑɲceh 1. like this
2. this, this much
អញ្ជើញ ʔɑɲcəəɲ 1. to invite/summon (someone to do something)
2. please do, go ahead and ...
3. used before verbs of motion and certain other verbs as a sign of respect {អញ្ជើញចូល = please come in!} {អញ្ជើញទៅណាមកណាហ្នឹង? = [spoken politely to someone who's older] Where are you going?}
អំណោយ ʔɑmnaoy gift, present, donation, contribution 2/1
អំណោយផល ʔɑmnaoy pʰɑl to be favorable 2/1
អណ្ដាត ʔɑndaat 1. tongue
2. reed (of a musical instrument)
Notes: ជើង ដ
អណ្ដែត ʔɑndaet 1. to float, drift
2. to soar, come to the surface
3. to be fortunate, lucky
4. to be clever, intelligent, shrewd
Notes: ជើង ដ
អណ្ដែតអណ្ដូង ʔɑndaet ʔɑndouŋ romantic
Notes: BCF
អត់ ʔɑt 1. no, not
2. to be without, lacking
3. to restrain oneself, abstain from
4. particle to form yes/no questions
អត់កើត ʔɑt kaət 1. unsuccessful, unable, incapable (of doing anything)
2. impossible
អត់ទាន់ ʔɑt toan not yet 29/21
អត់ទៀង ʔɑt tiəŋ not regularly
Notes: BCF
អត់ទោស ʔɑt tooh 1. pardon me, excuse me
2. to pardon, excuse, forgive
អត់សូវ ʔɑt səv not so much, rather not 30/23
អត់អីទេ ʔɑt ʔəy tee 1. it doesn't matter, it's all right
2. surely, certainly
Notes: see also មិនអីទេ
អត់អីអេ ʔɑt ʔəy ʔee 1. it doesn't matter, it's all right
2. surely, certainly
Notes: colloquial form of អត់អីទេ
អត់អីអេ៎ ʔɑt ʔəy ʔee 1. it doesn't matter, it's all right
2. surely, certainly
Notes: colloquial form of អត់អីទេ
អតិថិជន ʔaʔteʔtʰeʔ cɔɔn customer, client
Notes: formal
អត្ថន័យ ʔattʰaʔney definition, meaning, significance 1/1
អនាម័យ ʔaʔnaamay 1. hygiene, sanitation
2. health
អនុញ្ញាត ʔaʔnuɲɲaat 1. to allow, authorize, to permit
2. authorization, permission
អនុស្សាវរីយ៍ ʔaʔnuhsaavaʔrii 1. souvenir, keepsake, remembrance, recollection
2. memorial
Notes: also written អនុស្សាវរីយ
អន្ទិត ʔɑntɨt 1. used to call a younger man or boy
2. pundit (often used of a recently disrobed monk)
អប ʔɑɑp 1. to double up in order to strengthen, to splint (e.g., a broken limb), to strengthen, support, reinforce
2. to fix something
3. to toady to, fawn upon, please someone
អបអរសាទរ ʔɑɑp ʔɑɑ saatɔɔ 1. to be enthusiastic and satisfied about/for someone
2. to express enthusiasm, to acclaim
អំបិល ʔɑmbəl salt 10/7
អំបូង ʔɑmbouŋ kind of banana 1/1
អំបោះ ʔɑmbɑh cotton thread/yarn (for sewing or weaving) 3/1
អផ្សុក ʔapsok 1. bored, tired of, unhappy, lonely
2. boredom
អំពី ʔɑmpii 1. about, concerning, relative to
2. from, out of {អំពីថ្ងៃនេះទៅ = from this day on}
អំពើល្អ ʔɑmpǝǝ lʔɑɑ good deed 1/1
អម្បាញ់មិញ ʔɑmbaɲ mɨɲ just now, just a moment ago 6/6
អរគុណ ʔɑɑ kun 1. thank you
2. to thank, to be grateful
អរុណសួស្តី ʔaʔrun suǝsdǝy good morning!
Notes: ជើង ត
អស់ ʔɑh 1. to consume, use up, run low/short (of something) {អស់ហើយ = [a product, food etc.] finished/sold out}
2. to end, finish, terminate, come to an end
3. entirety, completeness, wholeness
4. to be complete, whole
5. entirely, completely
6. all (of), the whole (of)
7. to have to spend {អស់ម៉ាម៉ឺនទទេ = I had to pay 10’000 for no reason!}
អស់កម្លាំង ʔɑh kɑmlaŋ to be tired, exhausted, weak 4/4
អសន្តិសុខ ʔaʔsɑnteʔsok 1. lack of security, insecurity
2. insecure, to be unsafe
អស់សំណើច ʔɑh sɑmnaəc 1. to burst out laughing
2. to find something ridiculous
អា ʔaa 1. preceding nouns, noun phrases or adjectives in colloquial speech {អាមួយនោះមែន? = This one, right?} {អាពណ៌បៃតង = the green one} {មានតែអាទុំអេ៎ហ្ន៎? អត់មានអាខ្ចីអេ៎? = Do you only have ripe ones? You don’t have green ones?}
2. used preceding nouns, noun phrases or adjectives giving them a pejorative, derogatory or familiar meaning
អា ʔaa used preceding names: it is commonly used in addressing close friends, persons regarded as inferiors, or young boys, it can also be used before the name of something with which one is annoyed, when preceding the name of a girl, it conveys a notion of endearment 1/1
អា ʔaa 1. final particle used for emphasis
2. phrase-final or as an interjection: oh! ah!
Notes: see also អា៎
អា៎ ʔaa 1. final particle used for emphasis {ខ្ញុំសង្ឃឹមថាឈ្នះហើយហ្នឹងអា៎ = I had hoped they would win!} {សៀវភៅចាស់ៗហ្នឹងអា៎ = Just old books!} {ម្នាក់ឯងធ្ងន់អា៎ = It's too heavy for one alone!} {ម៉ោពិសាសិនម៉ោបង មានច្រើនអា៎ = Come and eat, there's more than enough!}
2. spoken form of ហើយ {អស់ចាខ្វៃអា៎? = You don't have any youtiao anymore?}
3. spoken form of ណាស់ = very, very much {ខ្ញុំឃ្លានអា៎ = I’m very hungry}
អាការៈ ʔaakaa, ʔaakaaraʔ 1. symptom, characteristic, sign
2. special sign, omen
3. appearance, look, aspect, attribute
4. way, method
5. attitude, manner, conduct, behavior
6. action, situation, condition
7. letter of the alphabet
8. letter
អាកាស ʔaakaah 1. air, atmosphere, sky
2. open air, open space, outer space
3. fresh air, breeze
អាកាសធាតុ ʔaakaasaʔtʰiet climate, weather 2/1
អាក្រក់ ʔaakrɑk 1. to be bad, mean
2. unattractive, ugly
អាគុយ ʔaakuy storage battery 2/1
អាច ʔaac 1. to be able (to do something), to be capable (of doing something)
2. to be possible
អាទិត្យ ʔaatɨt 1. sun
2. week
អាទិភាព ʔaatiʔpʰiep priority 1/1
អាន ʔaan 1. to read, to read aloud, to pronounce
2. to sharpen, to whet
3. saddle (for horses, especially of leather or wood)
អានោះ ʔaa nuh this thing, that thing
Notes: less polite, used in casual conversation; see also អាហ្នឹង
អាពួកម៉ាក ʔaa puək maak you (between close friends) 1/1
អាមេរិក ʔaameerik 1. America
2. USA
អាយុ ʔaayuʔ 1. to be ... years old
2. age
អារម្មណ៍ ʔaarɑm feelings, mood, attitude, impression 13/9
អាល់កុល ʔal ko alcohol 1/1
អាវ ʔaav shirt, blouse, coat, upper garment 50/29
អាវយឺត ʔaav yɨɨt T-shirt 1/1
អាវសាច់ក្រណាត់ ʔaav sac krɑnat shirt 1/1
អាសន្នអន្ធក្រ ʔaasɑn ʔɑn krɑɑ 1. emergency
2. difficulty
3. the sudden occurrence of a rare/unexpected event which causes confusion and chaos
អាសយដ្ឋាន ʔaasaʔyattʰaan address (place of residence) 7/2
អាស៊ីត ʔaasiit acid, acidic
Notes: source:
អាហារ ʔaahaa food, meal 24/13
អាហ្នឹង ʔaa nɨŋ this thing, that thing
Notes: less polite, used in casual conversation; see also អានោះ
អាឡូ ʔaalou hello (answering the phone)
Notes: colloquial
អី ʔəy 1. what? {អីហ្នឹង?/អីគេ?/អីគេហ្នឹង? = what is this?/what?} {កាន់អីនៅនឹងដៃហ្នឹង? = What are [you] holding in [your] hand?}
2. something, anything {មានអីអត់ = Are you all right?/Is everything ok?/Did anything happen?} {ខ្ញុំទៅក្រៅញ៉ាំអី = I’m going out to eat something}
Notes: variant of អ្វី
អីគេ ʔəy kee what {អីគេ? = Pardon?/What?} {អីគេហ្នឹង? = What is this?} {ជប់លៀងអីគេ វុទ្ធី? = What party, វុទ្ធី?}
Notes: colloquial
អីចឹង ʔəycəŋ 1. like this, like that, in that way, then {គិតម៉េចទៅអីចឹង? = What are you going to do next?} {ធ្វើមុខអីអីចឹង? = Why are you making such a face?}
2. really?
Notes: variant: អ៊ីចឹង
អីទៅ ʔəy tɨv something like this
Notes: BCF; colloquial
អ៊ីនធឺណិត ʔintʰɨɨnet internet
Notes: neither in Headley nor Chuon, but seeអ៊ីនធឺណិត
អីយ៉ាស់ ʔəy yah oops 2/2
អីវ៉ាន់ ʔəyvan objects, things, merchandise, goods, baggage 59/24
អឹម ʔɨm 1. filler word (umm...)
2. yes
Notes: colloquial
អឺ ʔəɨ yes (very familiar), that's right (to equals or subordinates)
Notes: colloquial
អឺះ ʔɨh exclamation to express surprise etc. at a suddenly happening event 2/1
អឺអើ ʔəɨ ʔaə 1. to help, to agree to help, to care about
2. colloquial: indicates agreement
អុំ ʔom 1. to paddle
2. to winnow, fan, sift
អុជៗ ʔoc ʔoc spotted, having black spots (especially burns) 1/1
អុំទូក ʔom tuuk to row or paddle a boat 1/1
អូ ʔou oh, aha (exclamation expressing sudden realization, or loss of doubt) 59/51
អូខេ ʔou kʰej OK 14/11
អូន ʔoun 1. I (younger brother, younger sister, sweetheart or wife - about themselves)
2. you (intimate or familiar address form for younger sibling, for one's wife or girl friend, or for a close friend who is younger)
3. you (politely addressing a stranger who's younger than oneself)
អូយ ʔooy exclamation of pain, ouch 1/1
អ៊ូយ ʔouy exclamation of pain, ouch 6/1
អូស ʔooh to pull, tow, drag 3/2
អូហ្វីស oufiih office 1/1
អ៊ើ ʔəə yes (used by older people replying to younger ones)
Notes: colloquial
អើយ ʔaəy, ʔəəy 1. familiar vocative particle used after names of persons, titles, kinship terms and certain other words to indicate affection, pity, depression, or despair
2. in some cases, with inanimate words, it may serve to personify them
3. it may also be used in calling someone or trying to attract someone's attention
អៀន ʔiǝn 1. to be shy, bashful, sheepish
2. to be embarrassed
3. to be ashamed
អៀម ʔiǝm 1. apron
2. halter-top
3. kind of sleeveless upper garment usually worn by baby girls
អេ ʔee 1. hey!
2. spoken form of the question particles ... អត់? or ... ទេ?
3. spoken form of the negation particle ទេ
Notes: colloquial
អេ៎ ʔee 1. hey!
2. spoken form of the question particles ... អត់? or ... ទេ?
3. spoken form of the negation particle ទេ
Notes: colloquial
អេក្រង់ ʔeekrɑŋ 1. screen (of a computer, tablet, phone etc.)
2. movie screen
អេប៉ុង ʔejpoŋ sponge
Notes: source:
អេឡិចត្រូនិច ejləttrounɨt electronic
Notes: also written អេឡិចត្រូនិក; neither in Headley nor Chuon
អេ៎អី ʔee ʔəy as a question: maybe ...? {ញ៉ាំអីខុសអេ៎អី? = Maybe you’ve eaten something wrong?} 2/2
អ្នក neak 1. you (to equals of both sexes)
2. person, one who... (used as an agentive particle to create nouns from predicatives)
អ្នកចម្រៀង neak cɑmriəŋ singer 1/1
អ្នកជំងឺ neak cumŋɨɨ patient, sick person 29/6
អ្នកជិតខាង neak cɨt kʰaaŋ neighbour 4/3
អ្នកដំណើរ neak dɑmnaə traveller 31/10
អ្នកដទៃ neak dɑtey strangers, others, other people 20/16
អ្នកឌុប neak dup driver (e.g., of a bike or motorbike) carrying a passenger or friend 1/1
អ្នកណា neak naa 1. who, which one
2. someone, anyone
អ្នកទទួល neak tɔtuəl recipient, receiver, addressee 10/3
អ្នកទិញ neak tɨɲ customer, purchaser, shopper, buyer 3/3
អ្នកទេសចរណ៍ neak teehsaʔcɑɑ tourist 1/1
អ្នកធ្វើការ neak tvəə kaa worker 2/2
អ្នកបើកបរ neak baək bɑɑ driver 2/2
អ្នករត់តុ neak rʊət tok waiter
Notes: BCF; colloquial
អ្នករត់សំបុត្រ neak rʊət sɑmbot mailman, postman, messenger 3/2
អ្នកលក់ neak lʊək seller 81/33
អ្វី ʔvəy 1. what?
2. anything, something, nothing
អ្វីមួយ ʔvǝymuǝy 1. what?
2. any, some, a certain one
3. anything, nothing, something
ឥដ្ឋ ʔət 1. brick, tile
2. to be desirable
3. pleasing, likable, preferable, satisfying
4. necessary
5. ideal
6. dear, beloved, favorite
ឥត ʔət 1. no, not
2. to be lacking, without, deprived of
ឥឡូវ ʔəyləv now, at the present time, at this time
Notes: also written ឥលូវ
ឧទាហរណ៍ ʔuʔtiehɑɑ 1. example
2. for example
ឧបករណ៍ ʔuʔpaʔkɑɑ 1. instrument, tool, implement, device
2. supplies, equipment
3. in general any instrument or means for achieving a purpose
4. part (of a mechanism)
5. assistance, aid, help, service, support, means of existence
ឧបសគ្គ ʔuʔpaʔsak 1. obstacle
2. danger, peril
3. misfortune
ឧស្សាហ៍ ʔussaa 1. often, frequently
2. diligent(ly), hard-working
3. to try hard, to work hard, to study, to persevere
ឪពុក ʔǝv puk father 1/1
ឪពុកម្ដាយ ʔǝv puk mdaay 1. parents
2. father and mother
ឪឡឹក ʔǝv lǝk watermelon 27/2
ឫស rɨh 1. root (of a plant or a number)
2. stump (of a tooth)
3. base, basis, fundamental principle
4. foundation, footing, wooden support placed under the end of a post/piling and buried in the ground to give the post a firmer support
5. kind of skin disease
rɨɨ 1. or
2. phrase-final interrogative particle {មិនមែនឬ = Isn't it true?}
ឬក៏ rɨɨ kɑɑ or (on the other hand) 387/123
ឬនៅ rɨɨ nɨv phrase-final interrogative particle: yet 11/5
lɨɨ 1. to hear
2. independent vowel representing the Sanskrit vowel លឭៃ (words spelled with ឮ may also be spelled with លឺ)
ឮសូរ lɨɨ sou 1. to be noisy
2. to resound
3. to be heard, to reach one's ear
ʔae 1. at, to, in, on
2. as (for), regarding
Notes: independent vowel representing the Sanskrit and Pali vowel ē ʔae (many words spelled with ឯ may also be spelled with អែ)
ឯកសណ្ឋាន ʔaek sɑntʰaan uniform 5/3
ឯកសារ ʔaekaʔsaa 1. document
2. message
3. essential
ឯង ʔaeŋ 1. you
2. self, oneself, by oneself
3. used after personal pronouns or names to make the address more polite
4. surely, obviously
ឯណា ʔaenaa {មានបាន … ឯណា = didn't ...} 2/2
ʔao oh (exclamation of complaint, surprise, wonder) 1/1
ឱកាស ʔaokaah 1. occasion, chance, opportunity, time
2. free time, permission, agreeing
3. cause, situation
4. polite word used to begin a conversation or to ask someone for something: please, may I have your attention
ឱប ʔaop to embrace (someone), clasp, hug
Notes: also written អោប
ឲ្យ ʔaoy 1. to give
2. to let, to allow
3. for, to, in order to, so as to {ចង់ឲ្យខ្ញុំកុម្ម៉ង់អីញ៉ាំឲ្យហើយអត់? = Do you want me to order something for you already?}
4. in a... manner (forms adverbial phrases from predicatives)
Notes: also written អោយ, ឱ្យ
ឲ្យតែ ʔaoy tae 1. whenever
2. provided that, so long as
Number of words occurring only once 528
Number of words occurring at least 5 times 970